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Facing a breakup from the love of his life, Ian heads to a friend for help, but ends up in his son's kiddie pool and refuses to get out. Wrestling with visions of his relationship and a plastic talking crocodile Ian has to make a choice, or stay put and let the world make the choice without him.

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Mission Statement

As artists, The Crocodile's team members were all raised in the nursery of CalArts to prioritize inclusion and diversity when making art. On a practical level, this means the artists in front of an behind the camera are reflective of the city it is being shot in, i.e. majority women and POC.

The Story

Facing a breakup from the love of his life, Ian heads to a friends house for help, but ends up in his son's kiddie pool and refuses to get out. Wrestling with visions of his relationship, a plastic talking crocodile, and the goodwill of a friend, Ian struggles with making a choice that will redefine his life, or staying put and letting the world make the choice without him.  


We've all been there - in the biggest fight of a relationship, that moment when you know the next word said will either keep you together in spite of it all or mark the beginning of the end to what you have. What if you could remove yourself from that pinnacle moment? Disappear and meditate on the love you had and what you may lose. Would the world and your loved one wait for you to make a choice? Or would they make the choice without you? Is inaction in itself a rather damning form of action? This is the story of a man who is trying his hardest to avoid having to make a life-changing decision, even as the world closes in on him and his past and his most primitive impulses attempt to sway him in one direction or another.  


The Crocodile is a film that is bringing together a diverse group of talented artists in New York City interested in exploring themes of fear through a surrealist lens. This film will work to ignite questions in the audience's minds around their own fears and indecision.


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $600

We need to pay actors! And a proper rate!

Production Design

Costs $500

You would not believe how much toy crocodiles cost! Honestly, we'd like to make something beautiful.


Costs $800

We'd love our audience to be able to see what is happening on screen.


Costs $2,000

This is compensation for IMMENSE talent and expertise.

Camera Equipment

Costs $500

According to some, the only thing we need.


Costs $500

It is often said that good sound makes a good film. We'll I said that, but it's true.

Hair and Make-Up and Wardrobe

Costs $500

For the actors to focus, it is important to have someone taking care of how they look.


Costs $1,000

If people don't eat they can't be creative! They can't even live! We want them to live.


Costs $200

We live in an age where the moving image ends up on tiny little computer chips. Chips cost money.


Costs $400

It's important. We need to be protected for those scary scenarios that we run the risk of.

About This Team

Michael, Brendan, and Rose are all graduates of the California Institute of the Arts acting program. Since graduating they have each been working professionally in the film industry in various capacities. Many years of friendship have led to artistic collaboration. These three artists are committed to telling stories that investigate our human intricacies using surrealism, humor, and deep questioning or our prescribed role-playing in life. Through their work, they have built relationships with some incredible artists, one of whom being Shannon Madden, the immensely talented DP. 


Michael Aurelio 

Michael Aurelio is an actor and writer based in NYC. His TV credits include guest star  roles in Wu Tang: An American Saga (Hulu) Murder In The First (TNT), We Are Men (CBS), and Run For Your Life (YouTube). His theater credits include The Portuguese Kid by Patrick Shanley (MTC), Red Velvet (The Old Globe) Casablancabox (Here Arts Center) Camino Real (The Boston Globe) and the international tour of Timbuctou (RedCat Theater, Teatro Inverso). His recent short film Method was featured at the Spoonbill Short Film Reading Series. His book of narrative poems, The Smokers, was published in July of 2019 by Paradise MC.


Brendan McGowan

Brendan McGowan is a director, actor, and composer from Atlanta, Georgia best known for his music video work with Grammy-winning heavy metal band Ghost (Sweden), rapper Denzel Curry (FL), Imperial Triumphant (NYC), and more.  Notable film credits include “OMG! We’re In A Horror Movie!” and the award-winning “Young Liars” in 2018. His documentary short “Urban Stomp: From Swing To Mambo” is currently screening in New York City, produced in partnership with the Louis Armstrong Education Foundation. McGowan recently directed an upcoming film for Swedish independent television co. Luftslottet Filmproduktion AB. He is a graduate of California Institute of The Arts (CalArts).


Shannon Madden

Shannon Madden’s fixation with film began when she discovered she could escape her young world through classic teen horror flicks. She relished the debauchery of midnight premieres at the movie theater where she got her first job, shot imaginary tv shows and recorded parties on her Canon Hi-8, and scoured Craigslist for the commercial A.C. gigs that slowly transformed into a career in filmmaking. Now a freelance cinematographer and union camera operator based in Brooklyn with numerous commercial credits to her name (most recently as B camera operator on the Hulu series “Ramy”), it is a dream come true for her to be able to call herself a filmmaker and to work with so many talented, creative people in this vibrant industry.


Rose Arscott

Bossy from a young age, Rose Arscott was born to tell people what time to show up on set. However, Rose is more than just her organizational skills and tenacity. Rose is also a multi-hyphenate artist. Rose has worked in the film industry in various capacities since graduating from CalArts in 2013. Her most recent professional work has been in production for Outside of her producing work, Rose is also a director, writer, comedian, and occasional drag king KD Long. A throughline in Rose's work is her commitment to providing greater inclusion and a diversity of stories in film. She also starred in a hilarious Time Warner Cable commercial in 2016 so that's probably where you know her from. 




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