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Bryce Cyrier

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The Eleventh captures the events of a tragic day in American history through a fresh and unique lens. It immerses the audience in a child's innocent point of view and explores what its like to be afraid, to feel vulnerable, and to learn how to think of others in times of hardship.

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The Story


Matthew, a nine-year-old kid who loves playing football and having fun, goes to school on an ordinary day in America—when a plane flies into the World Trade Center. Matthew's teacher gets the news from the front office and turns on the TV, just as the second plane flies into the south tower.


Matthew doesn't understand the gravity of the situation. When he gets home and discovers that the tragedy has struck close to his family, will he learn to think of others before himself? Strikingly simple and timely, The Eleventh captures the horrors of a tragic day in American history through the innocent eyes of a child and examines what it takes to comprehend the true significance of catastrophes around the world. 





Where were you on September 11th? At work? At school? In the line at the grocery store? We may have different stories, but we all experienced the same thing. Shock, terror, sorrow, and disbelief. The memories of that morning will forever be etched into our minds and hearts. Innocent lives were lost that day. And American society was affected in ways no one could fully comprehend at the time, especially by those of us in the younger generation. Six, nine, eleven years old... We were children. Our memories of 9/11 consist merely of broad strokes and selective imagery, a blurry montage of discussions we didn't notice and emotions we didn't understand. "What's the big deal?" we might have thought. "Why is everyone so upset?" 


Today, we look back, aided by videos and documentaries on YouTube and Google. We reflect on the events of that tragic morning. We study in solemnity and honor the innocent people who died. Then, in shock, we watch the current news and witness similar acts of terror being committed around the world. And now...we understand.


September 11th might have happened almost 15 years ago, but these are issues that still need to be discussed today. What is an appropriate response to terrorism? How do we deal with grief individually? As families? As a nation? Why do bad things happen, and how can we learn from them? The Eleventh explores these complex questions by replaying the tense hours of that memorable morning through the limited perspective of a nine-year-old child. It immerses the audience in an innocent point of view and invites them to examine what it means to be afraid, to feel vulnerable, to take a step of faith for the first time...and look outward toward those in need.


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Camera Package

Costs $3,150

Includes the beautiful Arri Alexa Mini, lenses, and accessories--essential tools to create the visual style of the story.

Grip and Lighting

Costs $1,300

All the lights and stands necessary for setting up the perfect shot.

Studio Teacher

Costs $2,455

Because we're working with child actors, we must hire a studio teacher (i.e. a welfare worker) to be on set every day.

Location Fees and Addt'l Labor

Costs $1,000

Location fees, permits, and additional labor (school custodian and bus driver) contribute to both aesthetic and logistical quality.

Grip Truck and Gas

Costs $1,450

Transpo is the lifeblood of the production, essential for moving grip and lighting equipment. Also includes gas reimbursements for talent.


Costs $2,745

Includes General Liability, Entertainment Package, and Auto coverage for all equipment, locations, and activities on our set.

Production Design

Costs $500

Includes props, wardrobe, set decoration, and make up artist. Art dept works in tandem with camera to create the visual style of the film.

Sound Rentals

Costs $200

Quality of sound makes or breaks a film! We need to rent a mixer and microphones in order to tell a story with flawless, professional sound.


Costs $700

Keeping our cast and crew well-fed and happy on set is an essential aspect of running a fun, effective production.

Hard Drives

Costs $500

Digital storage takes up a lot of space--and we mean, A LOT of space. Two 3-4 TB G-Raid drives are a must to store and back up the footage.


Costs $1,000

Unexpected costs are inevitable in any serious production. A contingency fund allows us to navigate these challenges without a hitch.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

  Bryce Cyrier - Writer, Producer

Bryce Cyrier is a producer, editor, and translator. He has produced three narrative short films at Chapman University, striving to facilitate effective teamwork and innovative storytelling through dynamic leadership. He has also made short documentaries in Laos, Mozambique, the US, and the UK. Since he served as a missionary in Mozambique from 2011-2013, Bryce has sought to pursue a career that allows him to blend storytelling with entrepreneurship and philanthropy. He lives in Orange, CA with his wife, Anna. 


   Keegan Mullin - Director

Keegan Mullin is a senior at Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where he has directed several short films and aided in the production of many others. His work has been showcased at numerous major film festivals and been chosen as a semifinalist for the Student Academy Awards. In 2015 Keegan won the DGA Student Film Award for outstanding achievement in directing for his film The Last Words.


   Sten Olson - Director of Photography

Sten Olson was born and raised in the Seattle, WA area. He graduated from Chapman University in 2015, and was nominated for the 2015 ASC Heritage Award for his work on the short film Darkstar. Sten currently lives in North Hollywood, CA.


   Morgan Mein - Production Designer

Morgan Mein is a production designer, producer, and fine artist. Last semester she produced her first short documentary at Chapman and set dressed & costume designed two student films. As a junior she is currently production designing a senior thesis film and working towards her BFA in Fine Arts. Morgan is excited about the artfulness of designing for 2001 and committed to this project. 


   Katarina Tomaszewicz - Unit Production Manager

Katarina Tomaszewicz is a current junior majoring in Creative Producing at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. On the side she does freelance production coordination with Disney's Maker Studios and works for her college's theater. 


   Nicole Jordan-Webber - 1st Assistant Director

Nicole Jordan-Webber is a senior at Chapman University with a major in Film Production and an emphasis in directing. After attending the AD Workshop at Chapman three years ago, she found a new area of interest: Assistant Directing. Since then, she has been the 1st AD on 7 student films and 4 independents. Though directing is her upmost passion, Nicole hopes to train as an AD through the DGA Assistant Directors Training Program after college. She also likes peanut butter (creamy, not crunch) and cats.


  Sho Schrock-Manabe - Location Manager

Sho Schrock-Manabe is a Creative Producing major at Chapman University. Interested in film and television from a young age, Sho has produced several award winning music videos, documentaries, short films, and advertisements. Recently, he has also begun experimenting with VR and 360° video.


   Ceylan Carhoglu - Editor

Ceylan Carhoglu is currently majoring in Film Production with an editing emphasis at Chapman University in Orange, CA. Ceylan graduated from Koç High School in Istanbul, Turkey with an IB diploma in Modern Arts. She worked as an editing intern on Cem Yilmaz's movie "Pek Yakinda" and worked on several short documentaries. Her documentary "Gardeners of the Forest" was just nominated for the 2016 Emmys: College Television Awards. Ceylan loves hearing people's stories and how they relate to potential fictional or non fictional characters. She aspires to be an editor in the future and would love to continue working in documentary filmmaking.


   Hadley Dion - Sound Designer

Hadley Dion is a senior sound designer at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.  She has crewed on over twenty films and worked on numerous short and feature films, including Keegan Mullin's last film "The Last Words." She is so excited to work with a lot of the same team from that film and a lot of great, new crew members!




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