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We are the Holden Brothers. In the last 8 years, we have produced and directed over an estimated 100 short videos. Today we continue to produce creative projects as well as working with local businesses. Now we are on a mission to complete our first indie comedy feature film "The Golden Rut".

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The Story


The Story:

        SCOTTIE JOHNSON (30), the finest actor in Austin, Texas is loving life until he starts dating EBBY (28), a beautiful savvy, sweet natured, newly single, entrepreneur and she tells him she can’t date another, broke, struggling artist. In an attempt to secure her love, he makes a promise to take his career to the next level and starts hounding his agent DICK NACHO (34) to get him more work. Dick reveals a top secret: the famous art-house director MOSES DUVALL (55) is in town to film his new movie, and so Scottie sets his sights on landing his breakout role in Duvall’s movie. It just so happens Scottie’s best friend ARLO, (known as the best yoga teacher in Austin) has befriended Duvall’s daughter, who has been attending his yoga classes. Scottie sees this as an opportunity to get to Duvall. Around the same time ALEX the wild, bohemian, sexy, identical twin sister of Ebby shows up to stay with her. As he gets closer and closer to auditioning for Moses Duvall, he also gets closer and closer to Alex, the sexy twin. Soon he has to decide... How far is too far when it comes to landing his dream role, and is Ebby, his new, sweet girlfriend, really the right girl for him, or is he better suited for a wilder woman? Or is all of this just another distraction to keep Scottie from focusing on pursuing his real goals, his acting career.


The Why:        

          To us, this is the perfect story to describe the millennial generation and one of its central struggles: having control over your career while trying to balance everything else in life. It seems like now more than ever, people want to work for themselves instead of for the man, so they can have more of a say over their lives. However, this lifestyle isn’t always stable and it’s tempting to get into the mindset that you’re not doing enough. It makes you want to push, and push, and push…but sometimes you can push too far. Our character is right in the middle of this struggle and he’s as desperate as ever. 


           Throughout our story people keep telling him he should leave the city he loves, Austin, Texas. The beautiful, amazing, and culturally rich city which so often makes you question, who cares if I really make it, isn’t life good enough just being here. Our character doesn’t want to leave but as he continues to hear (no matter how great of an actor he is) there is not enough work for him in Austin, he starts to face the fact that he might have to leave.


           To make things even more challenging, he’s finally found a girl with whom he could make it work, and he knows he needs to step up his career if he wants her to take him serious. When you work for yourself, or are an artists, it’s so easy to feel like that until you make it, relationships need to come last, so millennial’s either avoid either consciously or subconsciously, dating a healthy partner whose actually available, and instead either swears off monogamy till they’ve “made it” or just don’t date and settle for one night stands or flimsy relationships. Scottie, whose starting to become sick of that, finally see’s another option and he has to figure out what to do, as all these things come to a head, when he’s presented with a chance to grow his acting career, live in a cool place, and start his first healthy relationship with an available partner.


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Legal Services

Costs $500

Our lawyer likes to get paid! Lawyer fees for writing up contracts (music, crew, potential distribution contracts).


Costs $2,500

Our movie looks good, but we want it to look really really good! And you know what that means... color correction!

Sound Editor

Costs $1,500

We need a sound mixer to... well, mix the sound! Everything is edited together, now it's all about putting on the finishing touches.

Festival Fees

Costs $1,000

We're looking at a comprehensive festival run with festivals like Austin (AFF), Lafayette (SSFF), Atlanta (AFF), Nashville (NFF).


Costs $2,000

Plane tickets, hotels, cabs, and everything else that comes with the festival life!


Costs $2,500

Getting the word out to bloggers, writers, reviewers, and everyone else who can help bolster our word-of-mouth notoriety!

Marketing Expenses

Costs $1,000

Marketing is half the battle! And it costs money. Everything from a website to SEO to posters to a premiere party!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

We are the Holden Brothers. Our production company is called Mishnoon, a creative and fun video production company based out of Austin, TX. In the last 8 years, we have produced and directed over an estimated 100 short videos. Including a successful Kickstarter Video for Musicians Bruce and Kelly Robison that was voted one of the top 12 videos out of the 30,000 videos on Kickstarter, and a comedic web-series we created that was a part of SXSW Interactive in 2011. Today we continue to produce creative projects as well as working with local businesses to give them the exposure they need in a fun and creative way. Now we are on a mission to complete our first indie comedy feature film "The Golden Rut". 


Its been an incredible journey so far, we are very excited to see our project come to life as we continue the editing process and continue through post-production. 


This is where you can help us! We need support from fans like yourself to help push us through post-production so we can create a polished and hilarious film!  


Thank you for your kind support!

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