The Good Balloon

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Lita Lopez

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Love never dies. Energy only takes a different shape. This is what I learned from devastating loss. Although grief may never end, our loved ones never truly leave us. "The Good Balloon" is about hope amidst despair. If you are in grief right now, my hope is to uplift you and help you smile again.

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Mission Statement

Our cast includes Latinx leads & other roles for performers of color. Two bi-racial/bi-cultural women drive the project - a Texican writer/actress and a South African/Russian director. The film spotlights two difficult topics almost all humans face but fear to discuss - grief and mental illness.

The Story

This is a true story.

This is a miracle story.


The Good Balloon

is about a grieving sister

who finds a ray of light

amidst the darkness

with the help of an unusual balloon. 


The Good Balloon brings out of the darkness two debilitating struggles that almost all of us will face at some point in our lives, but very few really know how to talk about - GRIEF & Mental Illness. When it hits your life, it can truly feel like you've been run down by a bus and all the light has gone out of the world. That's how I was feeling on one dark day when this miracle story happened.


My baby brother Noel battled bi-polar disorder. In our last conversations we talked about choosing between the light and the dark, what is true and false and our ultimate purpose. These thoughts were swirling through my head, in a haze of grief at his recent passing, when I looked up into the sky to see a black balloon far up in the sky. Instead of floating higher, it was descending and heading my way! (To see the whole story, we have to make this film!) That unusual balloon brought me a message of hope and my first lesson of what grief can teach: Love never dies, it just can't always stay and energy just takes a different shape.

We make this film in service to all who grieve or struggle with their mental health. 


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Equipment & Insurance

Costs $2,500

Equipment rentals, including Cameras, Lights, Sound. Production Insurance

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Department Staff

Costs $1,300

D.P., Drone Pilot (we will have aerials!), Grip, Gaffer, ETC.

Post Production Staff

Costs $2,300

Includes editing, color correction, sound design, original songs, score, digital storage.

Locations & Permits

Costs $1,000

Locations: Church Exterior, City Streets, Bus Stop, Store. Permits.


Costs $1,000

Can you help feed us? Mama's home cooking accepted! Craft services & meals on set.


Costs $2,000

This is a SAG-AFTRA production.

Last Minute Surprises

Costs $250

Prepare for the unexpected! Plus, any $ over initial goal will go to festival entries, fees & more.

Production Design, Sets, Props, Character Design

Costs $2,100

Design staff & crew: Production Design, Art Direction, Set Dressing, Props, Hair/Makeup, Costumes.

Production Staff & Crew

Costs $1,800

Go team! Production Management, A.D.s, P.A.s, On-Set Sound Mixer & other crew.

About This Team

CREATOR:Hi! I'm Lita Lopez and The Good Balloon is my TRUE story. I am the writer and lead actor. 

Lita Lopez IMDB


DIRECTOR: Angela Matemotja

Angela’s directing debut was in the theatre back in 2005, when she earned an NAACP Award nomination for directing the stage play Sunshine For a Midnight Weary. Her first short film as writer/director, The Encounter, screened at over 30 international film festivals, winning the Grand Jury Award at the White Sands International Film Festival, Honorable Mention at Toronto CommFFest Global Community Film Festival and nominations for Best Short Film at SoCal Film Festival, SOHO International Film Festival and Long Island International Film Expo in New York.

Her second short, The Untimely Concurrence, won Best LGBTQ Film at Action on Film International Film Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, and won the Silver Screen Award for Best Short Film at the Nevada International Film Festival.  In 2015 she also produced a short film entitled Shoshannah’s Skateboard, which won Best Family Film at Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, and won the Hearts. Minds and Souls Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.


In addition, her screenplay Drunk Book was awarded Best Comedy Short for the written word competition at Action on Film Festival where she also received the ‘Excellence in Writing” Award, and was was also nominated at the Austin Revolution Film Festival.

Most recently her feature film Elevate received two awards of merit from the Accolade Global Film Competition, last fall Angela won the Female Pioneer Award at the 10th Annual Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival and last month was awarded Best Director at the LBGTQ Rainbow Umbrella Festival in London. She is looking forward to working with the talented Lita Lopez in bringing the story of The Good Balloon to life.


We are thrilled to bring on board the following actors!

LEAD ACTOR: Eric Flores


Danny Gonzales

John Logan

Jaret Martino

Cameren Foley

Michael Maclane

Current Team