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HH is a psychological low sci-fi (sci-chological) thriller that depicts the story of prisoners trapped in a mysterious facility run by a virtual cat head. To survive, they must help or hinder their partners, solve puzzles, and hopefully learn to trust each other to escape alive, all within 90 mins.

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The Story

HH is a psychological sci-fi (sci-chological?) thriller that depicts the story of prisoners trapped in a mysterious facility run by a mysterious entity that appears as a virtual cat head. To survive, they must help or hinder their partners, solve puzzles, and hopefully learn to trust each other to escape alive, all within 90 minutes.

After spending one too many sleepless nights playing Virtue's Last Reward- a visual novel video game erupting with puzzles and deception which you should totally get- I got a thingy in my head, an idea. This can be a movie! A good one too, I hope! That's HH in a nutshell. 

Completely enraptured by its setting, sci-fi-ness, and story, I totally wanted to boogie down and make a film using a lot of these elements- deception amongst your fellow survivors, games that help or hinder your relationships, and the general message the game was driving- a message you'd figure out after playing the game.

More importantly though, the film puts out the struggle of trust that we all externalize with the people we meet and the internal puzzle-like mechanisms we tightrope on to see if they're worthy of that trust. HH puts those questions at the forefront with a giant pixel cat head to smash it down even further.  

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We'd all like to believe our next door neighbor has our best interest. We'd all like to think everyone can co-exist. But we always have a high school friend we can't relate to anymore, a family member we cannot communicate with, or someone we lost touch with. A pressure cooker like the HH game not only tests relationships with our fellow man but can also strengthen it. Sometimes the trust built through adversity can last several lifetimes.

Production has finished but the film isn't nearly close to being completed. We still need to edit, animate, and compose parts of the film. The amount I'm asking for isn't enough to completely cover the fees for my post-production team but I'm trying to raise enough funds to at least partially help with the expenses. The faster I can pay the crew, the faster things will be done and the closer the film will be to completion.

Part of this campaign is to help cover the costs of the post-team but the other part is to try and completely pay off what is owed for their work. This is my first time using Seed&Spark and for the sake of my team I aim to see everyone paid so they can live and eat as well as any other starving artist does. 


an amnesiac with a penchant for puzzles


an emotional but enduring jokester


a sweet, unassuming nymph with hidden intentions


a shy, gentle giant with sparks of insight



The rewards are some of the most fun parts of making this film because, often enough, we're not just making a film, we're building a brand. A universe with its own characters and its very own gravity. That can lead to a plethora of untapped resources. One of which is a prequel comic book that goes on to divulge more information about the mysterious complex that holds HH's prisoners. It also gives us insight into Schrodinger, the virtual cat head, as well.


{Still works in progress}

We're extremely excited to announce a Schro plushie as well!

Check on the reward section for more details.


Ultimately, we're a product of a teamwork. Pre-production was made with colliding thoughts and bridging discussions to finally construct the spine of the film. Production is always a herculean effort of differing strengths and weaknesses by technical and creative people who work to match the proper posture of a vision. Post-production is no different. A magical amalgamation of all these stages, talents, and pouring of souls makes a powerful concoction that ultimately results in our film. We couldn't have brought our production to this point without the help of a ton of people; our movie is at the finish line and we just need that little extra push from the post team to cross it.

Please share and contribute if you can! 

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Costs $300

My animator and old friend. Need extra currencies to help pay him for his hard work and constant bad jokes.

Music Supervisor

Costs $300

The professional film needs professional composing and I want to help boost him in his quest.

Comic Book

Costs $100

An illustrator who can make something in 10 minutes took 10 years to learn to do so. Let's make sure the finance applies as well.


Costs $100

A thematic film such as this needs its own signature theme.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Animator - Name: Alfred Lam. Sign: Gemini
Blood type: O. Affinity: Neutral Good Powers: Adobe Suite Strengths: Photoshop & Aftereffects. Weaknesses: Daylight 
Website: www.alfredlam.net


David Obaniyi - I love a lot of styles of music and I respect what a lot of other musicians bring to the table whether if it's for a film score or for a live event. Before making scores myself for larger scale projects, I've had to claw my way from doing small scale projects, and I love every step of process. My taste for music ranges from full blown orchestral to the dark edgy rock music to even ambient vocal pieces that all tell the person how to feel at a certain point in time. I like working on stories that touch/move me and when I saw that this project had big potential I decided to convey what the story meant to me through music. I'm excited for everyone to hear how this feature length film can convey so many emotions and still keep you engaged all at the same time. 



Chad Baptiste - Trinidadian born, Floridian native independent comic artist. A one man army with several self illustrated and self published comic titles, 4 years in the indie circuit with multiple comic convention showcases and comic shop sales. I lived in New York for a little while; an amazing assortment of people, Bryan included, but winter isn't my thing. www.chadbaptiste.com 


Uta Habbig - Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, Uta started playing piano and violin at a the age of five. Brought up listening to and performing mainly the music of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven Uta at first earned her master degree in music education at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig, Germany. She was awarded a scholarship for one year by the prestigious New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York where she completed her education and met the musicians with whom she formed her Uta Habbig Band. She studied with world famous musicians such as Kirk Nurock, Reggie Workman, Billy Harper, Becca Stevens, Richard Harper, and many more.


Louis Cox
- "I'm a writer and aspiring director.  I work at The New School, where I’ve earned the nickname: “the lighting guru” while instructing for a wide variety of film production courses.  I’ve also worked at The International Center of Photography in midtown.  I've crewed on more independent and student films than I can count.  I work hard; I learn a lot. I was drawn to this project because of my friendship with the director, Bryan.  I believe him to be a talented and wonderfully astute observer of the world that surrounds him, as well as a hard-worker when it comes to accomplishing his goals.  One time when I was a kid, I put a metal toy in the microwave even though I knew it was dangerous, I suppose I just wanted to see for myself what would actually happen: a miniaturized lightning bolt materialized out of thin air and struck the toy. I learned my lesson. "     


Charles Grant - screenwriter and script Consultant out of New York City. He attended the Art institute of New York City for one year before venturing out to find experience on his own. Since then, he has worked as a writer/consultant for productions such as Fathers of the Dark Knight (Lions Roar Entertainment), 5 Clicks, Selected and Alexander Rease (Threshold Films). A writer by trade, he is also an experienced PA on set and editor in post production. "I try to get a taste of more than one job on each level of production, so I can better compliment those jobs when I write my stories".


Rob Meglio - Two things I bring to the project is a passion for retro gaming and making sure the project goes smoothly for everyone involved. Here are some random facts about me. My favorite food is mahi mahi tacos and my favorite film as of right now is The Big Chill. When it comes to retro gaming my system is the Sega Genesis. I recently just beat Alien 3 for it, a great movie title and rare game for the system. When I'm not gaming I love watching HBO, my favorite show as of right now is Ballers with Dwayne Johnson.


Kenya Benn - On most days she must be plugged into a wall and charged like any other machine, but she tends to show much interest in human affairs. Largely a fan of the arts, she has dabbled in writing, scribbling, painting (with her fingers), subjective cooking and plays 2.5 similar types of instruments. However, her most recent interest has been make up and she wishes to increase her skills while helping her romantic interest level up.      


Angie Guevera - is a New York based artist with a love for the morbid, manic, sweet, and surreal. She received her BFA in Illustration at Parsons the New School for Design. “I tend to be in a constant state of reverie. It’s both a blessing, and an inconvenience. At heart, I’m a storyteller. I receive most of my inspiration from my dreams and nightmares. After a night of intense dreaming, snippets from last night swirl in my head and mutate into a narrative." On her free time she enjoys reading, watching cartoons, catching up on her sleep, drinking coffee and tea, getting stuck in trees, and having extensive conversations with her demons. Website: www.angieguevaravart.com 


Derek Calixto
- Raised in an urban Portuguese town until his mid teens, spoonyliger now struggles as an illustrator in NY. His largest work so far is his Moon Crest 24 graphic novel. He is now brewing a different project however."I found my prior work with Bryan Ribeiro as a filling, pleasurable experience in my career. I couldn't resist coming back for seconds." ♡


Amelia Dudley - Vi -
an amnesiac with a penchant for puzzles. Amelia is a Baltimore native and recent graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she received her BFA in acting. She knew she wanted to be an actor from a very young age, as it would allow her to continue playing dress up well into adulthood. When not onstage she enjoys cats (both on the Internet and in real life) and trying to figure out which of Shakespeare's plays would work best in space (Coriolanus, probably). What drew her most to the film is the examination of the behaviors of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances; the high-stakes nature of the games test the limits of each character's humanity, as well as identity. Amelia is thrilled to be a part of this project and to be working with this amazing team." Website: www.ameliadudley.com

Reginald Keith Jackson - Ray -  Reginald is an alum of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and graduate of The New School for Public Engagement where he focused on cinema studies. Born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, Reginald ventured to New York City with dreams of becoming a professional actor, screenwriter, and poet. "I was immediately drawn to this film because of its mature, existential tone while still appealing to a casual sci-fi-loving audience. I have also had the pleasure of working with Bryan on his previous short film, Modieval, where I witnessed his unique style and post-modern take on storytelling. With a kick-ass script masking thought-provoking themes, and an incredibly imaginative director, I know this project is bound to be a real gem; and I can't begin to express how exciting it is to be a part of it." 

Corrie Legge - Matty - Corrie was born and raise in a small suburb of Portland, ME (the real Portland). She has been performing on stage and screen since she was old enough to create improvised action films with brother as her co-star and her father as DP. In addition to acting, she loves anything outdoors including skiing and triathlons. She is also a die-hard Patriots fan (please don't hold it against her). "What interested me most about HH was the psychology behind each character. The film makes you wonder, what would I do if that were me? There are no evil characters, and no saint; they are simply people trying to survive in unimaginable circumstances. I'm particularly excited to explore the many conflicting layers that create Matty. She's such a incredibly character; I can't wait to bring her to life."

Kenneth Kriheli 
- J.T. - a native of Rego Park, Queens, Kenneth is fresh out of NYU Tisch with a B.A. (Bad Assery) in Cinema Studies and minors in Music and Film Production and is still figuring out what to do with his life. He enjoys cooking and eating, acting, animation, being on film sets, nerdgasms, reading books and articles out loud, keyboard music, water, talking and humming to himself, independent cinemas, weird references, and opera. Please don't ask him what his favorite movie is. While I fit the shy giant archetype pretty easily, I was eager to play JT before I'd finished reading the script precisely because he proved so much more than that. His quiet humanity convinced me that Bryan at least knew how to write characters, if not a whole feature-length film! And of course, he's done both."       

Alysia Dorhout 
- Schrödinger - a stage and film actress based in NYC, Alysia is an alum of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) and graduate of The New School for Public engagement. Favorite On-screen credits include Modieval (Short Film), A River Through Milkwoods(Feature). Favorite stage credits include: Moliere's "Tartuffe" (Elmire), and Tinkerbell Theater Company's puppet-theater "Cinderella (Stepsisters). "My interest in 'Help and Hinder' was sparked by a familiar and friendly invitation. Having worked with Bryan before, I was stoked to know that he was up to his unique style of filmmaking again. Having attended the first couple of readings of the film and getting myself worked up over the awesomeness of Schrödinger, Bryan asked for my interpretation...and here we are! I am delighted to bring this crazy cat to life with the help of a few espresso shots and a spark of madness."

Current Team