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Please join us on "The Hunt". It's a funny film about two people, one car, and a million reasons to get out of LA. It celebrates diversity in casting, has a stellar cast and will have one kick-ass soundtrack.

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The Story

Darcy is an aging LA actress who stumbles upon a note from a secret admirer.  It sends her on a scavenger hunt that promises excitement and adventure (something her life seriously lacks at this point) - but she is an Angelino without a car.  She is begrudgingly pairs up with her roommate's reluctant boyfriend Jack to drive her around the San Fernando valley following clues from one location to the next.


This is an idea that Darren had last fall - tell a small story, with limited resources and cast, in a funny and interesting way.  And what's more - make the cast diverse!  This is not another 20-something indie made by a bunch of white guys just out of film school, about a bunch of white guys.  He approached Kassie about the story and the project about eleven months ago, and the two have been honing and crafting the script ever since.  And once Trevor came on board to play Jack - we knew it would be crazy if we DIDN'T make this film.  


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Costs $4,000

ACTORS! Can't make a film without them! And we've got some good ones!


Costs $1,000

Lunch is the most important meal of the day. Any grip or DP will tell you that!


Costs $2,400

The person with the camera telling everyone what to do. They are important!

location sound

Costs $2,400

What? What did he say? Yeah... that's why we need this person!

Location Rental Fee

Costs $1,000

We need a place to film the movie... otherwise we'd be breaking the laws of physics


Costs $2,000

They take all the stuff and make sense out of it! Please... we need this person most of all.

Sound Editor

Costs $2,000

when this person doesn't do their job... you TOTALLY notice it. difference between an amateur and a professional project. fer sure.

Music Supervisor

Costs $2,000

To help write and record our awesome film score, we need these people!


Costs $2,000

This person makes sure everything's running smoothly, the paperwork is in order and we don't get arrested. Very important!


Costs $2,000

LIGHTS! CAMERA! But no action, without the first two.


Costs $1,500

Seed & Spark needs their fees to keep this train rolling.


Costs $1,000

They make the rest of us look good.

Cash Pledge

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The creative team we have assembled thus far is none other than awesome, and we continue to add people to the fold.  

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