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Sophie Moshofsky

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The Hunted: NYCSS follows a newly minted team of misfit vampire slayers in NYC. It started with a group of friends who love to fight, and turned into a project (at parity!) providing opportunities for over 50 people. Help us change the narrative of who gets to make action, horror, and comedy!

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Mission Statement

Misfits, or epic action heroes and villains? Vampires and slayers living in NYC should look like NYC. Our cast and crew represent people of many different backgrounds, just like our home. We have women in leadership and a team at parity. The Hunted: NYCSS believes in inclusivity on and off camera.

The Story

The Hunted is one of the longest running series on the web, originally created by Bob Chapin as a class project for his stage combat students. 



It now has episodes and series branchoffs submitted from all over the world!




The Hunted: NYCSS began with members of the real life NYCSS (New York Combat for Stage and Screen) wanting to use their stage combat skills to be action heroes in their own badass series. 



Member Kaitlyn Farley then brought in Fight the Good Fight Productions, who's mission is to make space for women in theatre and film, to make it even more EPIC. 


Kaitlyn Farley, Sophie Moshofsky, and Danielle Joy

Fight the Good Fight Productions


Everyone agreed that action heroes could look different than the ones we grew up watching. We wanted REAL people as our heroes and villains. If you can sling a sword, you can slay a vampire.

Right? :)



And the concept was birthed. Four stage combat students and their teachers, an unlikely crew, team up to take on the new vamps in New York.

Facing new foes, betrayal, and the general angst of being in your twenties and finding out the safety of the entire city lies in your hands... can our heroes find the secret to slaying these vampires in time?



Well...we need a little help in order for you find out! We've been hard at work on post production this year. Amidst all the challenges 2020 has presented, we still believed in our series and knew we needed to make it happen. 

We've done a lot without any money... we'll be honest. :)

We've been putting in our time and getting creative in lots of different departments.  And now in order to finish this show and release it into the ether, we need a few funds.

We can slay more vampires with more people on our team. 

Join us and slay. And be part of an epic story. 






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Cash Pledge

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Sound Booths and Other Sound Fees

Costs $2,000

Actors will re-record some lines and fightin' sounds! Sound can make or break the quality of a show.

Covid Compliance

Costs $1,000

We're following all the guidelines to keep our actors safe and healthy during ADR recording!

Film Festivals and Marketing

Costs $3,000

Fests and Marketing give our show (+ the artists involved) exposure. Let's get this thing OUT THERE!

About This Team



Crystal Arnette


Crystal Arnette is a Storyteller. She tells stories through her work as an actor, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, songwriter and designer. She is the co-founder of the non-profit arts initiative SEQUIN & the founder of Adventure We Can, a production collective. 


Kaitlyn Farley and Robert Chapin


Kaitlyn Farley is an actor, musician, and producer as well as the co-founder of Fight the Good Fight Productions. She is also an advanced combatant, instructor and fight choreographer with New York Combat for Screen & Stage. She is a producer and plays the role of Amara on the Hunted: NYCSS.

Bob is a swordsman, visual effects artist, and the original creator of The Hunted webseries. He worked on several award-winning feature films such as "X-Men", "Crouching Tiger", "Fantastic Four", "Armageddon" and "American Beauty." He also did the VFX for the Hunted: NYCSS!




Kaitlyn Farley as Amara, Marie Donna Davis as Campbell, Sophie Moshofsky as Kendra


Jared Kirby as Phil,  Danielle Joy as Diana, Rhonda Gibson as Lou


TL Thompson as Nic, Vincent Lane as Max, Tony Mita as Evann


Hunter C. Smith as Gabriel, Ricky Herrera as Kyran, Jonas Barranca as Josh


Cleo Gray as Tatiana, Colin Buckingham as Varujan, Vanessa Wendt as Cassiopeia





Kaitlyn Farley - Creator/Producer & Assist. Editor 

 Robert Chapin - Series Creator & Writer/VFX artist

Crystal Arnette - Director/Editor 

Sophie Moshofsky - Producer    

Danielle Joy - Producer    

Jared Kirby - Producer/Fight Director 

  Tony Mita - Co-Producer  

Vincent Lane - Co-Producer   

Nikhil Kamkolkar - DP

Gerald King - 1st AC

Katie Lerner-Lam - 1st AD

Ron Hatcher - 2nd AD 

Deboleena Maitra - Sound Operator

Rachel Suffian - Boom operator

Nicole Maupin - Sound operator & Boom operator

Isabella Schiller - Art Department & Props

Logan Alexis Troyer - Wardrobe

Kenzi Parker - On Set Visual Effects Supervisor

Sabina Petra -  Original Score

Ash Knowlton- Sound Editor & Mixer 

Joe Coppola - Gaffer

Mark Weber- Set Photographer/Videographer & INGRAHAM ST 1ST ASSISTANT CAMERA

Maeve O’Neill - Catering 

Rebecca LaGore: Liz Lewis Casting - Casting Director



Kaitlyn Farley, Vincent Lane, Tony Mita



Kaitlyn Farley, Danielle Joy, Jared Kirby, Sophie Moshofsky

The Art of Combat, Janet and Brian Farley,  Paul Komeroski, Dean and Sarah Moshofsky


The Baxter-Bennett’s, Bill & Terry Bodine, Anthony Burkhalter, Daniel Ford Beavis, Mike Giancaspro, Christopher Robinson, Stephen Sergeant, Christen Langhorn, Dietr Getz

Current Team