The Inner Edge

Old Bridge Township, New Jersey | Film Feature

Drama, Fantasy

Melissa Sutkowski

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Grace Johnson, a NJ cop struggling with painful changes in her life she doesn't understand, encounters a suicidal man on a bridge, and through a mystical experience, unlocks her inner intelligence, and finds out she is more than just a small town cop.

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Mission Statement

NJ is as diverse in it's people as it is in it's landscape. From urban cities to farmers, from beach-folk to mansions on landscaped acres, NJ represents a little bit of everyone. Our cast and crew represent our colorful state. Not to mention, our film has a female lead!

The Story

The Inner Edge is a female superhero origins story....
What does a female superhero look like? Does her latex bodysuit aid with her lightning speed as she bolts across the sky? Is her corset a reminder of her superhuman ability to function without breath? Does the glow of her cleavage distract villians into underestimating her strength? I can go on and on...
So what should a female superhero look like?


Our film follows Officer Grace Johnson, a NJ cop, struggling with painful changes in her life she doesn't understand. She encounters a suicidal stranger on a bridge, and through a mystical experience, unlocks her inner intelligence, and finds out she destined to be more than just a small town cop.


This film isn't about your DNA being in one in a billion. There are no genetic mutations or trips to planets beyond. This story is about superhuman powers, coming from within, for every person on the planet. Our lead character achieves this by raising her self-awareness and consiousness. Once she truly becomes of service, it unlocks her true potential. A potential, which is dormant inside all of us. 


"This is not about becoming Super Human, This is about realizing Being Human is Super." -Sadhguru


A big reason for writing this film is also the alarming rates of addiction in my hometown and home state. Did you know the amount of accidental deaths in NJ has more than double since 2004? And in our country as a whole, "More Americans died of drug overdoses in 2016 than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War ."This is a nationwide epidemic and I never thought it could take hold in my state the way it has. 



Beyond why people get addicted, the film addresses the root of the issue. People are unhappy. People have pain. People have stopped believing in something greater than themselves and are left feeling alone in this world. And if you don't believe in anything, what is the point? No wonder there is such a feeling of hopelessness in so many of us. 


Yet, when humans, are faced with death or tragedies of any kind, we all look to the sky and say “Help” or “Why me?” “Why now?” So who, or what, are we talking to when going gets tough? Why is it in our nature to seek answers outside ourself? Our project offers a possible answer to this question. 


There is something superhuman in all of us. It’s just often hard to believe. This film brings an awareness to what’s possible for each and everyone on this planet. And what could be more important than that?


Please follow, like, and share our #HometownHeroes story and stay tuned for updates about the cast, crew, and our campaign ahead!


~  Melissa








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Cop Car Rental

Costs $700

Renting GRACE's cop car will cost roughly $250 per day.


Costs $2,000

No lights, no film.


Costs $1,800

This awesome camera will capture the moments needed to tell our story.

Craft Services

Costs $500

A well fed crew, is a happy crew.

Sound Equipment

Costs $800

We'll be shooting outdoors quite a lot so we'll need great sound equipment to capture the actors.


Costs $1,500

A little bit to tell our leads, thank you for your time and talent.


Costs $700

Our grip set up the shots and support lighting set up.


Costs $1,000

This cinematographer paints the sets using lights.

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