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Our new docu-series, The Last Clinics, follows the last remaining abortion clinics throughout the U.S. and the abortion providers, clinic workers, and communities fighting on the front line for reproductive healthcare.

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Mission Statement

Our pilot focuses on Latinx workers, patients, protesters, and organizers in the Rio Grande Valley. Their stories intersect immigration, class, age, gender and sexuality—and interrupt "poverty porn" media narratives. They are speaking up and fighting back.

The Story

Only a few abortion clinics remain in the United States. Threats of violence and harassment have spiked dramatically - extending beyond abortion providers out to the clinics' surrounding communities. Our new docu-series, The Last Clinics, takes you to the front lines of reproductive healthcare access to meet abortion providers, clinic workers, and the communities they want to protect. 
Our pilot episode highlights the last remaining clinic in the Rio Grande Valley along the U.S./Mexico border. Whole Woman’s Health McAllen has opened and closed multiple times due to Texas legislation. Women seeking abortion in the Rio Grande Valley - many undocumented - are often unable to receive care as they must travel through border checkpoints to get to the nearest clinic over 250 miles away.  

The city of McAllen is a close-knit community with the clinic at the center of its tension. For those who work or volunteer at the clinic, just being there is a life-threatening battle. Clinic security guard, Rey Guerrero, has been physically assaulted multiple times by his church community on his days off but says, “he won't be intimidated to quit.”  Inside the clinic, Whole Woman’s Health Corporate Vice President, Andrea Ferrigno, receives intimidating letters and has been physically threatened. Clinic workers, such as receptionist Diana, are told by family members to be careful and never walk alone. The staff and clinic workers risk their lives every day to provide the services they know their patients can’t get anywhere else.


We are so close to finishing our pilot episode but we need your help to make it happen.  We need funding for one more trip down to Texas to film with our characters post election and to hire a professional editor. The Last Clinics is not just a series about abortion-care but about all those affected by the state battle against reproductive rights. You have a chance to be a part of this journey and make this series a reality!



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Help us get to TX, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and other states for the series! And help us get a place to stay!


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With a great editor we can effectively tell our story. Help us pay this person for their hard work editing hundreds of hours of footage.

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We need 2 Tascam 60D, 2 ME66, 2 Lavaliers, & 2 Boom poles


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Donate to our crafty so we can keep our crew happy not hangry! Groceries go a long way during our stay in TX.


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Help us get our story out there! We are hoping to build a website to promote our film and interactive features.

About This Team

Maya Cueva (Director)

Maya is a mixed Latina filmmaker from Berkeley, California. Her past projects include a short documentary called The Provider, about an abortion provider who risks her safety to bring abortion access to women in Texas which screened at SXSW this past March and won an Emmy at the College Television Awards. Her work has been featured on NPR's All Things Considered, Latino USA, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, StyleCaster, and NBC’s Nightly News. She was also recently featured in the list "#40WomentoWatch: Incredible trailblazers that completely ruled 2016" by The Tempest. 


Leah Galant (Director)

Leah was named Variety magazine's "110 Students to Watch in Film and Media" while a student at Ithaca College for her work on The Provider and Beyond the Wall.  Beyond the Wall follows the life of Raymond Roe as he re-entered society after 20 years behind bars and challenges the stigma of formerly incarcerated individuals.  Beyond the Wall screened at festivals around the country and aired on PBS.  Leah’s interest for telling individual stories to highlight larger issues influenced her work on The Provider which she co-directed with Maya.  Leah was recently named a 2017 Sundance Ignite Fellow which offers an intensive year long mentorship program for emerging filmmakers.  As part of Adobe’s Project 1324 “What’s Next?” film challenge, she created a personal documentary  titled, Putting the Fire Out, which challenges the media narrative of fear.  Putting the Fire Out was one of 15 selected films awarded a Sundance Ignite Fellowship out of a pool of 375 applicants.


Rachel Weinberg (Producer) 

Rachel Weinberg is a recent graduate of the Documentary Studies and Production program at Ithaca College. Currently, Rachel is a producer at Two River Pictures, an Emmy-nominated and James Beard nominated, production company specializing in corporate and broadcast work. Rachel has just finished her first directorial role on, Dew Drop, which follows the restoration of the famous New Orleans jazz landmark the Dew Drop Inn, which screened this October at the New Orleans International Film Festival. Along with that production, she is helping produce The Last Clinics, a series based on the SXSW short, The Provider


Pete Quandt (Director of Photography) 

Pete has served as a cinematographer and director for various documentaries about gender identity and transition to gentrification and affordability in the South Bronx. His films have been featured at SXSW Film Festival, DOC NYC, and the College Emmys.


Erica Moriarty (Campaign Manager/Outreach): 

Erica is a documentary filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. Much of her work focuses on social justice and women's rights issues. She produced the short documentary, Stateless, which follows the journey of Syrian refugees as they relocate to Detroit, Michigan. The film was featured on The Atlantic and in film festivals around the country. 


Erik Jaworski (Technical Supervisor):  

Over the years, Erik has kept a diverse portfolio that has ranged from voice acting to production assistant to photographer to editor, and it continues to grow. Some notable work includes interning with IFC’s The Birthday Boys, photographer for River North Dance Company and technical supervisor on The Provider. Currently, he resides in Chicago working as a freelancer for media and photography.


Sandy Cioffi (Producer): 

Sandy has produced and/or directed several films as a film and video artist, including the critically acclaimed Sweet Crude, Crocodile Tears, Terminal 187, and Just Us. She has worked with human rights organizations in using video as a documentation and verification tool - specifically providing video evidence during the 1998 Marching Season in Northern Ireland.


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