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The LatinXpert is a comedic, info-tainment web series that aims to show what it means to be a Latinx person navigating the political & cultural climate in the U.S. today. Stuff is complicated, so I’m here to do some ‘splaining and hopefully make you gut-chuckle in the process.

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Mission Statement

The LatinXpert series aims to empower the Latinx community in the U.S. regardless of gender, country-of-origin, or sexual orientation through laughter. The word Latinx is a rejection of traditional gender-specific language, offering a way to speak inclusively about all members of our community.

The Story

What is the LatinXpert?

The Latinx community in the U.S. is beautiful, bold, loving, culturally rich, hard-working and extremely resilient (sometimes they can also be over-dramatic and loud but that’s something you’ll have to take up with my Tias.) Historically, we have faced injustice, racist stereotypes and illegal deportations for nothing more than speaking Spanish (not even Spanglish! And let’s be honest, therein lies the real crime.) And still, there are some people-who-shall-not-be-named that choose to use fear to cast suspicion and hatred upon our community.

Yes, The LatinXpert web series was birthed in the wake of the 2016 presidential election. At it’s core, the series is an expression of what it means to be Latinx, what it means to be a human navigating the political and cultural climate of today, and also, a gentle reminder to CTFO and learn to exercise humor in response to a fear-mongering culture. It's about being of service to a an extremely rich and diverse community that deserves to have a voice and a seat at the table...especially if there's chips & guac at that table.

Why Contribute to the LatinXpert?

By making a contribution to The LatinXpert, you are supporting a project that aims to uplift and empower the Latinx community through laughter, education, and always - yes, always - a little bit of snark. Representation matters and it starts with YOU.

Who is Gabriela Fresquez?

Gabriela Cristina Fresquez Famania is a Mexican-American actor and host born and raised in Los Angeles. She has appeared in over 40 network television shows and commercials combined. Gabriela is a proud intersectional feminist with an insatiable appetite for truth-seeking and bit of a bone to pick with bull-shitters. But don’t worry, she doesn’t bite… that’s far too cliche. Gabriela graduated from the University of Southern California from the  renowned Annenberg School of Journalism. With a background in social activism and grassroots political campaigning, Gabriela’s got a whole lot of opinions on just about…everything.

After working on progressive political campaigns, including former President Barack Obama’s first presidential run, Gabriela decided to switch gears by pursuing a career that would truly enable her to change the world…acting. The first job she booked in LA was hosting a show called, Inspira, a docu-web series profiling influential Latinx leaders throughout the country. Producers at LATV took notice of her work and offered her a position to co-host the nationally syndicated news program, Latin Nation. Gabriela has since hosted other television shows, including Doc Talk on the Documentary Channel and Take Part Live on Pivot TV.


Gabriela currently writes, produces and hosts the web series, The LatinXpert, which explores all things Latinx in media, politics, and social empowerment. She is also a contributor to Maffick Media's Soap Box channel.

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About This Team

Sarah Springer is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and journalist. She's worked at CNN where she reported stories about race and identity in America with Soledad O’Brien’s In America series. She has also worked as a producer at ABC, CBS and VICE Media. And for the last two years oversaw creative direction and production for immersive, branded and linear series for RYOT Media in New York and Los Angeles.

Now, she is working as a Creative Director and Producer in unscripted development for production companies and labs on the east and west coast. She was recently voted one of the top 28 most powerful black people in media by Blavity, is on the leadership council for an organization made up of over 85 leaders in media and hopes to promote inclusion in the media space through the organization she co-founded, Advocates for Inclusion in Media, that works to create safe environments, community and advocacy for underrepresented people in the industry. 

Bayardo de Murguia is a Mexican-American actor who is known for his versatility in both English and Spanish markets. Much of his childhood was spent on both sides of the border as he split time between Tijuana, BC and San Diego, CA. As a football player at the University of San Diego, he fell in love with acting after enrolling in a classical theatre class. After graduating from USD, Bayardo worked several shows with the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park and then decided to move to Los Angeles. Bayardo made his network debut guest starring on CSI as Javier Silva and has since gone on to guest star on shows such as USA's Shooter and Hulu's Chance. He is also an established voice actor most recently voicing Troll on Disney's Goldie and Bear as well as upcoming projects by WB animation and Dreamworks. Bayardo recently wrapped a pilot directed by Jonas Cuaron acting opposite Gael Garcia Bernal.

Daniel Fresquez is an human resources executive, entrepreneur, seeker, and artist of life with experience in technology, entertainment and compliance industries. As a multicultural, Hispanic, Chicano, LatinX he is excited to be a part of the LatinXpert team.

Carla Fresquez holds a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California Santa Cruz. Her dissertation research examined the ecological dynamics of plant communities in salt marshes along the California coast, but her most recent publications are now in education research connecting undergraduate students to research opportunities that make them competitive for graduate school and future careers in STEM fields. Carla is incredibly proud of her little sister Gaby and LOVES unexpectedly seeing her on TV and bragging to people that she is a successful actor and host. 

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