The Library at the End of the Universe

Asheville, North Carolina | Film Short

Drama, Sci-Fi

Missy Bell

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In The Library at the End of the Universe, we follow the story of Mildred, who must choose between authenticity and safety when the only world she knows is the inside of a library. A film by Missy Bell.

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Mission Statement

This film encourages women and girls to take risks and to make strong choices in the face of fear and the crushing pressure of conformity. With a cast and crew led by women and non-binary people, we will not only present examples of these values in our film but also in our approach to creating it.

The Story

Mildred lives inside The Library: the only thing remaining in a desolate Universe. She moves through a scheduled routine commanded by a bell that triggers the citizens of The Library to rotate to the next section. They may only ever spend five minutes on any one subject at a time. 

Relationships are cultivated in spite of restricted speaking and forbidden affection. 

Her friend, Philip, has a secret.

He has found a resistance: a group of people who believe there is something outside the library and that the Librarians are holding them hostage.

As the pair navigate their fear of change and of the Librarians alongside their growing feelings for each other, Mildred must make a choice: stay in the Library - the only home she’s ever known - or go out The Door, which may lead to freedom or to the end of everything.


Our stellar cast includes Ava Atwood (MTV's Finding Carter, SiREN), Carson Blyskal (Hope Lives), Molly Graves (The Good Lord Bird, MacGyver), and Strother Stingley (Cold Storage). Jennifer Trudrung (Halloween KillsThe Vampire Diaries, Goosebumps) joins for the prologue above as Mildred's Mother. 

Joining our wonderful cast, Executive Producer/Writer/Director Missy Bell and Producer Madeline Tesh lead a highly experienced and award-winning production team including Director of Photography Brad Hoover (recently: Compassion parts 2 and 3Magic Camera), Composer Neil Lee Griffin (The Nest, The Good Things Devils Do), and Editor/Colorist Michael Bell (The Woodsman, Ink). Additional crew members include Sound Engineer Bill Pivetta (Here There Be TygersThe Night Courier).


Libraries are places both of nostalgia and mystery. They encompass worlds within worlds - whether you enter the realm of a library for research or escape, there are many paths within you can take.

Capturing the nostalgia of worn pages, muted colors, and hours spent walking through the shelved books is vital to our story. While our library may be at the end of the universe, it is a library after all.

But along with this very potent nostalgia is also a mystery - both of what is between the covers of the books on the shelves, but also between our two characters, and what does (or doesn't?!) exist outside of those book-lined walls. 

Our visual inspiration for The Library at the End of the Universe comes from the dusty muted colors of the libraries we grew up in, greens, and browns, and golden reading lamps. But it also leans into the mysteries that this library in particular holds. The shadows have something to say, and the well-worn fabrics of the character's clothes evoke memories of our own daydreams of a world within a world.


Our production staff's goal is to balance frugality with our strong belief that people deserve to be paid for their work. With your help, we can accomplish both! See below for a breakdown of our budgeted costs. If we are able to raise more than our goal, we will be able to host a screening as well as submit the film to festivals (and even attend them!).


We have already locked our shoot dates, locations, cast, and crew. We will be filming overnights from Jan 6 to Jan 10 to make the best use of our actors' time off school and the extended darkness the winter provides. We won't get another chance with this combination for another year! In order to keep to this timeline while keeping everyone safe, we're taking many extra precautions for covid, including requiring masks and negative covid tests for everyone on set. Once we hit our goal, we'll hit the ground running and have cameras rolling only a few days later. You can expect to see a finished product by the late spring or early summer; we work efficiently!


Our society preaches that we have opportunities to do whatever we choose if we put our minds to it, but then does not give us ample time to explore what this actually means. We must work, maintain our homes, raise children, etc.

It is as if we are constantly moving through the library on a 5-minute timer with the inability to ever fully digest anything. We are forced to digest knowledge as quickly as we can: TikTok, Instagram, and other media because we are constantly grinding. 

We don’t have time to question, because we don’t have time to learn, explore, and grow.

In 2020 many of us were able to break out of this cycle. While we were confined to our homes, (like Mildred was confined to the library) so many of us realized what is important to us, and began seeking a new path, breaking free of the traditional grind. In the library, Mildred is doing just that.

In additional to the story being important, our approach to it is as well; filmmaking is one of the truly collaborative art forms, where to create a fully realized vision, many minds and voices must come together. Each aspect of filmmaking requires different skills and viewpoints, and talents. 

In the traditionally male-dominated world of cinema - women, queer, transgender, and non-binary persons deserve more opportunities for their voices to be heard. The Library at the End of the Universe inspires just that. Our crew is made of a diverse group of people who are passionate about collaborative storytelling, and education. 


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Help @libraryattheend create the short fim “The Library at the End of the Universe”. The story follows Mildred, who must choose between authenticity and safety when the only world she knows is the inside of a library. Join them on @seedandspark:

I just watched the prologue of “The Library at the End of the Universe” on @seedandspark. It’s beautiful and moving and you should take a look! You can also help this female-led production team bring more of the story to life at:



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Costs $5,350

We want to make sure our talented cast and crew are able to keep doing what they love!

Production Staff

Costs $3,650

The heartbeat of the production is our talented production team!


Costs $100

Chocolate milk cartons, paper flowers, lunch trays, and all we need to create the world of the film.


Costs $950

We don't want to give away too much, but you'll know once you see the film!

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe

Costs $800

We want to make sure our actors look their best and match the vision of the film.

Insurance and Overhead

Costs $2,050

This includes protection for our personnel, equipment, and locations as well as overhead expenses.


Costs $300

We want to make sure we get the best location available and pay the overnight supervision!


Costs $75

With 4 overnight shoots, we'll need a lot of coffee!


Costs $200

Healthy snacks for keeping the cast and crew working at their best.


Costs $600

We want to make sure the on-set experience for this film is caring and nurturing (and yummy!).

Post Production

Costs $875

Picture editing, scoring, sound editing and more will all be accomplished by seasoned professionals.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Our campaign team is comprised of passionate, experienced filmmakers from various genres and life experiences. With multiple successful campaigns under our belts, we are ready to take on the unique challenges the campaign for The Library at the End of the Universe presents. With this team comprised mostly of production staff for the film itself, we are personally invested in the success of this campaign, this project, and all the future possibilities this project will generate. Join us in this endeavor by donating to the campaign and follow along as we build the world of The Library at the End of the Universe together.

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