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A dark fantasy drama and a multidisciplinary short film for Virtual Reality that merges original music, dance & storytelling. About a young dancer preparing for an audition until a reflection haunts her awakening an ancient ritual. The Mirror is also a platform for artists to learn about CineVR.

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Mission Statement

CREATE original cineVR that engages the audience with horror and beauty. INNOVATE and give the audience directorial agency. TEACH other artists to use cineVR to further their art. SERVE underrepresented minorities with cast and crew. EMPOWER women with a story rooted in the heroine’s journey.

The Story

*Poster by Beatriz Rivera Cerda


We want to CREATE...

an original immersive cinematic experience for virtual reality that engages the audience with the driving force of drama, original music, and choreography, pulling you out of your seat. We are working with theatre and film professionals, as well as professional dancers and actors. 

  • Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan, Dancer/Actress Corps de Ballet at Pacific Northwest Ballet. 
  • Liz McCarthy, Actress/Dancer/Singer at multiple productions including at 5th Avenue Theatre, ACT Theatre, Seattle Rep., etc. 


We want to INNOVATE...

how we film and tell the story utilizing the 360-degree environment that VR gives us to our advantage, giving you agency within the story. We are combining our experiences in film, virtual reality and interactive theatre to create a story that is meant to be watched with a VR headset.

  • The writer decided to write the script using a spreadsheet to better accommodate the mirror effect we want to achieve, where both sides will happen simultaneously but will be recorded separately. 

We want to TEACH...

other artists how to use cineVR to further their art, whether you work with us or not. We are making content that explains and challenges you to join the cineVR revolution. 

We are releasing a series of 6 mini documentary videos where we teach cineVR.


We want to SERVE...

underrepresented minorities in the film and dance industry, addressing the lack of representation. Since our story is about being women and feminity, our cast and crew are majority women, gender-queer, and/or BIPOC.


We want to EMPOWER...

women by telling a story about the “maiden” stepping out of herself into a journey of self-knowledge.

  • THE MIRROR talks about the complex connection between our female bodies and souls, which is severed by a patriarchal set of rules too focused on success.
  • Our protagonist lives in a world where we are taught that happiness can be fulfilled by earning fame and success, achieved through a journey that is not ours, meanwhile, our bodies are sexualized and used, depicted as dirty and treacherous, and our souls, if not disregarded, are depicted as fickle and weak.
  • But how can she become whole? Valeria Frankel and Maureen Murdock who analyze the Heroine’s Journey in myth and folktales say that the heroine needs to separate from the Dominant Father and descend into the unconscious to face the Dark Goddess, who embodies what she fears and hates about herself. And by merging light with darkness -not by killing it- she can be reborn into the Great Goddess.

*Based on Valerie Frankle's "From Girl to Goddess" 



  • CineVR is a new form of storytelling, it is an immersive linear narrative that is meant to be watched with a virtual reality headset. It is more than 360video, it takes techniques from cinema, theatre, video games, painting, and literature. It is challenging and has opportunities that haven’t been explored yet, which makes it extremely exciting! 


  • CineVR is filmed with a 360-degree camera and an ambisonic microphone that record the whole space around the camera in a 360 sphere. The camera becomes the viewer’s point of view with the ability to look around like in real time.


  • CineVR allows us to immerse our audience into a world of our creation, inviting you to live the story we are telling, and be closer to the action and emotions.


  • CineVR allows us to tell a story in a unique way. Utilizing the 360 degree space, spatialized audio  moves with you like in real life, giving us proximity and interactivity that engages the audience differently than with a flat-screen.  


In “The Mirror”, we will let you explore the room with your eyes and choose which story to follow, giving you directorial agency, and making the story interactive

Due to the diverse nature of CineVR, we have partnered with film, theatre, and dance professional artists to bring “The Mirror” to life. We are combining interactive theatre, with horror film techniques and contemporary choreography to create the world and story for “The Mirror”. 


We will film "The Mirror" in 8K 360 3D for a better and crisper resolution, and we will use a dedicated ambisonic device with 6 microphones for more realism and give you a great overall experience! 



We are working with a crew that combines professional film, dance, and theatre knowledge, so that we can create from a perspective that merges and diversifies, and is more broad and complex than just doing 360-video. 

We decided to approach this project with the need to innovate in how we tell the story. 

  • We will transform the 360-degree field of vision  

  • And split it in two, creating two 180 degree sides.

  • Then, we are flipping one side so that a mirror image appears. The mirror effect allows us to tell two stories in conversation with each other. 

To understand it, think about a square room, place yourself at the center: that is where the camera is. Then look up, an imaginary mirror divides the space in two, on the left you have your reality, on the right is the reflection. But is it exactly the same? 

*Test shoot footage with the added mirror effect. Point of view or viewer with a headset. 


During the pandemic, we have been pushed further towards a virtual world. Instead of reclaiming an “old normal,” we are interested in building platforms that increase accessibility. 

  • We are creating content that allows people to be immersed in the art regardless of their ability to be physically present. A quality innate to cineVR.
  • We are helping artists understand how to use VR to further their art. 
    • We are releasing 6 mini docu videos where we teach cineVR.
    • We are working with film and theatre professionals who continue to test, learn and innovate.
    • We are involving college students to assist in key areas.   
    • We will release The Mirror for free on multiple platforms that support VR such as but not limited to Oculus, HTCvive, Within, VeerTV, YoutubeVR, Facebook360. 



"The Mirror" will be the second installment in a series of 3 films for virtual reality. The first one is "The Circle", released in early 2020 and currently available at the Oculus Go Store. This narrative experience for virtual reality was written, directed, and produced by Josefina Valenzuela Cerda, and filmed in Chicago with a 360-degree camera and ambisonic microphone. 

"The Mirror" is a step up from "The Circle". This time we have a larger crew of professional artists with an extensive theatre background, a better camera that films in 8K, and a better microphone, plus the acquired knowledge from the previous experience. 


You can also watch: The Circle Trailer



We want to take care of our cast and crew while continuing to make groundbreaking art that moves us!

Therefore, understanding the current situation with COVID-19, we will be following enhanced health and safety requirements and procedures for our cast and crew during rehearsal and shooting.

All cast and crew are required to show proof of vaccination. We will have a COVID-19 Compliance Officer on set. And we will be following SAG COVID-19 protocols at all times.

We will be prepared to take temperature checks upon arrival. All crew will wear masks, but performers will not wear masks. Performers will need to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to arriving on set since they will not be masked for the majority of the day. 




When The Mirror releases, you will be able to watch the experience using your smartphone, laptop, Oculus headset, or HTCvive headset.



We will upload it to apps like YoutubeVR, Facebook360, and dedicated apps for virtual reality headsets like VeerTV and Within, among others. 

We do recommend that you watch it with a headset for virtual reality which can be a cardboard headset that you put your smartphone in or a dedicated VR HMD. 





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Costs $3,600

We want to pay our artists a living wage! While keeping our crew small due to covid-times.


Costs $1,150

We wanted to bring great talent in front of our camera, and we did it! Includes cast and extras.

DP Equipment

Costs $836

We are renting a professional 8K 3D 360-degree camera and lighting equipment.

Art Design

Costs $708

All the fun stuff we need to bring this world to live! Including blood!

Shooting Costs

Costs $1,526

Rehearsal space rental, location rental, permits, food and covid kit to make The Mirror come true!


Costs $180

Includes the professional stitching software Mistika VR, necessary to create the mirror effect.

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About This Team

Elgalen Productions was born from a dream about creating female-driven transmedia and multiplatform content while the writer for “Mirror on The Wall” was a Film & Media Directing Student back in her home country, Chile. The company came to be with the production of “The Circle,” a Virtual Reality Narrative Experience for the Oculus Go in 2018 ( Official Selection at Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Genre Lab and Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2020); directed, produced, and written by Josefina Valenzuela Cerda. She is the writer/producer for “Mirror on the Wall” working alongside Gavin Reub as Director/Producer.

Josefina Valenzuela Cerda: Is a transmedia writer originally from Santiago-Chile, with a bachelor in Film and Media Directing from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and University of California Santa Barbara, and an MFA in Writing for Screen and Stage with a concentration in Interactive Media from Northwestern University. Josefina has worked for 10+ years in the media industry as a screenwriter, producer, and assistant director, among others. She was Development Executive at Demente Production Company winning grants to develop their projects, including the film “Spider Thieves” 2017. Her extensive experience on and off film sets allows her to understand the intricacies of film production and makes her passionate to push towards new technologies. She has been a professor at Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile, Northwestern University, and Seattle University in the USA, where she teaches screenwriting and Virtual Reality production.


Gavin Reub is a multidisciplinary artist, director, producer, and dramaturg. His interdisciplinary group Cheat Day premiered their full-length concert/immersive event at Nii Modo in 2018 and has performed in venues across Seattle, NYC, and Lima-Peru. Gavin is the Artistic Director of The Seagull Project and has directed at ACT Theatre, Hugo House, Lewis and Clark College, and the Ilkhom Theatre in Tashkent Uzbekistan. He won the Gregory Award for Outstanding Production in 2015 for their "The Three Sisters." He is the Director of Creative Development for Umbrella Project, a new play accelerator. He teaches at Coyote Central and with Path with Art, and is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab.





Sarah-Gabrielle Ryan is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She studied on scholarship at the Rock School for Dance Education, Metropolitan Ballet Academy, and the School of Pennsylvania Ballet; she attended summer courses at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, San Francisco Ballet, the School of American Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet School. Ms. Ryan joined Pennsylvania Ballet II in 2014 and joined Pacific Northwest Ballet as an apprentice in 2016 and was promoted to corps de ballet in 2017. She was named Dance Magazine’s On the Rise in 2018 and was on the March/April 2021 cover of Pointe Magazine. Ms. Ryan is a 2-time Princess Grace Award nominee. In addition to her dance work, Ms. Ryan earned a certificate for Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organizations from the DeVos Institute of Arts Management and is the Vice-Chair of Community Engagement for the Moulin Belle Arts Residency in Périgord, France. 



Liz McCarthy has been a professional actor/singer/dancer performing onstage and in film for 30+ years (Actors’ Equity Association and SAG/AFTRA member). 




Bella Rivera (she/they) is a Latinx scenic designer based in Seattle WA. Bella is a graduate of Seattle University, and earned a Theatre BA in 2020. Throughout college they worked as a scenic painter, scenic carpenter, and assistant designer before venturing off as a designer. Recent credits include Scenic Design for virtual productions of Oedipus the King, Sex by Mae West (Play Your Part) and Much Ado About Nothing (Shattered Glass Project).  Bella is extremely excited to be working on The Mirror since she is passionate about equitable gender representation in horror and especially eager to design for film! 



Leanna Keith (she/they) is a freelance flutist, artist, improviser, and composer in the Seattle area who delights in creating sound experiences that make audiences laugh, cry, and say: “I didn’t know the flute could do that!” Her performance artworks have focused on cultural connection and the breaking of audience/performer boundaries. Her recent work: "Finding the InBetween," presented at NW New Works by On The Boards in 2019 focused on the challenges faced by mixed-race people in America through music, crowd-sourced interviews, spontaneous poetry, and dance. The same summer, she premiered the "Concerto for Tea Ceremony" where audience members participated in a tea ritual as the soloist. In the fall of 2019, she debuted a piece called "imagination is an act of rebellion" at BASE Arts Space where she brought the audience to the stage to share an immersive group composing experience. In 2020, Leanna presented a new work in collaboration with Dust In Your Eyes Puppetry which focuses on queer identity and radical queer theory. Leanna has been nominated for the Seattle Gypsy Rose Lee award in composition and the Seattle Gregory award in composition for the play Sheathed by Maggie Lee. She also wrote and performed the score for the play We Go Mad by Amy Escobar. Leanna is the professor of flute at Cornish College of the Arts.


Rachel Delmar has been working to get people to come see theatre since she was 9 years old. Her first grown up stop, getting her degree & a very expensive crash course in how to make theatre at the University of Southern California, where she also began her love of film making. Since then, she has worked around the country as an actor, director, poet, teaching artist, producer, & marketer. She believes theatre & art can change the world. So she keeps figuring out how to do it whether the pandemic likes it or not. This is her first time working on VR and is so forking excited to discover where it takes us all. Loves include: Her life accomplices Gavin & Dame Olympia June, karaoke, dirty martinis, and dismantling white supremacy + the patriarchy. She also posts a lot of dogs, beverages, & PNW water features on Instagram... @RachelDelmar.




Fantasia Rose is orginally from Northern California, and now a Seattle-based artist. As a makeup artist/stylist/costume designer, she has had the opportunity to work on various stage and screen projects including: “In the Water" (Drew Highlands, Short Film, ‘21), “Violet’s Attic" (Cafe Nordo, '19), “Fade” (Seattle Public Theater, ‘18), and "Growing Pains" (Don't Do It, Web Series '16). She holds a BFA in Theater from Cornish College of the Arts. This is her first VR adventure and she is thrilled to be working with this talented cast and crew on such an exciting project! 




Lily McLeod is a Seattle-based lighting designer with a B.A. in Theatre from Seattle University, a past FAIR Assistant at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and is currently the the Lighting Associate at Seattle Rep and the resident Assistant Lighting Designer at ACT. Her designs have been seen onstage at Youth Theatre Northwest, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, Theatre 9/12, ACT Lab, and Foothill Music Theatre. Though her background is primarily in theatre, she has recently assisted on a few film projects, including The Jinkx & Dela Holiday Special and Potato Dreams of America.





Emma Kelash is a fourth year Seattle University student from Minneapolis, Minnesota, pursuing a double major in film studies and history. As a lover of stories and storytelling, she hopes to continue to work in film after graduation. In her free time, Emma enjoys going on hikes and walks, catching up with friends, and trying out elaborate vegan recipes. 



Sophie Heyman is entering her fourth year at Seattle University with a B.A. in film studies and a political science minor. Sophie hails from Salem, Oregon, where she first learned to love filmmaking creating Marvel parodies with friends during the summer. While not working, she enjoys hanging out with her roommates, sitting by the lake with friends, and exploring Seattle on foot. 





Teia O’Malley is a sophomore at the University of Washington where she is studying Drama Design and Linguistics. She has previously designed for The Good Person (University of Washington), The Conversion of Ka’ahumanu (Kumu Kahua Theatre), Indecent (The Arts at Mark’s Garage), The Mountaintop (TAG), and June is the First Fall (Kumu Kahua Theatre).





William Givens-Jensen came to Seattle University to gain a well-rounded education and become a successful student-athlete through tennis. Outside of his time at SU, he have been fortunate enough to work on many different types of productions: A stage manager for the play Joy in the Morning, a Director’s Assistant for Murder to Remember with Lifetime, Favorite Son with BET, Black Horror Anthology with AMC, and Tales with BET. Most recently, he have been interning with Morning Moon Productions and assisting them in their creative endeavors covering film, TV, and music.


In addition, Elgalen Productions will be teaming up with The American Chekhov Project (dba The Seagull Project), for fiscal sponsorship. The Seagull Project is a 10-year-old 501c3 nonprofit, respected across the country for its dedication to long-form workshops and development processes - producing hundreds of productions locally and internationally.


Current Team