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The Missed touches on how unresolved trauma could shift the natural course of events within a family for the worse, and oftentimes affect those whom we least expect to succumb to the pain...when unhealed wounds are left to fester, this family must face a haunting & unforeseen reality.

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Mission Statement

As an actor, writer and filmmaker I gravitate towards themes that promote social change and influence the general public to become pioneers of their own communities. My goal is to normalize people of color in narratives that speak to our everyday lives as Americans and as human beings.

The Story

The Missed centers on a small family—a single mother and her two kids—and the unfortunate aftermath of unacknowledged mental health issues, primarily depression. It touches on how unresolved trauma could shift the natural course of events within a household for the worse, and oftentimes affect those whom we least expect to succumb to the pain. In this case, we see the family age in front of us, repeating their routine dinners in a neighborhood diner with little to no conversation. With every passing year, they become increasingly glum and the mother weak. There is undoubtedly an elephant in the room, but will they acknowledge it before it’s too late?


This project is not-for-profit and aims to give back to two charities that support the prominent themes of this short: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Oasis— a nonprofit organization committed to promoting healthy aging through lifelong learning, active lifestyles and volunteer engagement.



Our team is keeping a close eye on developments related to the on-going pandemic and will take the necessary precautions to keep our cast and crew safe during the filmmaking process. We will follow the New York State Media Production Guidelines, keeping in mind that these are subject to change by the time we are in production in the fall of 2021 (we are currently in the preproduction phase). Any such changes/updates will be reflected in our practices.


It is important to note that our wishlist only includes a fraction of the assets we need to develop a film that stays true to our vision and concept. However, this being our first crowdfunding campaign, we didn't want to be overly ambitious, especially during these challenging times—not to mention the holidays. In the circumstance we go over the listed $5,000 goal, we will use this platform to keep you notified of where your dollars are being invested and how.

The Missed will be submitted to the appropriate film festivals and any accolades received will be announced on our social media platforms (follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter—links at the top of the page). Stay tuned!


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Cash Pledge

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Location Fee

Costs $1,000

This location fee will go to BAAD!, a space that we will be using both before & after filming.

Food and Drink

Costs $3,500

This will feed a cast and crew of about 50 people for two days—following SAG-AFTRA guidelines.

Music License

Costs $500

This will cover the music license required to use a song entitled "Curls" by Bibio within the film.

About This Team

About me, Anita Daswani, the Creator/Producer/Lead

As an actor, writer and filmmaker I gravitate towards artistic subjects that promote social change and influence the general public to become pioneers of their own communities. Prominent themes of my work have included: domestic violence awareness/prevention, support for LGBTQIA youth, divisive cultures that lead to hate crimes, and mental health—the focal point of The Missed.

My body of work primarily consists of dramas with relatable characters and stories. As a filmmaker, my projects are always inclusive and involve a diverse cast/crew. Creating work for myself, as an actor, is also a huge inspiration behind the stories and characters I develop. I write what I know, oftentimes inspired by true events in my personal life. Usually, these stories resonate with marginalized communities as we are not yet prominently represented in mainstream media, unless in some hyperbolic, stereotypical form. My goal is to normalize people of color in narratives that speak to our everyday lives as Americans and as human beings. For more, visit

About the Director, Trey Tetreault

Trey is a director, producer, writer, and creator originally from Richmond, VA. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2014 with a BA in Theatre Arts and Cinema. Since then, Trey has been actively pursuing a career in the theater and film industries. He has produced, directed, written, and acted in a wide variety of projects ranging from Saturday Night Live to his own fully produced web series, I’m Fine (YouTube). He continues to explore new opportunities and seeks to educate himself in all areas of production. Currently, he is story producing the upcoming experimental feature documentary, Holding Back the Tide, developing various projects with 4-time Tony Award Producer, Harriet Leve, and devising an immersive theatrical experience around the condition of Dementia. He's very excited to be directing this short with his dear friend Anita.

About the Producer, Alanna Wildermuth

Alanna currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and works on the late night show Desus and Mero. She is the Intern Coordinator and will be the Legal Rights and Clearances Coordinator when the third season premieres in early 2021. She got her start in production by working in news editing at WAVY TV 10/FOX43 in Portsmouth, VA. She then resided in Richmond, VA, where she worked on narrative projects for ABC, Amazon Signatures Studios, PBS, and Focus Features before moving to NY. In New York, she has worked in theater by assisting in a production of The Laramie Project as well as in front of and behind the camera for a variety of projects. Her favorite role is producer due in part to ensuring that the creative vision one has for an important story is brought to life in an honest and truthful way. The Missed is one of those stories that touches on a subject that so many people struggle with every day. Alanna is looking forward to the whole process of getting it made and released for the world to see. 

About the Producer, Megan Embrey

Megan is a video producer and musician originally from Alexandria, VA. She graduated from the College of WIlliam & Mary with degrees in English and Film and Media Studies. Megan spent the first two years of her career working freelance in the film and television industry on a variety of films and television programs. She now works at two brands within the Hearst Corporation producing videos and writing. When she isn't working during the week, Megan is working towards a career in music, writing and producing original songs. She is always excited for any opportunity to tell important stories and is enthusiastic about both the message and medium of The Missed.

About the Set Photographer, Denver Crawford

Denver Crawford is a shapeshifting artist based in Harlem. Denver received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in theatre performance. Their artistic practice spans performance, writing, photography, illustration, and music. Denver is grateful for every opportunity that allows them to expand their creative tool belt. They are proud to join the creative team of The Missed. For more, visit

About the Accountant, Tyler Cleveland

Tyler Cleveland is the proud husband of the creator and a very skilled financier. He is the Staff Accountant at Brooklyn Academy of Music and has been a team member at this historic organization for the past six years. He is happily lending his professional expertise to help ensure our funding is used in the most economical and efficient way. 

Our team is continuing to grow, and we are in the midst of recruiting a DP. We are excited to bring on this addition and will be sharing more once it is official.

Current Team