The Moth and the Light

Orange, California | Film Short

Romantic Comedy

Bonnie Bering

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Supporting this project is not supporting a singular person. Rather, it’s supporting the ideas created by many, all of whom worked together to build its foundation. With a powerful and passionate crew, this film will add to the pursuit of filmmaking and the aspirations of all involved.

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Mission Statement

With a team led by a powerful female producer & director duo, we are focused on providing more strong female leads to be showcased. We want to provide a film that tells people it's okay not to have your life completely figured out right away, and to not rely on others for your own happiness.

The Story

A majority of our team worked together on a film last year titled Baby. Michaela and Bonnie were lucky enough to develop an incredible friendship through that film, and had decided to work together for their thesis film before Baby had even begun filming. Throughout pre-production, production, and post-production, the cast and crew became very close. Michaela and Bonnie started asking around set if anyone would be interested in working with them on their thesis film next year. Owen said yes. Elliott said yes. Nate said yes. Maddie said yes. Liam said yes. Patrick said yes. We already had half of our key crew fulfilled before we had even had a concept for our next film.



A few weeks later, Bonnie, Nate, Michaela, Lily and Owen met at Pizza Press in Orange. They sat for hours thinking of ideas for what the thesis could be. There were some bad ideas, and some really good ideas. We came up with a really good idea. Nate left with his notes and went to draft everything up on his computer. Over the summer we critiqued draft after draft until we have reached the point where we are now scene locked and gearing up to shoot come November.


The Moth and the Light tells the story of Jordan and Charlie, and how they come back into each other's lives. The uncertainity of life is scary and can be disheartening, but it's okay to not have a step-by-step plan for the next 25 years of your life. Even if someone thinks a relationship has faded away throughout the years, it's can be a surprise to realize how many people still genuinley care about you and want the best for you.





That's why we're here.




This film has been our entire lives for some time now, and we want to share it with you. In order for this film to work, everyone involved has to put their entire heart and soul into it. We've done that, and so much more. We are here to let our audiences know that it's okay to feel alone and confused and uncertain in this world. You are in charge of your own happiness. Let us give you these characters who are so full of life and just like us. They've experienced everything you've experienced. They know how you feel. We just want to offer up real people and real life. 



We will make this film happen because we are incredibly passionate about it. We are not the quitting type, and we won't stop until we have created something we are truly proud to show. It is lucky to come across something you can invest your entire self in, and that's what we get to do with The Moth and the Light. Be apart of this film with us and allow us to tell real stories about real people with which everyone needs to seek some comfort -- even if it's for the sole reason to know we are not alone. 



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About This Team

Bonnie is a senior creative producing major at Chapman University who loves Matt Damon and naming her pets after food. She's been working incredibly hard and is pretty much the backbone of this operation. In her wise words, "have you done that check request order yet" and "no Michaela we're not putting your cat in the movie"


Michaela is a senior film production major with an emphasis in directing. She is 40% caffeine, 32% beer, and a 28% compilation of adult cartoons that cause immense existential dread. She's in love with her cat to a concerning amount and also walks puppies for a living.


Meet Nate Friend, the writer of our film. Nate is a libra but that's irrelevant because he doesn't believe in horoscopes. He very much enjoys writing and endlessly rewatching (and quoting) the Office. His favorite color is green and he's a big fan of red velvet cupcakes. He is also looking for his fuzzy Orvis jacket he lost last year so if you see it lmk thanks.


Elliott, our director of photography. Elliott swears he's actually a director, but for some for some reason Michaela always forces a camera in his hands to shoot her films. He doesn't know why Michaela continues to want to work with him, but he is glad he has found someone to share his mutual sense of existential dread. When not making worryingly dark movies or philosophizing about the essence of being, you can usually find Elliott at his home, suite 247 of Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.


Our wonderful Unit Production Manager, Rachel Griswold! Rachel is a senior at Chapman majoring in Creative Producing. Some say money is the motivator, however, Rachel is equally motivated by breakfast food... If she doesn't answer your email in 10 minutes or less, shes probably busy deadlifting the weight of a young grizzly bear.


Our editor, Liam Molina! Liam likes long walks on the beach and editing in the dark to German techno music, so you know the film is going to turn out gr8.


Meet our lovely leading man, Owen Painter! He will be playing Charlie in our film. Owen is a screen acting major at Chapman, and, in the most simplistic of words, is "Just a calm, collected guy looking for love on the upper east side" Our beautiful leading lady, Lily is a sophomore screen acting major at Chapman and is playing the lead role of Jordan. She's incredibly excited and wants everyone to know that she has a major crush on everyone on the project but "will try to keep her cool".


Meet Patrick: Ever since his brief stint as a rapper in high school, Patrick’s career has been in a constant downward spiral. Now he makes music for movies. When he’s not busy being a senior sound design emphasis at Chapman, he’s asking the important questions; such as “is there anyone out in the world that absolutely hates Jack Johnson?” or “do I have a regional lisp that no one has the confidence to tell me about?” And that’s all you need to know, really.

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