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The Plop is a sketch comedy podcast for every kid looking for a laugh, every parent looking for a break and every comedian in need of a paycheck! Hosted by Peter Oldring, this collaboratively produced project will employ comedians around the globe during a critical moment for the creative community.

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Mission Statement

This project is for families of all kinds and it's very important to us that the project includes different voices. We’re reaching into comedy communities around the world to connect with comedians, particularly the up and coming, who are in need of an accessible, safe and inspiring gig.

The Story

The Plop - a weekly sketch comedy podcast for kids between the ages of 7-12. 

From award winning creative studio Kelly&Kelly comes a new podcast series designed to entertain kids and give parents a moment of reprieve during stressful times.

For the adults in the room, the podcast feels a little like – SCTV, Mad TV, Monty Python, but for kids! You Can’t Do That On Television’- or All That - but for your ears!

Each week, Larry ​D​obbs​ personally curates​ some of the most eclectic pieces of audio known to humankind​ -​ curios of sound, auditory oddities, blasts of the bizarre and unexpected acoustic recordings of the inexplicable.




During this time of social distiancing our goal is to create 50 paid gigs for comedians. 

We are committed to produce a podcast that provides parents with safe, light-hearted content to distract their children for a moment during the week. This is something that kids can have all to themselves, getting a break from the seriousness of the “adult world”. 



We are crushed to see how Covid-19 has financially and emotionally impacted our community. The Plop will be an outlet for comedic talent to flex their writing, performing, and creator muscles as many live gigs are not an option. 


We will put funny people back to work safely by recording segements remotely. If greenlit, we will ensure that at least 50% of gigs will go to BIPOC and Queer creators. We will do this by establishing a Creative Advisory Committee, made up of BIPOC and Queer comedians, to guide our outreach and pitch review process. Folks on the committee will be paid for their time. For transparency and to further amplify emerging talent, we will publish the list of contributors once the series is complete. 


Are you a comedian interested in The Plop? We want to hear from you - sign up to pitch us a contributor.


“What will the comedic landscape be? Will we see gigs this year? Will gigs not be a thing until there’s a cure?" - @russellhoward


We will entertain kids in an authentic, age-appropriate way, make them laugh and inspire them to create their own comedy. Each episode will feature a curated collection of light-hearted segments that act as a funny, informative escapism for kids. The majority of our production team are parents and we've focused tested our  pilot with families. Lots of ❤️ across the board.  


"The Plop is a funny podcast! There is lots of different segments in it. The hosts name is Larry Dobbs he lives in Winterpeg, Manatuba. He is really funny." - Kasper Curtis, age 10 


Each episode entertains kids with twenty minutes of ad and screen free content, giving parents a guilt-free break to do whatever they need without interruption. 


"I believe in making content I would listen to. And as a mom with 2 young kids at home, I know first-hand what entertains them for 5 seconds, versus what holds their attention for 20 minutes. And to find something that engages my kids AND isn't on a screen is something I desperately want in my life, and what I want to make for families worldwide." - Lauren Bercovitch, “The Plop” producer & parent



The Plop is produced by the team at Kelly&Kelly, an award-winning creative studio that specializes in making premium podcast content. Our content has amassed over 30 million views and listens. 




Kelly&Kelly has been on the forefront of the podcasting industry since its inception and we bring our decades of experience in comedy to everything we do. Not only that, but Kelly&Kelly is a family business, made up of a whole whack of the world's greatest parentsaunties/uncles, with a lifelong mission to create clever comedy.


“Working with Kelly&Kelly is a dream come true. But like a fever dream. In a good way. K&K is like a little magic factory and I always feel incredibly excited to work on anything, ANYTHING they're producing.  – Mark Chavez, The Sunday Service - The Pajama Men. 


“Working with Kelly and Kelly has been the best professional experience of my life! It’s very hard in the comedy world to find people who are as professional as they are funny – Maddy Kelly (no relation) - comedian & ‘The Plop’ contributor

The Plop was born from our want to provide comedians a gig that pays them for their contribution, therefore the biggest chunk of the crowdfunding pie goes to them. The remaining funds will cover a bulk of production costs.  




We are asking you to help us reach a fundraising goal of $25K. 


We have some amazing incentives ready for your picking…. Bragging rights, a character named after you, an interview with a comedian, improv classes for your kids + much more. 



In the pilot! 

“Detective Snoop” - written and performed by Amy Matisyo with additional voices by Dave Shumka

“Potty Poems” - written and performed by Chris Redman

“Community Calendar” - written and performed by Graham Clark

“Worst Podcast Ideas” - written and performed by Kylee Evans and Sandy Jobin Bevans with additional voices by Dave Shumka

“History of Amazing Objects” - written and performed by Gary Eck

With thanks to:

Maddy Kelly as the voice of “Nancy”


If you’re a comedian and interested in contributing to ‘The Plop’ we want to hear from you. Join our pitch list! 




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs C$0

Host & Contributors

Costs C$12,000

The reason we are doing this...paying comedians to do what they do best - make us laugh!


Costs C$9,000

Without a team there is no show. This fee is for the team doing all the behind-the-scenes stuff!

Design, Artwork, Marketing

Costs C$2,500

The Plop isn't just for your ears - artwork and design is needed to make it sing!

Podcast Fees

Costs C$1,500

To make, publish and distribute a podcast you need subscriptions and platforms. This fee is for that

About This Team

Peter Oldring - Host / Larry Dobbs

As a kid...

  • Favorite show: SCTV & the original Pink Panther Movies
  • Favorite magazine: Mad Magazine
  • Favorite comedian: Peter Sellers & the Cast of SCTV

Peter Oldring has been an actor/creator for the past 25 years. He has performed with the Second City in Toronto and Los Angeles, and has appeared at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. He is best known for co-creating  and starring in the award winning satirical radio show This Is That on CBC Radio One.

On the Television side of things Peter was a series regular on the Warner Brothers sketch comedy show Blue Collar TV. He starred in Martin Lawrence’s sit-com Love That Girl for 4 seasons on TV ONE, and has recurred on USA Networks hit show Psych, Kickin It on Disney and Blindspot on NBC.

He has voiced hundreds of episodes of animated TV for Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central, NBC, Cartoon Network, ABC, Warner Bros, PBS and Nickelodeon.

Peter lives in Los Angeles with his Wife, Daughter and 4 chickens.

Pat Kelly - Creative Director

As a kid...

  • Favorite show: SCTV or You Can’t Do That On Television
  • Favorite magazine: Mad Magazine
  • Favorite comedian: John Candy

As a creator, writer and producer Pat has worked all sides of the entertainment business.  Collaborating with media companies, broadcasters and brands, he’s produced a wide range of content including television, digital video, radio and podcasts.

Chris Kelly - Audio Director

As a kid...

  • Favourite TV Show: Hilarious House of Frightenstein + Looney Tunes
  • Favourite magazine: Mad Magazine (but especially Spy vs Spy)
  • Favourite Comedian: John Candy

Chris Kelly is an award winning audio & video director. He’s been making podcasts since 2005. For 10 years he worked at the CBC where he produced the corporation’s first ever podcast and co-created This Is That with Pat Kelly & Peter Oldring. He co-founded Kelly&Kelly in 2016.


Lizzy Karp - Executive Producer

As a kid...

  • Favorite movie: Clueless
  • Favorite book: Alligator Pie
  • Favorite comedian: Lucielle Ball 

Narrative change and connecting communities through storytelling is at the heart of everything Lizzy Karp gets her hands on. Backed by 15 years’ experience with grassroots and digital marketing, creative event production, social content strategy and implementation, she has transformed programs including TELUS STORYHIVE, a training and production fund that supports storytellers in BC and Alberta.

Dave Shumka - Producer

As a kid...

  • Favorite show: The Simpsons
  • Favorite comic: The Far Side
  • Favorite comedian: Dana Carvey

Dave Shumka is a writer and comedian from Vancouver. In 2008, he started Stop Podcasting Yourself, a long-running talk show for which he has been awarded 3 Canadian Comedy Awards. His writing credits include CBC’s The Debaters, Corner Gas Animated, and This Is That: Travel Guide to Canada, a Canadian best-seller. Since 2018 he has been the head writer of This Sounds Serious, a comedic mockumentary podcast, which receives over 100,000 downloads per episode.

Jodie Camilleri - Producer

As a kid...

  • Favorite movie: Stand By Me/The Breakfast Club
  • Favorite comic: Calvin and Hobbes
  • Favorite actor: Molly Ringwald 

Jodie Camilleri has been producing for 20 years across a bunch of different mediums; live action, animation, audio, visual effects and post production. She was one of the founding digital producers at Dr. D Studios, Oscar-winning director George Miller's digital production house, where she line-produced the feature film ‘Happy Feet 2’. She has been a VFX producer on nine features, over 40 TV episodes and too many commercials to count. In 2019 she joined forces with Kelly&Kelly producing podcasts & whatever else they need for clients such as Luminary, Castbox, Himalaya, Google and Electric Arts. 


Lauren Bercovitch - Producer

As a kid...

  • Favourite movie: Now and Then
  • Favourite "magazine": The dELiA*s catalog

Lauren Bercovitch has been producing content for over 15 years. After Production Managing at Adbusters Media Foundation and being instrumental in starting the Occupy Wall Street movement, Bercovitch transitioned from print to film and television, producing everything from reality cooking shows to Hallmark movies, from indie docs to podcasts.

Christopher Redman - Producer 

As a kid...

  • Favorite show: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
  • Favorite book: Catcher In In The Rye (age 13) followed The Pobble Who Had No Toes ( age 4)
  • Favorite comedian: Dustin Hoffman

Christopher is an award winning writer and actor who has appeared in over one hundred film and TV projects over the past twenty years. He is also a contributing producer for several of Kelly&Kelly productions including Dexter Guff, Celeste and Her Best and This Is That. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and very silly son. 

Current Team