"The Process" - Birdman Inspired Short Film

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Morgan Hamilton-Lee

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This movie is all about how difficult it is to get a movie made. Especially now with all the strikes happening, supporting artists is so important, and this movie highlights that, in a comedic fashion.

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Mission Statement

The Process is a satirical short film about the filmmaking process shot in a Birdman/1917/Rope style long take. It all takes place in an office, as we follow the director checking in with his team about how the day is going. And it's not going as planned, but somewhat as expected...

The Story

After seeing Birdman for the first time, I was so inspired by the filmmaking that I wanted to attempt my own version, but I didn't know what I wanted to do. Then after seeing 1917, I was further inspired, but still didn't have a concept. Finally, serendipitously, I watched the behind the scenes on Corridor Crew about how Birdman was shot, and I a couple friends of mine had an office space that I had access to...then the wheels started to turn.





With 11 core cast members, a stunt team, a VFX shot, tons of props, and about a dozen extras...there's a lot going on in this movie.

2 months of pre production went into planning this. A couple script rewrites, casting hurdles, nailing down the perfect stunt team, confirming if the VFX shot was possible, not knowing if we could get enough money in time for actual production, getting everyone in the office a week beforehand to help with production design. It was all hands on deck right up until the two days of filming.


If we raise MORE than our goal....

+$500 - Our stunt team worked 1 day for reduced price, and we would like to pay them full rate for their time.

Anything past the $500 mark will go directly to https://entertainmentcommunity.org/ to SUPPORT ARTISTS affected by the recent strikes.


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Paying the crew

Costs $3,500

We had a large crew who deserves to be paid for their time and hard work.

Film Festival fees

Costs $500

Film festivals are expensive. And we want to submit this project to most of the big ones.

Paying the Cast

Costs $300

We have a large cast that deserves to be paid

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