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Lenore Marks

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Set in a dystopian near-future that could easily become our reality, "The Resistance" explores the actions taken by ordinary people, and the price they pay to stand up and fight for what they believe in. It holds up a mirror to today's society, and asks where do we see ourselves in this world?

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to hire as many women as possible. The story is female driven, and incorporates LGBT themes. The lead actors, writer, director & producers are all female, as well as the vast majority of our crew. We represent a diverse range of ages, ethnicities, nationalities & sexual orientations.

The Story



The Resistance is set in a dystopian near future, where the United States of America no longer exists. A shadowy cabal known as The Regime is now in charge, and they have started to implement a series of reforms aimed at removing women from a place of visibility in society. The story centers around Emma, an expert coder and PhD student in Linguistics & Engineering and Chloe, completing her training to become an Equine Vetrinarian, as they attempt to start an underground resistance movement. They are joined by Christine, Chloe's girlfriend and an ex-NSA agent, as their well-laid plans unravel in the face of a shocking new move by The Regime. The three women must activate the tenuous network they have formed and call in reinforcements in order to pull off a bold plan to get their message out. Will The Resistance be dead in the water before it even gets off the ground, or will they succeed and launch the fight to take their country back?





I'm really inspired by the idea of "Art as Activism", and how we as artists can use our skills and our talents to inspire social change. The Resistance was written as a direct response to today's volatile political climate, and it is a story about how ordinary people can and do make a difference. I've always been a fan of sci-fi, so I knew the story was going to be set in a dystopian future. But at the same time I didn't simply want to write a message movie - I love the action and the thriller aspects of the script, and it is up to the audience to decide what message they want to walk away with. It can be viewed both as an exciting, heart pounding action movie, and as a pointed commentary on American society. And ultimately, I hope people walk away with a little of both. 


I knew from the start that whatever I wrote would be female driven, and I am interested in showing women in roles in which they aren't typically seen on screen. And not only that, I want to play around with the typical Hollywood stereotype of what those roles should look like. The idea that it's just everyday people is a strong theme of the film, and it was important to me that the casting reflected that. I want the audience to be able to imagine themselves in these roles as well. The characters come from all walks of life: PhD students, nurses, college professors, veterinarians, hackers - not the type of people you think would usually associate. And yet in the world of The Resistance this is exactly what happens. Everyone is able to unify around a common goal.


I am also highly inspired by the films of Matt Ross (Captain Fantastic, 28 Hotel Rooms). He writes very human, relatable stories that are told thru the lens of complicated, multi-dimensinal people who make the best choices they can given their circumstances. The characters in this film absolutely reflect that. Emma, Chloe and Christine are all smart, brave, strong women, and at the same time they are also complicated, messy, and flawed. They are relatable, real people.






Our Director created an "Inspration Board" for the film - that is, how she envisions the world of The Resistance. Below are a few select images from that board. You will see colorwise it leans more towards grey and blue tones, mostly muted and bleak. The characters themselves however are all vibrant indivuals, and there is an underlying sense of urgency and immediacy to the whole world. 


*These images are from other projects - they are here to give you an idea of what the completed project will feel like...




We strongly believe in not only hiring the best person for the job, but also in providing opportunities to showcase actors & filmmakers in ways in which perhaps they haven't been seen before. We wanted to ensure that the characters in this film reflect people that you would see on the street on any given day. One of our goals is to invite the audience to imagine how they themselves can take inspired action in their own lives and their own communities.


Hiring an almost entirely female crew was another goal - Director, Cinematographer, Lights, 1st AD, Producers - and that's just the begining. We represent a wide range of ages, ethnicities and nationalities. There are members of the LGBT community, women who are advocates for social change, and we are all passionate story-tellers. To this end, everyone is contributing not only their skills but their unique perspective to tell our story. 




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About This Team

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Kisha Milling is a NYC and Maui-based actor, writer, and filmmaker. She graduated from Michael Howard Studios Conservatory and has classically trained with Patsy Rodenberg of Guildhall and the Pearl Theater. Recent credits include:  Four Bottles, winner of the Audience Award at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and an official Selection at the SoHo Int'l Film Festival, Long Island Int’l Film Expo, and the Yonkers Film Festival; In the Name Of, winner of the Best Action/ Thriller Short at the Hollywood Int’l Moving Picture Film Festival; and The Hunt with John Walsh.  She also has done extensive voiceover work and can be heard in the following episodics: Quantico, The Americans, Hap and Leonard, and Master of None. She wrote, acted in and co-produced her first short film M.E.R.C.Y.  which screened at the AGR Short Film Challenge. She adores spec fiction--sci-fi/fantasy, horror, supernatural, dystopian, futuristic, or any weird, abnormal sh$t.  When she’s not dreaming of mango season or fire dancing at Little Beach she can be found diligently scripting her web series “The Entertainers," an untitled sci-fi series, and a coming-of-age dark comedic feature. She’s repped by 90210 Talent for theatrical. 



Anna Frankl-Duval is a British actor, singer, and filmmaker based in New York City. Her first short film, If Only, which she wrote, executive produced and starred in,  is in the final stages of post-production before it hits the festival circuit. Since moving to the US a decade ago, Anna has continued to work on both sides of the Atlantic. Some work includes Subway Plays - This Is Not A Theatre Company (New York), The Curse Of Love - Bread and Roses Theatre (London), Definitely - Edinburgh Festival, Agamemnon:Redux - The Lab at Roger Smith (New York), American Deportation - Alphadu Productions, voice of Augmented Reality children's series Meet the 




Lenore Marks is an NYC based actor and writer. She is a graduate of the Atlantic Theater Company's Professional Conservatory Program, and has also trained at BADA, CAP 21, and with Scott Freeman at The Freeman Studio. A few recent theatre credits: Three Sisters (Alchemical Theatre Lab), Far Away (Columbia University MFA Directing Project), and The Crucible (New Ohio Theatre). Lenore has also written three screenplays, of which "The Resistance" is the first one to go into production. When not working on the acting side of things, Lenore can be found teaching dance in the tri-state area. She is freelancing with UMT in Miami for theatrical and voiceover.



Esther Chen packed 2 suitcases in Taiwan and left for the Big Apple by herself when she was 16. Trilingual in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese, she truly enjoys conversing in broken French with tourists. Esther accidentally opened for Jerry Seinfeld this spring, and is a regular at Gotham Comedy Club and Broadway Comedy Club. She has worked with The Fung Brothers, MTV and Buzzfeed, and is the Mandarin coach and translator for Mr. Robot Seasons 2 and 3. Select theatre credits: Smart People (Denver Center), Romeo and Juliet (Fools & Kings), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Michael Howard), Othello (Seeing Place), Behind the Mask (Yangtze Rep), Miss Saigon and Shrek the Musical (Way off Broadway). TV: Table Talk, Wide Open. Esther is the proud Founder of YouTube: Drunk Chinese Class. Twitter/Instagram: @Pestherchen



Jenna Krasowski is a NYC-based actor who recently starred in the film Nesting Dolls, due to circulate festivals next year. She has been involved in projects and plays in the Fringe Festival, Estrogenius Festival, One Minute Play Festival, and others. She often works on new plays, such as Across the Park in last year's Araca Project. Vive le resistance!



 Jason Alan Carvell has appeared in several TV shows, including Blue Bloods, Blindspot, Daredevil and The Blacklist. He has also been seen onstage in War Horse and Othello, among many others. Jason also enjoys a thriving career as a voiceover artist, and has narrated several series for National Geographic and the BBC. Jason trained at Carnegie Mellon and The Moscow Art Theatre.


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