The Satchel and the Pink Wig

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If you could spend the day with a stranger, what would you learn from them? How would you walk away? "The Satchel and the Pink Wig" is a character-driven indie drama that deals within the realms of "slice of life" moments, where two people discover they aren't that different after all.

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Mission Statement

THE SATCHEL AND THE PINK WIG is a project that is close to my heart. I wrote it during a time in my life where I was at a crossroads, bleeding raw and authentic emotion into it. By supporting this project, you will bring these characters, themes and world to life to tell others: you are not alone.

The Story


“The Satchel and the Pink Wig” discusses concepts from mental health awareness to the changing nature of America, underage sex work and the traumas that come from it, and our numbness to shootings and death. Along the way, it also deals with coming of age in a world that you feel you don’t belong for not only a teenager but also adults. Truth isn’t in the possession of one person. It comes between the conflict of two individuals with different points of view. You have Dani, a young teenage girl who has lived on the streets for 8 months, and believes there is so much more life to live than this. And then there’s Alexio, an older man who has lived half of his life, had a daughter and a wife, and believes there is nothing more to life - or his life. And it’s between those conflicting points of view where we find the truth of what it means to live as a human being, no matter where you are in your life. Through these two people on opposite spectrums of their lives, it creates a dynamic, that no matter what, there is always the opportunity for change. 


I’ve written a story about loneliness, our own inner youth and the power of human connection. 

It’s a story about an older man haunted by his own regrets and clouded by his grief. He’s at the crossroads of his life, and has found himself at a supposed dead end. He’s a man that could be your uncle, your father, your coworker. He could be anyone, he could be everyone, but for the sake of this story, he’s a man crying out for help.

It’s a story about a young girl trying to reclaim her sense of independence and navigate life and the unexpected falls that come with it. She’s desperately searching for the girl she thought she knew, only to realize that as you continue to live, you have to continue to adapt. You can’t stay stuck in the past. She’s a girl who has a whole life ahead of her, and she knows it, it’s just about whether or not she’s going to take what life has to offer and keep pushing forward.

It’s a story that proposes a unique angle on the process of grief and the acceptance of loss. There’s no one way to mourn, but we all mourn no matter what. But it’s the process and the road to forgiving yourself for being here when they are not that leads to healing.

It’s a story, above all, about second chances. Second chances at life. Second chances with family members. Second chances with yourself. And if the second chance doesn’t work, there’s a third, a fourth and a fifth. 

I’ve written a story, but to so many others it’s not a story, it’s their life. And it’s important we give voices to the unheard and let them know: we are listening.

I am listening.

- Savannah Braswell


As goes with the nature of independent projects, the budget goes towards locations & permits, catering, equipment and paying talent. Visit our wishlist section to see exactly how it all breaks down!


We plan on submitting this short film to various film festivals and industry contacts as a way to showcase Savannah's feature proof of concept and gather interest and exposure. After the festival run, it will be released digitally for all of YOU to see! Because Savannah is graduating from NYU this Spring, she will use this film as a calling card in the industry to jumpstart her career in hopes of turning the film into her directorial feature-length debut. This is a perfect opportunity to show your support for an up and coming POC women director!


Every donation matters, no matter how big or small! If you are unable to donate, please consider sharing our Seed&Spark page to family, friends and on your socials and help spread the word! You can also follow us on Instagram (@satchelandpinkwig) to keep up to date with the project. Thank you so much! Let's go on this journey together. 


Commited to keeping our cast and crew safe and healthy while working on this production, the team will follow all health and safety regulations according to New York City's guidelines, and operate on a fully-vaccinated production. 



For more information or inquiries please reach out to:

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Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

Additional Resources:

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888



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Locations + Permits

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So we can secure the locations that best capture the vision of the film.


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So the beauty of our locations and actors can be seen and heard.


Costs $900

So we can get the equipment to all the locations to and from!


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So we can pay our wonderful talented actors!

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Production Insurance

Costs $1,500

So we can keep all our actors, crew, locations and equipment safe!


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So we can keep our cast and crew fed while they work!

About This Team

Savannah Braswell

Writer & Director

Savannah is a young African-American female writer-director currently based in Los Angeles, CA, and sometimes the Big Apple itself, New York City. She has studied at NYU Tisch School of the Arts Kanbar Institute of Film and TV and is currently in her final semester. She is intrigued in telling untold narratives and perspectives that reach a wide and diverse audience, with most of her work focusing on expanding and championing female voices, complex stories, and putting a mirror to our society. 

Just recently, Savannah had the privilege of working as a Director’s Assistant on the A24 feature film, BODIES BODIES BODIES, under the award-winning director Halina Reijn where she continues to work and mentor underneath her, furthering her knowledge and approach to the craft of directing. She produced and co-wrote Francesca Scorsese’s upcoming short film, CRIMSON TIES, and is now venturing forth on filming her feature proof of concept for her Blacklist Score 8 screenplay, THE SATCHEL AND THE PINK WIG, in hopes to make it her feature directorial debut. In an industry that is shifting towards young and fresh perspectives and representations across all mediums - there is no better time than now to take Hollywood by such a large storm and make a statement.

Samuel Wright Smith

Director of Photography

Samuel Wright Smith (he/him) is a visual artist and cinematographer. Smith found himself at home behind the lens from a young age. He is drawn to stories that take style and narrative risks in order to speak on challenging topics with deeper authenticity. To him, The Satchel and the Pink Wig does just this. Sensitively sandwiched between dark themes, Savannah Braswell has found the heart and humor inside. Sam hopes to employ his eye for shadow, grunge and grit to help bring Savannah's vision to life. When not on set, Smith enjoys foraging wild mushrooms, sneaking into abandoned buildings, experimental animation and chasing pigeons.
His work (and published book featuring his own photography) can be found at

Izzie Nadah


Izzie Nadah is an Arab-American actor and producer. As Co-Founder and Co-Director at One & Other Productions LLC she uses collaboration and storytelling to amplify marginalized voices and advocate for social equity. She expects to graduate from NYU Tisch in May 2022 with a BFA in Drama and minors in both producing and philosophy. She is passionate about elevating the work of young artists and values bringing a multicultural perspective to every project she works on.

Experience includes Development Director at Grab Bag Theater, Production and Development Intern at Beast of the East Productions, Production Assistant of Special Treat’s documentary “Cannes Uncut '' and working with the American Pavillion at the Cannes Film Festival. She is in different stages of development, production, and post on over a dozen projects, including shorts, pilots, web series, features, and is so thrilled to be producing Savannah's "The Satchel and the Pink Wig."

Maya Moravec


Maya was born in Guatemala and adopted by an amazing interracial couple who raised her and her younger sister in Chicago. She is studying at NYU’s Tisch School of the Dramatic Arts and is majoring in Drama and Minoring in film production and BEMT (Business of Media, Entertainment, and Technology). She has also appeared in productions through the USC drama school programs. An active member of the NYU community, she is the President of Artists in Action and Vice President of the Stern Tisch Entertainment Business Association. She is currently studying at the Atlantic School of Acting. Maya is a SAG AFTRA actor who has been acting professionally for 10 years and has most notably appeared in a recurring role in NBC’s Chicago P.D. and an award winning commercial for McDonald’s. In addition, she has experience producing, writing, directing, editing, fundraising, shooting, and more. Maya is committed to creating opportunities and reflections for those who, like her, saw and still see an insufficient amount of representation in the entertainment industry they can identify with. Her and Izzie Nadah co-founded One & Other Productions, a multi-media production company with a focus on multi-cultural stories, in the summer of 2021. The company is currently working on 15 projects, including Elizabeth Acevedo’s short “Mirage”, Janna Giacoppo’s documentary feature “One But Many”, and most recently (!!!!) Savannah Braswell’s proof of concept “The Satchel and The Pink Wig”.

One & Other Productions

Production Company 

One & Other Productions is a multimedia narrative production company with a two-fold function focused on producing stories which inclusively illuminate the significance of multicultural identities and giving voice to unheard perspectives.

O&O is committed to demonstrating the societal value and commercial viability of multicultural stories in order to build towards better multicultural representation in mainstream media.

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