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In an ever-changing, ever-present, and ever-connected technological world, the artist’s place becomes more and more diminished. The Subject is the satirical representation of the artist that is pushed too far; the artist attempting to reclaim their hold on reality by any means necessary.

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to keep the ownership and authenticity of visual art back where it belongs: to the artist themselves. We hope to speak to anyone that feels that they have fallen to the wayside, and wonders how they can continually keep up with a craft that demands exploitation in exchange for relevancy.

The Story

“I don’t paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.” - Frida Kahlo

Recent Pratt graduate Kathryn Connell’s Permutations in Blue and Red was an achievement in the modern art world, but at what cost? 2 years after her success, Kathryn finds herself back in her home town, in an artistic slump with only 2 months left until her upcoming exhibition. She soon meets Joan, an enigmatic, mysterious, and alluring young woman who manages to bring out a more intimate and trusting side of Kathryn. However, Joan is unprepared to discover the darker sides of Kathryn’s artistic background. 

"Art is not a mirror to hold up society, but a hammer with which to shape it." - Leon Trotsky

Since the dawning of modern art questions about art’s influence and integrity have plagued generations of creatives, thinkers, and dreamers. The Subject, takes the subject of visual art and exemplifies its precarious pitfalls of authenticity and ownership. “The subject” is there, the inspiration is there, but at what point is “the artist” allowed to claim possession of their muse? The Subject attempts to explore the blurred boundaries between a modern artist and their unknowing subject, detailing the maddening journey of the influenced projecting their most wild and dangerous fantasies onto the influencer.The Subject forces its audience to consider what responsibility, if any, does an artist’s subject have towards their benefactor’s state of mind. Trauma, lust, and the authenticity of genre combine in a packed film that further pushes the line between nonconsensual obsession and artistic freedom.

With The Subject being filmed during the fall, we want to capture this transitional and liminal feeling through its coloring. Burnt oranges, browns, purples, and greens will be essential to the tone of this film.

Image found from Instagram: @bianca_art_

Image found from Pinterest: @itsnormalthekid

Though the story isn't specifically a thriller, we want an eeriness to elicit in each shot, a feeling my DP Mollie Schilling and I will capture through long takes, slow pans, and prolonged silences between dialogue. The film itself isn't necessarily rooted in realism, as we want the spectator to be heavily immersed within Kathryn's subjective state. We aim to build tension through a sense of false comfort throughout the story, with an intention of creating a terrifying and unexpected climax.

The Holy Fool (Mollie Schilling, 2023)

The central idea behind The Subject is a personal one for me. In the early the spring of 2023, I was going through many shifts in my life regarding my relationships and creative drive. I was in a perpetual artistic block, fatigued from all of the occurring changes and chaos: friendship breakups, new romances, familial drama, and my day to day busyness as both a student and part time worker. In an attempt to find inspiration, I drew from those current hardships and created a draft of a story that would soon be The Subject. Over the summer, I introduced the original idea to my older sister, Lucy Robertson. She was immediately enthralled with the idea, and we then spent the next 3 months working on the script together, making it our first official collaboration.

Lucy Robertson

Mollie Robertson

We both were drawn to this idea of romanticization, the idea of placing an ideal image on a person that is unrooted in reality and legitimacy, resulting in an unhealthy bond of dependence and desperation. But the question was, how to we incorporate this idea of glorification and trauma into art itself? Does one have to face hardship in order to create acclaimed art? How does one ethically channel trauma into their art? These questions answered themselves through the character of Kathryn Connell, the secretly deranged yet incredibly talented artist. 

With a finalized story, I brought the script to my friends, Keegan Westra and Sydney Wakeford, the creators of It's Good to See You Productions, a startup production company based in Athens, Georgia. Their love of the script is what is making The Subject the first narrative based project the company has taken on, a journey which we are all ecstatic embark upon.

Sydney (left) & Keegan (right)

Aside from the film being an IGTSY Production, The Subject is also my final project as a student at the University of Georgia, and perhaps the most involved student production I have taken on. Through the mentorship of my professor Keith Wilson, I am equipped and more than determined to realize this film to its full potential. As cynical as this story may present itself, we hope The Subject finds its community of artists who can relate to the trials and tribulations that Kathryn and Joan face, the emotional labor of artist versus muse.

-Mollie Robertson

The Subject is still in its pre-production process, with principle photography kicking off the first weekend of October in Athens, Georgia. With our goal of $5,000, we hope to use this money to reimburse many of the costs involved in the production, specifically food, film stock (as there is a dream sequence that will be shot on Super 8), and perhaps the most important props of the production: the art itself. Though this is a student production, we are dedicated to paying our cast and crew, and would love your support to make this possible. We are beyond thankful for the all of the artists behind this production, and we can't wait to share this story with you.

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-Mollie :)


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To financially support our talented cast made up of both aspiring actors and community members with years of experience in performance!


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We want this production to be both fun and a learning experience, but also worth our crew members' time and hard work.


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This will go towards any equipment we don't already have or cannot rent, particularly media storage (hard drives, SD cards, etc.)!

Props and Production Design

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This will aid our production designers in obtaining/creating the props and set pieces needed to visually curate the atmosphere of our film.


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Most of the wardrobe for this film will be provided by the design team and cast, but one role in particular requires a particular outfit...


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To provide fuel for our cast and crew on set!


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For any locations that we must rent or to show our gratitude to anyone who will go out of their way to allow us to shoot in their space.

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About This Team

We are a collection of early-career artists of various abilities and aspirations in the entertainment industry. Many of us are connected through our alma mater (The University of Georgia), while others are friends with an interest in trying something new or experience with film production. We share a passion for producing unique, self-made art and building a product from the ground up.

This film is an It's Good to See You production.

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