The Winemaker

Portland, Oregon | Film Short

Drama, Sci-Fi

Sarey Martin

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A WINEMAKER with a cosmic secret must finish the year's vintage before her enemies come for vengeance!

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Mission Statement

I'm a filmmaker and a working mom, ready to find my footing as an artist. I'm excited to partner with you because it means we can bypass industry gatekeepers while creating a community! My lifelong love of sci-fi and interest in metaphysical questions come together in THE WINEMAKER.

The Story

I met 100% of my production goal in less than 16 days of a 45-day campaign! This surpassed my wildest expectations, and I couldn't be more grateful for the support I've felt so far. With many days left in the campaign, I'm announcing a STRETCH GOAL to support post-production for THE WINEMAKER.


So what's next?

  • You can still support this project by PLEDGING, "FOLLOWING", and SHARING about it. The financial need is still there.
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  • Announcements about production updates are coming soon, too!


Hi, I’m Sarey! Working as a producer and manager, I have helped so many talented people make so many creative projects come to life—and now I’m looking to take the lead on my own dream project. I’m asking you to come alongside me in telling a very unique story about a woman, her winery, and her enemies.

My film begins with Joanie, tending vines and proudly hanging a new sign on a blissful day at her winery. Her focus is interrupted by a tiny, mechanical object, which bruises her ribs as it hits her. This strange gadget carries a message that may cause her to abandon everything she’s built. 


When I think of some of my favorite movies, so many of them are made by men - Lynch, Cronenberg, the Coens, Jarmusch, Gilliam. There should be heaping piles of all types of movies for young women to see themselves in and see themselves making. For these reasons and more, making this movie feels urgent to me.


The Winemaker is a story about a woman pursuing her own path, despite immense social pressure and personal sacrifice. It explores the fallout from against-the-grain choices and is relatable to anyone who’s deviated from the expectations of their family of origin. It's especially poignant for women who've rejected a gender-related expectation. Winemaking is a metaphor that can hold so much of this thematic space, yet we haven’t seen a “wine movie” done quite this way, as sci-fi alchemy. This movie will be dark and unsettling at times, but equal parts beautiful and hopeful. 


The idea for this film started with the setting. I'm inspired by the robust wine scene of the Pacific Northwest. Rural Oregon is full of rich beauty, drenched in the mystery of overgrowth and misty mornings. It is also home to many natural and biodynamic vineyards, which have a distinct sense of freedom and "off the grid" living to them. This type of setting is ripe for playing with the not-so-distant stereotype of an unmarried female alchemist. "She's a witch!" No, actually, this time she's an alien.


Films like Arrival (2016), Field of Dreams (1989), and Under the Skin (2013) masterfully utilize genre - sci-fi and magical realism - to explore issues around identity, trauma, and purpose. These are the types of movies I'm looking to emulate while expressing my own visual language.  

As in Alex Garland's Ex Machina (2014), special effects will feel very much embedded into a world that feels real. Hints of the supernatural will poke holes through the natural world of a wine farm.


Joanie, the main character, has been at winemaking for decades, having made a decision to go "off-grid" long ago. She is strong and tough, but not in a way that shields her from connecting with others. She enjoys her solitude much of the time, because she is in touch with the "consciousness" of the natural world - a kind of family to her. They are the only ones who know her true identity. She has the obsessive tendencies of a masterful artist, but values the payoff of sharing her craft with others.

Leonora is Joanie's eager and dramatic apprentice, and her closest human companion. Leonora is protective of Joanie, since they're almost like family, though she can't understand why she behaves so strangely at times.

Lastly, there's a mysterious enemy at Joanie's "last supper". He's come to a wine tasting, but not for a drink. He's trying to understand why Joanie lives the way she does, and if he can't find a good reason, he's going to make her pay. 


The funds I’m raising here will be what’s critical for production, particularly the stellar cast and crew I’m assembling. This is the bare minimum to compensate them for their talents. A successful campaign will mean I can instantly (and in good conscience) pull the trigger on booking people for production meetings, rehearsals, and shoot dates. Throughout this campaign, I’ll feature news about the individuals attached to this project and the superb value they bring!

In terms of progress, the script is in strong shape and more than half of my crew is committed. I have part of my cast and have been doing extensive research on locations, winemaking, and SFX. 

STRETCH GOALS: When I successfully raise the first $15K, I will move on to a second phase, of raising money for post-production, which will require an additional $10K (editing, SFX, sound, score, etc.)!

When it’s finished, contributors will be the first to receive a private digital screening opportunity with Q&A (or an in-person screening where available). You’ll also be the first to know about film festival screenings and other opportunities this project opens doors to.

Every contributor, at any amount, will be an essential and valuable part of this team. Thank you for believing in my vision. I can't wait to see what we create together!

Much love,



(Special thanks to Enso Winery and Carson Phillips Vineyards for generously providing locations for the video on this page.)


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Costs $2,000

I can't wait to work with the talented actors who help me bring this story to life.

Camera Department

Costs $4,000

Some of the best gear we can afford and some of the most talented people to use them.

Production Design

Costs $5,000

This will cover the set design and lighting to make the film look great.


Costs $3,000

Costumes and makeup to build the world.


Costs $1,000

The soundscape of this film will be vital to the story.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Sarey Martin (writer/director) is a writer and director with roots in L.A. and Portland, OR. After spending 10 years as part of Rob Zombie's production and management team ("Halloween 2", "The Lords of Salem") I started pursuing independent writing and film projects. I self-published a collection of poetry, produced some shorts ("Tortoise", "I Act Like I've Been There Before"), and started a family. I also wrote an original episodic series called "Homeschooled", which was a finalist for Sundance New Voices Episodic Lab (2018). I directed a short called "Father Mary" (2020) that played at festivals and was a finalist for Disney's Launchpad (2021).

Misty Eddy (producer/cinematographer) studied theology and lesbianism at a Texas Bible College. The latter got her thrown out. Not long after, she walked into a movie theater for the first time. Today, she works as a Cinematographer in Portland, Oregon, and finds inspiration in stories that illuminate the experiences of underrepresented communities.

Stephen Cervantes (producer) is an award-winning filmmaker of Panamanian descent, and a graduate of Tisch School of the Arts NYU. His work has been screened at film festivals like the Ashland Independent Film Festival and Marfa Film Festival. In 2015, his short film, Big World, won “Best Director” at the NYU First Run Film Festival. He also got to travel to Sundance with it in 2014 as part of HP’s Emerging Filmmakers program.

Mahsa Zargaran (art director, composer) is an audiovisual artist who is currently creating a life-size sculpture series and electronic music as part of an installation on Modern Female Mythology. In this series, Zargaran draws on the connection between women and the natural world, and aims to reimagine the role of women in myth. The characters in her audiovisual landscapes rely on their innermost feminine attributes to navigate their world – they are not copies of male myth heroes, dressed in female suits. This is perhaps a parallel portrait to Mahsa’s own life as her work spans multiple male-dominated industries. She releases and performs her works under the pseudonym Omniflux.

Raymond Carr (Additional Production/VFX) is an African American filmmaker and puppeteer. His award-winning films have been accepted into Oscar-qualifying film festivals all over the world. His highly stylized films specialize in sci-fi, dark fantasy, and horror. He has designed and puppeteered for The Jim Henson Company, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network & Adult Swim, IFC, and BBC. He has produced content for Discovery Channel, Vice TV, Facebook TV, and various other studios. As a director, he uses his background as a designer and puppeteer to create worlds that feel dynamic, while his background as a theatrical director grounds his stories in character-driven narratives.

And this is just the beginning... other great cast and crew news will be revealed soon!

Current Team