The Bachelorette Party

Orcas, Washington | Film Feature

Comedy, Horror

Megan Brotherton

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The Bachelorette Party is a comedic horror film featuring an all-female ensemble cast. Six girlfriends barely survive the clichés and pitfalls of a typical bachelorette weekend, when things take a violent turn and they begin getting picked off one by one.

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Mission Statement

This feature film showcases funny women! Our story follows six women in their thirties with diverse backgrounds and complex personalities and relationships. Director Megan Brotherton is committed to recruiting an equally inclusive crew behind the camera.

The Story

What's it about?

The Bachelorette Party is a hilarious horror movie featuring six unique, interesting, funny women. Inspired by comedies with ensemble female casts like Bridesmaids, writer/director/actor Megan Brotherton... 

...set out to write a female comedy set at Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island, Washington.

The moody grey backdrop of the pacific northwest and Blaire Witch-style woods on the property inspired Megan to make it a horror film.


The script is equal parts funny and scary. It will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat all while bringing to life (and maybe eventually death) interesting female characters that we don't often see on the big screen. 


Who are you?

Megan is the director/actor/co-writer/boss lady behind this film. She started out as an actor in Seattle, then LA, and eventually in Boston, MA and Moscow, Russia (where she got her MFA in Acting). Megan's teachers at the Moscow Art Theatre recognized her proclivity for directing and encouraged her to consider directing in addition to acting. So she did!

Upon graduation, she wrote, directed, and starred in a short film called EVERYBODY DOES IT (funded on Seed & Spark!), a comedy about a young woman who had never masturbated before. It was very well received at festivals and even won some awards! Megan has been hooked on directing ever since. 

On her next film, BUTTERCUP, Megan teamed up with incredible cinematographer and partner, Kevin Schlanser, for a touching short drama that Megan wrote inspired by her personal experience dealing with loss and grief. They shot on a beautiful farm in central Idaho and crewed the film predominately out of Megan's hometown of Seattle.

It also did very well in festivals and won several awards. More importantly, it gave Megan a taste of what it's like to make a film closer to home and realize all that the vibrant Seattle film community has to offer. 

Since then Megan had been honing her directing skills by directing a Telly-award-winning PSA for Women in Film, three shorts EP'd by Funny or Die, and other shorts written by her talented friends.


Megan is extremely enthused to direct her first feature film and couldn't imagine a better place to make it than Doe Bay, Washington. As a female director in a male dominant field, Megan is excited to be a part of the change in the industry and believes firmly in creating her own opportunities. 


 What will the money from this campaign go toward? 

What's great about this campaign is that we aren't trying to raise the film's entire budget on this site. We are leveraging this investment to create momentum for an Executive Producer pitch.


The funds contributed to this campaign will go toward hiring a line producer, casting director, creating storyboards, setting up an LLC, US Copyright and WGA registration, and production insurance. 


How YOU can help:

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Casting Services

Costs $2,500

We need a casting director to make offers to top talent for the additional roles.

Film LLC

Costs $800

A Limited Liability Company is required before we begin production.

Line Producer

Costs $3,000

A line producer will put together an accurate budget for the film.

Copyright & Registration

Costs $200

We need to pay for US Copyright and WGA registration for the script.

Production Insurance

Costs $3,500

Production insurance is necessary to cover the cast, crew, and equipment during production.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team



Megan earned her MFA in Acting at the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard University, which included a 3-month residency at the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia. She writes and performs sketch and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and has directed several shorts for Funny Or Die which have amassed over twenty million views. She has also written, directed, and starred in two short films, Everybody Does It and Buttercup, which both earned awards and rave reviews. A PSA directed by Megan and produced my Women In Film, LA for Access Books was recently awarded a 2018 Bronze Telly award.


Director of Photography

Kevin shot and co-directed The Ataxian, a feature documentary that won Audience Awards for Best Documentary in festivals around the country, and was selected to be a part of the American Film Showcase, which took Kevin to Romania to teach cinematography and independent filmmaking.  Kevin recently shot a narrative feature film called Randy's Canvas that won Best Film at AutFest 2018. He shot another narrative feature, a comedic horror film, directed by Lindsey Haun that took place in an isolated cabin in the Utah wilderness.

Kevin has also shot numerous music videos and short films, the acclaimed web series lonelygirl15, Harper's Globe, a companion series to the CBS show Harper's Island produced by Jon Turtletaub, and several contemporary dance films by acclaimed choreographer Andi Shermoly starring Maria Kochetkova and Ashley Bouder of the SF and NY City Ballet.

Kevin and Megan have collaborated numerous times, on three shorts directed by Megan for Funny or Die, as well as Megan's dramatic short film Buttercup, which won several awards.



Current Team