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FOR UPDATES, HEAD TO BIGHEISTMOVIE.COM OR HEALTHROSETTA.ORG. Healthcare's The Big Short or The Daily Show meets Super Size Me. A follow-the-money film on destruction caused by healthcare's status quo... And the coming redemption. It's a story of hope, built on the stories of those fixing it.

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The Story


Stretch goal!

Reaching our goal is just the start.

The Big Heist is part of a much larger Health 3.0 movement. It has thousands of moving pieces and millions of stories. We'll never be able to include more than a tiny % in the film, so our stretch goal ensures the power of these stories goes far beyond the film itself.

REACHED - $80,000

We'll accelerate building the Tell Your Story crowdsourcing platform. Anyone will be able to tell their stories of dysfunction and submit their real life solutions (confidentially or publicly of course). Everyone that backs the crowdfund will have a badge to show that you were here from the beginning.


The Big Heist will create fertile ground for massive change in healthcare.


We all know healthcare is broken, but most of us don't know why. The fixes exist, but most don't know about them. We need a grassroots movement of all Americans.

The Big Heist will catalyze this movement by telling the story of healthcare's growing grassroots redemption and we want you to join us!

Perks are to the right and there's something for everyone (including the $2M Whole Enchilada at the bottom).

If you'd like to back in a specific way or need help, email us.




For more than five years, we've been deeply immersed in understanding why our healthcare system is so broken. As expected, we found a lot of faxes, pagers, and clipboards. But, we also found that the root cause of dysfunction is the way we pay for care. In short, economic incentives drive behavior and ours haven't been well-aligned in a long time.

What we didn't expect to find is that every critical fix to this already exists, has been successfully implemented, and moderately scaled. This has given us enormous hope and confidence that that we can fix our healthcare system.

We're producing The Big Heist to create broad belief that fixing healthcare is both possible and simpler than we've been led to believe.

The Big Heist is a shocking inside look at how healthcare’s financial incentives waste trillions and crush those who we rely on for care. However, the film's real story is a growing grassroots movement to fix it from the ground up. It will look at real-life examples from across industries, regions, and the public and private sector.

We're consulting with Peabody/Emmy winning and Academy Award nominated filmmakers who've worked on The Daily Show, Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days, Bowling for Columbine, Deadliest Catch, and more to create the best film possible. 

Join the fiercely non-partisan movement to bring healthcare's fixes to all Americans.





Healthcare is nearly 1/5 of our entire GDP, yet we're in the bottom third of nearly every health outcome. As much as half of all spending adds no value. This creates enormous collateral damage that affects our health, well-being, safety, and children's future.




We've gone to war for far less.




We've created a system that crushes the very people we trust to provide us care.

  • Physician burnout is at record levels
  • Nurses are expected to perform superhuman feats
  • Social workers and professional caregivers lack resources to bend the demand curve
  • Pharmacists have immense ability to improve outcomes, yet lack the power and tools to do so
  • Family members and loved ones face a labyrinth of bureaucracy and opacity

On top of this, everyone faces soul-crushing paperwork, regulations, perverse financial incentives, and measurements that don't improve care, yet keep them from providing care.

We can do better.

The Big Heist will show how some of us already are.





The fixes have already been successfully developed, implemented, and moderately scaled. 

Healthcare is being fixed from the ground up everywhere. These solutions provide the highest-quality care at 30-50% less than the status quo, while creating a better experience for both caregivers and patients. 

Double the quality at half the cost and 10x the delight.

The Big Heist will cover two major themes.

  • Follow-the-money to provide an inside look at the collateral damage from the healthcare status quo's perverse financial incentives
  • Tell the stories of the growing grassroots redemption happening right now

Through satire and storytelling, The Big Heist will be both entertaining and accessible to everyone.




We've spent 5+ years diving into the best and worst of our system. The best has won our hearts and minds.

We're the first to admit this is an ambitious project. Luckily we started chronicling the consequences and solutions more than 5 years ago. We've seen the worst of healthcare and the best real-life fixes in action. This unique journey makes us the perfect team to tell this story.




We've aggregated dozens of real-life solutions in action.



We've built a grassroots distribution community and partnered to reach millions of Americans.


Plus, we've brought together business coalitions, benefits leaders, and others responsible for purchasing healthcare for 10m+ Americans.


Would you like to write an article about The Big Heist, the specific fixes to healthcare, the future of healthcare we're seeing, or the crowdfund, email us!


We have award winning filmmakers guiding the way.



We have other committed investors.

Our investors will match what we raise here, up to $100K. This will let us add more stories and characters, while accelerating production.




People across the political spectrum are creating uniquely American solutions to this uniquely American threat. We will fiercely ignore those who politicize health and create a rallying cry to bring high-quality, affordable healthcare to all Americans, regardless of who pays for it. 


Forces trying to protect the status quo are extremely deft at politicizing what need not be political. Politicizing healthcare is the failsafe way to preserve the failing status quo. Political hacks and cable news add to this, creating division and conflict to further their objectives—not the public interest.





The next stage of development requires at least $60k (on top of what we've raised privately). Backing will make this next stage possible.




Backing The Big Heist helps bring hope of high-quality, high-value healthcare to every American.

Join us and tell your grandchildren you were on the right side of history.






These stories come from all types of organizations, people, political persuasions, and regions. Our optimism that we can fix healthcare is rooted in seeing these and other stories in action.

A Manufacturer

Through targeted changes to their health benefits and working openly with their employees, they spend 30% less per employee, letting them pay more and spend more on R&D.


A Municipality

A city reduced per employee spending by $2,500+ per year, while 70%+ of primary care visits last at least 30 minutes and patient satisfaction scores are 4.8 of 5.


A School District

A school district and teachers’ union came together to set spending on a path to make $2 billion more available for their community to invest in education and services over the next decade.


The best have successfully identified and addressed the sickest individuals that cost them the greatest sum of money. These members get better care as a result of this focused treatment.



By partnering with next generation care providers, they provide comprehensive primary care to undocumented female entrepreneurs that’s better than most of us get. All for just over $1 per day.


A Hotel

They spend 55% less than average. Over 20 years, they've saved nearly $250M dollars. Yet, their benefits package is better than what 99% of the workforce receives, including paid college for all employees and their children. 

They’ve invested $11M of the savings in their community, reducing crime by 67% and more than doubling high school graduation rates.



Common themes across these and other real-life stories.

  • It's happening everywhere—Tulsa, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Orlando, NYC, LA, and more
  • It's happening at all types of organizations (public and private)
  • It's coming from people across the political spectrum, from progressives to conservatives
  • Most solutions are relatively simple to implement at the micro-level, yet create tremendous societal benefits




Healthcare's redemption will create massive benefits everywhere in society. While the above stories seem unbelievable, they are just the start of what we can do by fixing healthcare.





If fixes already exist, why isn't everyone using them? Healthcare’s redemption is a classic example of solutions hidden in plain site. Noted business consultant and author Ric Merrifield summed this up better than us during message testing.

"The Big Short, and Moneyball, had one major theme in common–in the face of a mountain of evidence, the evidence was ignored... Wall Street and regulators didn’t downgrade the credit ratings of the mortgage backed securities even when the mountain of evidence was presented to them.

So why should we expect healthcare to be any different? Healthcare is in the same place at the moment. The healthcare mess in many ways is happening in broad daylight."






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Costs $5,000

Emmy-winning cinematographer Matt Fahey has been on The Deadliest Catch, in Afghanistan wilds & Louisiana swamps. Now he’s wading into HC.

Can’t Not Do outreach fund

Costs $5,000

“I can’t not do this.” “It’s not that I can do this, it’s that I can’t not.” “I could not imagine not doing something about this issue.”

The Steel City Disruptors

Costs $1,000

With the resolve of steel, the leaders of a Pittsburgh education consortium are preserving education through smart health benefits.

Jonathan Bush

Costs $5,000

Trained as a combat medic. Devilishly handsome. If some doctor-entrepreneurs want to transform healthcare, he’s their arms dealer.

Adam Russo

Costs $1,000

When price-gouging gets too much, companies call Adam for extra protection. He’s the fixer (the Price-fixer!).

Doc Vader

Costs $1,000

He’s the doctors’ id. He says what all docs know and think...unedited. He has his moments on the Dark Side but is using the Force for good.

Doctor House of Cards

Costs $1,000

Power can corrupt once-good actors. The efforts to suppress competition and bright young models would make Frank Underwood blush.


Costs $5,000

Through song, the face of the Health 3.0 movement inspires the most green-shaded beancounters and jaded doctors to see a brighter future.

Harris “Hospitality” Rosen

Costs $2,000

The classic son-of-immigrant American success story. He pours savings into his community. Result: Grad rates double, crime-rate down 67%.

Rosie the Restorer

Costs $3,000

She cares more about her family and country than preserving a status quo system bankrupting her family, her kids’ schools and the country.


Costs $10,000

Inventive scientists/doctors have created breakthrough cures. Breakthrough films come from amazing creative talent.


Costs $5,000

Rule #1: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. — Hippocrates


Costs $10,000

Just as docs are lost without nurses, techs & more, filmmakers need an awesome crew and we pay them. Imagine that!


Costs $5,000

Surgeons need their instruments. Filmmakers need their cameras, grip, stands & more


Costs $1,000

All costs associated with running our campaign such as staff, campaign production, Seed&Spark fees, BackerKit fees, & merchant fees.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

The Big Heist is an ambitious project on both the filmmaking and healthcare side. We're deeply aware of this, so we've spent more than five years working to deeply understand the root causes of dysfunction in our healthcare system.

Because of this, we've emerged with a strong understanding of the story that needs to be told and the way to get there.

Now, we're partnering with top healthcare influencers, filmmakers, and others to finalize development and head into production. We conside rur growing community to be an extended part of the team and a critical element to making this successful. It is the fertile ground from which a broad movement to fix healthcare is growing. We'd be honored to have you join us.

Current Team