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Horror, Thriller

Sara Lynn

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An aspiring actress is asked to go on a callback only to find out the filmmaker's intentions are darker than she ever anticipated.

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Mission Statement

The horror genre is a great avenue to not only entertain, but to explore deeper, more controversial aspects of life. The Callback is a psychological horror short film that will use the genre to metaphorically parallel the real-life horrors of sex trafficking and exploitation.

The Story




The Callback follows Jessica, an aspiring actress, who is asked to go on a callback for a lead role in an upcoming horror film; a feat she’s been yearning to accomplish. When Jessica shows up for her callback, it doesn’t take long before her dream role turns into a nightmare.



Many people often mistake what the life of an actor is; they associate it with fame and fortune. But not every actor is Denzel or Meryl Streep - they’re regular people who have to start somewhere. That yearn to be cast and be seen can often leave actors vulnerable. Where there is vulnerability, there is usually someone waiting to exploit it.

The Callback will not only show some of the mental challenges actors face, but it will also parallel the real-life horror of sex trafficking and exploitation. Currently, there are multiple lawsuits against a very well-known adult entertainment conglomerate for knowingly distributing and profiting off of non-consensual content on their platforms. Before I was an actor, I was a mental health worker and I worked with a girl who was trafficked at the age of 11. I've witnessed firsthand how that trauma lingers and what it takes to work through it to just live life on a daily basis. No one should be subject to that.


We've brought together a team of super talented people who are all experts at their craft to make sure The Callback is the best it possibly can be.


Sara Lynn is an award-winning actor, producer, and filmmaker. Sara is an avid fan of the horror genre and placed 2nd in the nation to become Shockfest Film Festival’s Horror Hostess for 2020. She studied acting in New York City under Raymond T. Williams at the Producers Club Theater. Last year, Sara won the Indie Creator Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Ripple Effect. 


Nathaniel Lee is an award-winning actor, producer and filmmaker. He most recently wrote, directed and starred in the award-winning short film, The Ripple Effect. He is also the co-owner of Theriot Productions. Nathaniel studied multiple acting methods including Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, and Lee Strasberg at The Producers Club Theater under the tutelage of Raymond T. Williams. 

Ben Theriault is an award-winning Director of Photography, editor and colorist. He has previously worked on the award-winning short film, The Ripple Effect. He is also co-owner of Theriot Productions. When not working as a director of photography, Ben can be found doing astro-photography.

Richard Wingert has Executive Produced P’s in a Pod Comedy Series. He produced a few short films as well as a feature film, Just Say Goodbye, which has gotten national/international praise. He has also recently been cast as Ted Kennedy in the Off-Broadway show, Trial on the Potomac.

Jeanette Andromeda is a prolific horror artist and content creator whose work spans across stage, screen, and online. Her film work includes productions design for the SyFy and Chiller channel original movies, Dark Haul, Animal, and Chilling Visions.  Her illustrations have been published in How Much do you Tip an Exorcist, Sanitarium Magazine, along with other publications. She is the creative director for the Wicked Library podcast. 

Katrina Zemrak is an award-winning composer who has scored close to 40 short films and a handful of features. She currently works on Nickelodeon shows The Loud House and The Casagrandes. Katrina’s music has also been recorded by multiple orchestras and has been broadcast and featured by Chicago’s classical radio station, WFMT.

Justin Giddings is an award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur with a mission to empower artists and innovators. He is also a crowdfunding expert consultant and has helped artists/investors raise nearly $8 million for their projects. As an actor and director he is best known for Bite Me, Outpost, and Shameless.


We've invested countless hours and thousands of dollars from our own pockets to get the project this far and, to be honest, we're bled dry (pun intended). There is so much interest and good vibes surrounding this project, but we simply can't self-fund this film.

The majority of our budget is going towards Production- equipment, crew, cast, special fx, covid compliance, etc. with the remainder being used for Post-Productionediting, sound design, color, composer, etc. and Marketing- social media, film festivals, website, merch, etc.

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Costs $9,500

Director, DP, AD, AC, Sound, Stunts, PAs & more. We can't make this film without them!


Costs $4,500

You've heard the term "starving actor", we want to make sure our talent can afford to eat!

Production Design

Costs $2,000

Designing, Cleaning, Painting and Constructing of our epic "offering room" set.


Costs $4,000

Lights, Camera, Lenses & more to make sure the final film is of the highest visual quality.


Costs $6,000

Editor, Colorist, Sound Design & Composer to make sure the film is polished to a brilliant shine!

Special Effects

Costs $2,000

Wardrobe, Makeup, and a custom-made one-of-a-kind demonic mask for our lead villain!

Catering and Craft Services

Costs $2,000

We need to feed everyone on set to make sure nobody gets hangry!


Costs $2,000

A mix of social media marketing and traditional marketing to make sure we can get the word out!

Festival Submissions

Costs $3,000

Festival submission fees, format conversion & travel costs to submit to as many as possible!

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