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The Harlem Independent Theater (the HIT) will provide affordable entertainment to Uptown Manhattan in addition to providing a venue for local artists and filmmakers to exhibit their work.

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The Story

We are Harlem residents who want to bring affordable entertainment to our neighborhood and create a space to celebrate local artists and filmmakers.

By creating an affordable, community-based cinema we can provide sustainable, accessible entertainment in this rapidly changing neighborhood. We are excited for the opportunity to support the growing community of artists and cultural producers who need more places to gather and showcase their work.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Digital Cinema Projector

Costs $950

With a portable projector we can showcase movies and clips for free in our lobby and event space!

HD video camera with tripod

Costs $2,000

To create awesome content and continue to document our progress!

Color Printing

Costs $400

We'll need to continue to spread the word even before our doors open!

Constributions to the HIT

Costs $27,000

Each contribution gets us closer to our $30k goal - the amount we still need to secure our loan

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Eleanor Luken and Mark Blackman are the founders and equal share owners of the HIT. Eleanor is working on a PhD in Environmental Psychology at the Graduate Center CUNY. She brings skills in graphic/spatial design and community based work. Her former career was in Cincinnati designing nature-based playgrounds; she has insight about successful, intergenerational, public places. She has completed several courses at NYC business support Centers and helped the HIT win $7,500 in a NYPL business plan competition.

    Mark Blackman is an informal educator, comedian, summer camp professional, and filmmaker.  He produced and directed the feature film Welcome to Harlem, an award-winning movie musical comedy created by a group of local artists living on 151st street.

Current Team