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Nene Nwoko

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Most men can expect a mid-life crisis, not a mastectomy! With a rare dual view as both male gynecologist and breast cancer patient, Dr. Johns embarks on an unusual journey through his own mastectomy, chemotherapy, mammograms, and HOT FLASHES – an experience both challenging and humorous!

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Mission Statement

Multi-ethnic female filmmakers. This story revolves around a male doctor/patient with less known Male Breast Cancer, his multi-ethnic female patients and the numerous women in his support system.

The Story

My name is Nene Nwoko, I am an actress, producer, and Founder of Bufine Productions. A few years ago I found out that a Gynecologist & Surgeon I had known for years wrote a book about his life. In that book, he talks about having had Breast Cancer. Did I mention the doctor is also a man? Yeap! Imagine my surprise when I heard men CAN and DO have breast cancer. When I read this book, I laughed so much and cried some because he found a way to deal with his experience with so much humor. After I read the book, I bought 6 copies for people I felt should read it. Yes, I loved it that much. So, I optioned the book!



Over a year ago, I met Natasha Paris, Award-Winning Writer-Director, Producer, and Founder of Lunaluz Productions.



That same night we met, I shared the logline of The Lump and she loved it instantly. She joined in as my co-producer. She later wrote and directed our promo.



So here we are now!



We are very excited to share this story for so many reasons. Unfortunately, many men are not lucky enough to live through this experience and be able to talk about it. 1 in 833 men has the lifetime risk of getting breast cancer. It is important that we tell this story and educate more people about Male Breast Cancer.


Our Goal & If We Surpass It

While our goal for this development phase is $40,000, we would need more to move comfortably towards getting this film made. If we raise more than $40,000, the extra money will go towards:

  • Making sure our screenplay is solid and irresistable to investors.
  • Casting the lead actor.


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To show our appreciation when we meet our goal in this development phase, we will personally make a donation to the Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center - a center founded in response to the much-needed help Dr. Alan Johns witnessed as a doctor-patient. All their services are FREE. 

From diagnosis to survivorship, patients may come to The Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center for the following services:

Patient Navigation
Genetic Testing
Patient Support Groups
Nutritional and Wellness Support
Survivor Gals Boutique



We know that cancer is NOT funny but if we can tell people about male breast cancer while making them laugh, we think it’s a good thing. Think about it, a man having HOT FLASHES without knowing what it is!!! 


Peter from Family Guy may have gotten a Mammogram for fun but Dr. Johns can tell you it wasn't fun for him. Especially after sending patients to go get mammogram for years :-)


Excerpt from the book

She directed me down the narrow, short hall to the mammogram room. I walked in and stopped. The mammogram machine looked like a medieval, stainless-steel torture device with two large, cold metal flat plates ready to mash whatever got in their way. A large metal crank lurked on the right side. “Put your right breast on this plate,” she ordered, pointing to the metal plates. She was obviously not one for small talk. I followed her orders. Then she grabbed the crank and began to lower the top plate, squishing the entire right side of my chest between the jaws of death.“ Betty didn’t seem to care if a few ribs got caught in the middle, she was concerned only that something got between those plates and anything seemed to be fine with her. Suddenly it felt as if a large brick were sitting on top of my chest. She continued to crank the two plates toward each other, mashing muscle and tissue into what felt like a bloody mess. I was trying to suppress a scream when Betty suddenly decided to strike up a conversation: “Well now, Mr. Johns, what do you do for a living?” I took a deep breath to keep from making a fool out of myself. Without really thinking, I answered truthfully (torture can have that effect). “I’m a gynecologist,” I replied in a squeaky, strained voice. She stopped and stared at me for a second, and then a wicked grin appeared.  A moment later she began mumbling, “Gynecologist, gynecologist, gynecologist.” With each repetition, she cranked the handle down another turn as if she were trying to draw blood. Like a mouse with its tail caught in a trap, I was stuck – I couldn’t get away without leaving a chunk of my chest between those plates.  Suddenly Betty came out of her trance, laughed, and said, “You might feel a little pressure, Doctor Johns.”  That’s when I realized I should be more careful about revealing my occupation in this place…


Ok, that’s enough! Let’s save the rest for the movie. 

The Producers interviewing Dr. Alan Johns. He has been wonderful in helping us tell his story.


Click Here to watch the Interview with Dr. Alan Johns


Thank you for taking the time to read and watch our video.

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With your help, we can bring The Lump to life!


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About This Team

Nene Nwoko 

Nene Nwoko is an actress, producer and founder of Bufine Productions. She began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress and a model. Prior to getting into acting, Nene worked in the retail e-Commerce sector as a Web Producer and as e-Commerce Marketing Manager. With a combined 17 years experience in both industries, she decided to get behind the scenes and start producing films and shows that entertains, informs the mind and speaks to the heart. Nene is known for films and TV shows like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Penitent Thief, A Man Called Jon, Day 5, Your Worst Nightmare, The Sky Princess and many more. Nene is also a producing partner on the TV Show entitled On This Site. A TV show about the Historical Markers of Texas.


Films that Nene played the Lead Actress in won awards in various festivals. 2009’s The Okra Principle, received an AMAA nomination for Best Film by an African Filmmaker in Diaspora, 2011’s Mystery of Birdsdz won an AMAA for Best Film by an African Living Abroad, and 2014’s Take The Spotlightdz won Best Filmmaker at the 9th Annual Peachtree Village International Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. I Am More, a documentary film project for the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I), received a Lone Star Emmy Award in 2014.


Natasha Paris

At 12 years old, she created her first in a series of action-adventure comic books. Writing 30 feature screenplays served as a practice run until she became old enough to study screenwriting at the university. After graduating, her goal was clearer than ever: gathering as much cinematographic experience as possible so that one day she could direct her own feature film. Thus, Natasha worked as an actor, assistant to producer, first assistant director, script supervisor, production coordinator, and more.


In 2001, she wrote, directed and produced her first short film SOLITUDE, whichscreened at more than 6 festivals. In 2003, Natasha worked for BBR Productions, a Montreal-based production company specializing in feature films and TV series, including EMOTIONAL ARITHMETIC (starring Susan Sarandon, Max Von Sydow, Gabriel Byrne, and Christopher Plummer). All of the films Natasha wrote and directed have been screened in various festivals, including her second short film, ROXY SOLO (e.g. Czech Republic’s Brno 16) followed by COMPULSION 1897 (e.g. Clermont-Ferrand Film Market and Cannes’ Short Corner Film Market), as well as EMPTY CALORIES (Winner of WorldFest 2013 Bronze Remi Award), and finally MARGARITAS ON THE ROAD, a short sponsored by the Cirque du Soleil. She also directed the first 3 episodes of the web series THE ROSES. Most recently, Natasha wrote, directed and produced a 2017 Dallas 48 Hour Film Project, SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMEONE BLUE, which won Best Film, Best Writing as well as Best Cinematography. Her screenplay THE ZODIAC DATER has been nominated in many screenplay contests and most recently won the Scriptapalooza Fellowship.


So far, Natasha has worked as a writer/script doctor on 20 films, as an assistant director in 12, directed 10, and produced over 15. Her short films have been screened in 20 various national and international film festivals. Loving every aspect of the film industry, she created the Film Festival With A Twist in Montreal, worked as a board member of Women In Films Dallas, and hosted her first 10-week screenwriting workshop to help others fulfill their dreams as well.

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