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The team's first feature-length film, "Things We Like" follows a not-so-young woman leaving home for the first time, telling a story about a life that went by a little faster than expected. Our team is a fiercely independent group of young storytellers aiming to tell an ambitious, powerful story.

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Mission Statement

The "Things We Like" team is composed of a crew and cast of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. A community project based in New England, the film examines how we express ourselves and find happiness in life through each of the team members' diverse perspectives.

The Story

This project started to come together in March of 2020, right when the world locked down around us. It started as a tiny idea of two people talking to one another knowing that they'd never see one another again, free of regret and judgment, and truly opening up like they hadn't before. We set up a dream team of friends with a wide range of expertise, but all with the same goal: to make something meaningful in these trying times. We hope to make something that emotionally resonates with you all!



Our set will be COVID-19 tested, sanitized, and distanced as much as humanly possible. The pandemic has made it difficult, but it's worth the process! This idea has changed thousands of times along the way, as we constantly strive to get better, to become what it is now: Things We Like & Things We Don't Like



Life has a way of passing on by. You blink and a year has passed, and so easily those years add up. It's so easy to get to a spot where you look back and wonder where the years went. This is a story about a young woman trying to figure out where these years went, but also the far more important question of what to do now. And what really matters to her now.



Georgia, a 29-year old insurance broker, lives not   an hour away from where she grew up in rural   Vermont. She rents the spare room in a nice   house and doesn't mind cleaning up after Faith   and Samuel, her much-older, married landlords.   Essentially, she's alone, aside from her cat. She’s   comfortable in her quiet life, but can’t shake the   nagging feeling that something is missing and she can't quite figure out what it is.



Georgia runs into Faith and Samuel’s four married friends at the door, bearing macaroni salad for the afternoon potluck. They urge Georgia to stay and talk with them as they sit and discuss their work lives, local gossip, and upcoming holiday plans. The women ask Georgia about herself and, finally steeling her resolve, Georgia tells Faith and Samuel that she is driving to Boston to meet a man she met on the internet. Despite the group questioning whether this is a good idea, Georgia steels her resolve. Quietly, Georgia goes back into her room, packs her things, and leaves with only a swift goodbye from the hallway.


Now in her car, Georgia is headed to Boston with nothing but her packed bag and a bottle of wine. She's unsure of what she will find nor does she quite know what she's looking for, but that won't stop her from leaving. This adventure isn't just to meet this boy, but an attempt to figure out what happened to the dreams she had just years ago. 



Throughout the film, vignettes interweave with Georgia's journey. Each episode reveals experiences of and conversations between different characters, seemingly unrelated to the main plot. The vignettes serve as glimpses into the similarly complicated lives of the people around us. These vignettes show the tiny parts of life that make it so worthwhile, despite the reasons it may not seem so.  The small moments of life are what give us glimpses into our "why".   



Things We Like & Things We Don't Like is a story about finding what we want to do and who we want to be. It's a story about gaining a little bit of autonomy in life as it passes by, despite all the things keeping us stagnant. At the end of the day, that's what matters in our story. 

Good movies aren't about what happens. They're about how it happens. This movie is written to search for truths about life, human connection, and the things that really matter. 


To show how much we appreciate your support, our director Adi Jahic will be personally matching contributions over our $7500 goal and donating personally to Bosana, a non-profit foundation working to fund scholarships and opportunities for Bosnian orphans. A son of Bosnian refugees himself, this story hits close to home, and we want Bosana to be included in this process.


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Meals for Cast & Crew

Costs $1,700

This feeds our delightful crew! We're filming over 7 weekends, so it's important we're fueled!


Costs $4,000

A film cannnot be made without the essentials! Equipment is a keystone. Help us make our story!


Costs $100

We adore our cast. There is no story without them. And we couldn't tell it without local agencies!

Production Design

Costs $500

The set, the colors, the wardrobe. Our PD team appreciates all of your support!


Costs $500

Here, there, everywhere. We need to get places to shoot all of the locations in our film!

Miscellaneous Expenses

Costs $700

From legal fees to our website domain, there is a lot that goes into this! We love your help!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Adi Jahic - Writer/Director

Adi Jahic, the son of Bosnian refugees, grew up in the Los Angeles area before moving to attend Boston University’s film and economics programs. After finding an old camera in his parents’ attic, Adi fell in love with photography and film, and that along with his knack for writing has led him to the path of writing and directing movies. Now, he strives to make both short and feature length films that convey his observations about how we live and express ourselves in this complex, complicated experience.


Tessa Richardson - PD/Producer

A visual artist originally from Atlanta, Tessa Richardson headed North to pursue studies in mass communications and political science at Boston University. There, she found deep friendships with deeply creative people, who encouraged her to transition from in front of the camera to working behind the scenes. She fell in love with the collaborative nature of the medium and, two years later, she has fourteen projects under her belt, with credits as an actress, production designer, producer, and assistant director. Over the next few years, she plans to continue adding to that list and finding joy and fulfillment through filmmaking.


Sydney Clark - Producer

From Southern California, Sydney Clark is finishing her last months at Boston University, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Film & Television. Since she could remember, Sydney told stories. Whether they were on stage, behind the camera, or at dinner, stories have been a principle in her life. She has worked on several films and television projects as a producer, actress, director, and editor. In the long term, Sydney plans on telling stories that make a social impact and show the similarities between all of us.


Sean Doucette - Producer

Sean Doucette grew up in Newburyport, Massachusetts, finding every opportunity to create movies with his Flip camera from a young age. He followed this passion for film to Boston University where he discovered its ability to not only connect people, but create conversation around important issues in the world today. Now he’s combined his love for film with public health to help advocate for disadvantaged communities in the greater Boston area. Sean hopes to create lasting impacts through films that spark conversation about individualism and community


Emma Kuhlman - Georgia

                 Liz Bishop - Zoe                                           George Alex - Lucas                       


Kell Porter - Katie                                    Kevin O'Peterson - Michael


Kim Fogelgren - Faith                                Brandon Keeton - Samuel


Simeon Webb - Matt

Drew Dunn - Henry                                       Darson St. Fleur - Jim



(Noel) Soul Prophet - David                 Jimmy McCarthy - Ben








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