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A short film for anyone who drinks water and has lost or fears losing someone they love.

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The Story

Lily, a once apathetic millennial now throws herself into the task of saving Los Angeles from the intensifying water crisis as a means to avoid her own reality that she is losing her mother. Heroic intentions aside, Lily alienates those around her as she descends into self destruction by ceasing to consume water all together.



Running out of clean drinking water is one of my biggest fears.  I have obsessed over NPR’s dreadful scientific predictions and the state of the world’s water, and imagined an extreme version not being able to seperate myself and let it go. So I decided to write about what that might look like.  

My other main inspiration while writing Thirsty Girl was losing my own mother, Debbie, to Breast Cancer. After beating an early diagnosis several years ago, it aggressively came back and she just passed this December. Although I personally never distanced myself from my parents during this period, I did struggle with my own lack of control and desire for distractions. My need to make THIRSTY GIRL became very pressing after this life changing experience.


-Karina Wolfe


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Our DP & his ALEXA MINI!

Costs $500

Our INSANELY talented Director of Photography and his remarkable ALEXA MINI camera.

Hair and Make-Up

Costs $200

We need to dehydrate Lily!

Our Film Crew & Cast!!

Costs $2,500

Producers, ADs, Sound Mixers, Grips, etc. Can't make it happen without 'em!


Costs $200

Gotta get those permits so you don't kicked out off your location and fined!

Craft Services Food

Costs $200

Maybe the most important aspect of a film shoot!

Meals for Cast & Crew!

Costs $600

Have to keep your people fed!

Equipment Rentals

Costs $1,000

Lighting Package rentals, plus lenses and extra camera equipment, etc.

Walkie Talkies

Costs $50

Walkie Talkie Rentals. Communication is key!

Hard Drive

Costs $200

Got the whole world in his hands (or hardrive)

Film Festivals & Distribution Costs

Costs $600

If we're gonna make it, people have to see it!

Gas & Parking

Costs $50

Getting to our locations and paying to stay there.


Costs $200

Where it all comes together!


Costs $100

What's a film without music?

Sound Design

Costs $100

Say what?

Odds & Ends

Costs $100

Pop-ups, batteries, this and that! There is ALWAYS more costs than you account for!

Production Insurance

Costs $400

Let's just not imagine the possibilities.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Karina Wolfe- Writer/Actress.

Karina has been a performer, generator, and educator of theatre throughout her life. She went on to earn her BFA in the acting/Original Works Writing & Directing program at Cornish in Seattle. Following graduation, she spent several years creating and performing original work across the country, spent three years in the San Francisco theatre scene, and landed in Los Angeles, where she continues to pursue both her stage and on-camera careers. Karina is a Resident Artist with the LA Theatre Company The Vagrancy where she also works as their Public Relations Director. Thirsty Girl is the first film she has written.


Sean Berger- Director


Colin Trenbeath- Director of Photography



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