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WE'RE PUSHING FOR OUR NEW GOAL. HELP US HIT $18,500! THORP is unlike any comedic-sci-fi-fish-out-of-water-coming-of-age-dramatic-thriller you've ever seen. And while Thorp may be an alien, this film is really about what it means to be human today. WE'VE ALREADY SHOT 50% OF THE FILM.

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Mission Statement

The cast is comprised of 60% women, including 3 of the 5 leads. The character's ages range from 8-80. And over half of the speaking roles are for actors of color. Behind the camera, we have a wealth of diversity producing this film and crewing up.

The Story

After leaving Earth in the late 80's, an alien returns to reconnect with his best friend, but finds a world now obsessed with technology.

Why make THORP?

Making this film is incredibly important to us because of what we can learn from THORP. Okay, yeah, so Thorp is not an ordinary person. He's an alien, but like many great fish out of water stories, Thorp is also an innocent. One we can be inspired by, learn from and see a bit of ourselves of in the world.


The word extraordinary is defined as "very unusual or remarkable." How many times have you witnessed something extraordinary and the first thing you do is grab your phone to capture the moment? Or you leave an amazing party and the first thing you do is check your phone?


How many texts did I miss? How many emails? What is happening in the world that isn't right in front of me right now? 


For Thorp, all he has is what is in front of him. And all he wants is what he had when he was a kid. To play with his best friend, Sam. In today's world, with its twenty-four hour news cycle, addiction to social media and an infinite number of devices to keep us "connected", Thorp being present with what's in front of him… is actually an extraordinary thing.


We've thought a lot about what we'd like to leave people with after watching THORP. In a perfect world, people would see this film in the theater and then pull out their phone (it's a habit, we get it), but then stop and put it back in their pocket or purse. And look at what is in front of them. Be it their friend, loved one, or even the person taking their parking validation. Look at this other human being in the eyes, even if it's just for a moment. Take the time to forget about technology. To see the beauty that’s everywhere around them.


Where are we in the process?

We have shot about 50% of the film! It's looking great and we've already shot scenes at:












But we won't be able to finish shooting without your support. Speaking of which... 

Where is your money going?   

We have a great hook up with a RED camera package, but to finish THORP we need to pay for: 




HOUSING for the cast and crew





Okay, so we don't technically have Tom Selleck on board yet, but you can always hope.



You caught us, that was a stock photo. For more on our real crew, check out the "Team" page. 


As you can see from the pitch video we've got some great COSTUMES already, but we are still in serious need of more:




Thank you for your consideration and we can't wait to go on this crazy boat ride with you!



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Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $3,500

While we may not be paying all of our cast and crew, everyone needs to eat!


Costs $2,000

We have a hook up for our RED camera, but we still need the lenses to give THORP it's special look.

Thorp's House

Costs $1,000

We're getting all our locations for free, except Thorp's house.And it's a big character in the story

Housing for the cast and crew

Costs $2,000

We can't pay everyone but we do need to feed and house them in Airbnb's and budget friendly hotels

Score for the film

Costs $2,500

As you saw from that mini teaser, sound plays a massive part of this film. All synth. All the time.

Cast and Crew

Costs $4,000

We've got talent from NYC to Pennsylvania to Los Angeles. And an awesome crew from the Northeast.

About This Team

Dennis Donovan (Director/Co-creator) Dennis is a director/cinematographer/editor and co-founder of Companion Pictures. He co-directed the feature western, Lawless Frontier. He wrote and served as the DP on Splinter Cell: Extinction, a series created by his company and sold to IGN. He directed the season finale of the series, which featured a climatic helicopter boat chase. To date, Dennis has written several features, and directed and served as cinematographer on countless short films. He's currently working on post production for a Sci-Fi horror pilot, Tablet and the short thriller, The Crying Man.


Walker Hare (Writer/“Thorp”) has appeared in several feature films and many TV shows including, The Blacklist, Billions, and Madam Secretary. He wrote and acted in Two Dudes and a Van, an original TV pilot. Most recently he wrote and acted in a psychological thriller short film, The Crying Man. It was directed by Dennis and is a currently finishing post-production. He adapted TCM into a feature film that was a Script Pipeline Semifinalist, NY Stage & Film Finalist, Roadmap's Iconic Characters Finalist and BlueCat Screenplay Quarterfinalist. His short film Sun Shine, which he wrote and directed was one of five finalists for BlueCat's Screenplay Competition and Thorp was one of four finalists for the 7k Film Production Grant. More at:


Elizabeth Printz (Wig Designer/ Executive Producer) is a Wig Artisan and  Emmy nominated Hairstylist for The Wiz Live! on NBC. Broadway credits include Associate Wig Designer  Hamilton, The Revival of Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper and Patricia Clarkson, The Revival of Side Show with film director, Bill Condon.  Wig Designer credits:  COMPANY with Aaron Tveit at Barrington Stage, Central City Opera, and North  Carolina Theatre. Graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts  09'


Diana Mariana Rivera (Producer) is currently a Production Coordinator at 20th Century Fox's Animation Company, Blue Sky Studios, where she provides support to the Management team and Supervisors. Diana has worked on over 20 short films and co-directed and edited a feature film. Her recent short, shot in Spanish and entirely in San Juan, Puerto Rico, "Abuelito del Cielo", won "Audience Choice Award", "Best Cinematography", and "Best Fiction Film" at Fairfield University's Film Festival, CINEFEST. Diana also has TV experience, having worked on New York Live, Talk Stoop, and George to The Rescue for NBC Universal. Diana grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to the states to study Film and Television at Fairfield University. She is determined to share her passion, ideas, and vision with others for years to come.


Stacey Maltin (Associate Producer) wrote, produced, and acted in her first feature film “Landing Up” (Dances With Films, SOHO Film Festival, Best Feature and Best Actress Nominee.) She directed the short film “HEAD” (New Fest 2016 Official Selection / Lower East Side Film Festival Official Selection). She wrote and directed the short film Stronger Together which is premiering at NewFest 2017! Her script, “The Other Side” was selected by THE BLACK LIST as a Finalist in the Hasty Pudding Fellowship for a screenwriter focusing on social commentary.  It was produced by Franklin Leonard as a podcast starring Darren Criss, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Jerry Adler. She is currently in development on a feature film version of HEAD. 


Cara Akselrad (Producer) served as Associate Producer on the film Ossining and for Labyinth Theater Company's Tenn99 and New York New York theater festivals.  She is also an actress and singer, appearing in productions across the city including Love Sick at Theatre for a New Audience and as a featured vocalist at venues such as The Cutting Room and Joe's Pub. Additionally, she has sung the national anthem at MetLife Stadium for NFL games and at Barclay's Center for the NBA. 


Michael Girandola (Director of Photography) is primarily a commercial cinematographer working in NYC. Some projects of note are Jack Daniels VR experience, Ford Music from the Heart, glade Shadow Stories and Sundae Manifesto. His goal is to take the graphic aesthetic from his advertising background and combine that with the narrative of cinema. Thorp as a project has proven to present visual challenges and bold opportunities to explore a fresh color palette for a visual audience.


Janet O'Neil (Costume Designer) has worked with New York City Opera (designer) Dolores Claiborne, Los Elementos, (assistant) CandideChautauqua Theater Co. (designer) Taming of the Shrew, Dark Radio, Transit.  New York credits (designer) Burnt House, Campo Maldito, Ex Machina, Second Stage (assistant) Somebody's Daughter. Mixed Blood Theater (designer) How to Use a Knife, Orange. American Theater Co. (associate) Fulfillment. U.C. San Diego (designer), Mr. Burns, Burial at Thebes, Grapes of Wrath. Santa Barbara Dance Theater (designer) 40th AnniversaryFilm (PA) Morningside Pictures, Barry. Television (designer) LIVE with Kelly, OSCAR Opener. Ten Stories: Qualcomm Focus, SnapdragonTalent. Pilot (assistant) Wake UP America. UCSD M.F.A. Theatre Costume Design.

Jarkko Hietanen (Composer) has been composing music electronically from early 1999. He has explored sounds from electronica to orchestral, from chill-out and down-tempo to game and cinematic music. The possibility to experience different genres and to try all sorts of new and old things in his music is too fascinating for him to pass, so it can't be said he'd have any certain favorite style of music he loves to compose. Some might still say Jarkko has a certain sound to him.
Joanne Cowley (Art Director) has worked on dozens of films as an actor, writer and art director. She recently did the art direction for "The Crying Man" with this same team. Originally from Connecticut, Joann received a degree with honors in Film and Television from Fairfield University.

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