To Be a Man

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Drama, LGBTQ

Aidan Dick

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Take a stand with us against the formulaic hetero-normative narratives Hollywood has been churning out since its inception. Support us as we make our vision of "To Be a Man,” a reality, because we all need a story of young transmasculine boy who learns to love himself for who he is.

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Mission Statement

In the production of a story such as ours, being that it explores queer relationships and gender identity, we emphasize LGBTQ+ representation in front and behind the camera. It is important to us that as many intersections of identity come together to work on this project; something Hollywood lacks.

The Story

The Story

Having been raised in a community that champions toxic-masculinity as the measure of a man, Kieran has an unhealthy concept of what it means to be a man.



At the start of the film Kieran is juggling his two lives.


One is in Dublin, where he is perceived by his peers in his acting troupe as a cis boy. Even his group of close friends don't know Kieran is trans.


The other is at home, in a small town outside of Dublin. Knowing that his family, especially his mother, wouldn't accept his gender identity Kieran is forced to "play the part" of a girl there.



In the midst of managing his dysfunctional family and his aspirations to be a successful actor, Kieran falls relucatatnly in love with the new neighbor boy. Egan also doesn't know he is trans. 




As they get closer Kieran must learn to be more vulnerable and honest with others and himself, or else...





Kieran is a transmasculine boy with big ambitions. Through love and loss he learns the most important leason of all.


Wanting to maintain a facade of “normalcy,” especially after traumatic family loss, Mam imposes strict gender roles and expectations on her daughter, Kay. (Whose character name is Kieran because outside of the family and small town he is known as a boy).



Dad is the emotionally stunted mediator between Kieran and Mam. If he chooses a side, he could loose someone else. 



Egan is Kieran's new nieghbor from England whose unabashful queerness stirs things up for Kieran.


Mrs. Doyle

Mrs. Doyle is a matter of fact and flamboyant direcor at the Dublin theater. As a director often does, she (at times) acts as Kieran’s emotional spirit guide.



Alastar is Kieran's older brother, who he looks up to very much.




After your contributions help us bring this film to life, we hope to return it back to the people. We will be submitting it to many film festivals; especially ones that emphisize the LGBTQIA community, diversity and equal opportunity.

Lastly, We Need Your Help!

Because we are not of the entrenched demographic that holds Hollywood hostage, funding for films like the ones we have set out to make, are scarce. So we need your help. Share this, donate a dollar, anything helps. Lets show Hollywood how powerful LGBTQIA+ voices are!


Thank You For Your Time!



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $3,000

We want to take care of our amazing talent the way they deserve!


Costs $2,500

We want to ensure the perfect locations for our film to take place in.


Costs $1,000

Food a films fuel!

Travel Expenses

Costs $2,000

Getting our butts to Ireland is expensive!


Costs $2,000

Help us take care of our wonderful crew!


Costs $500

Safety first.


Costs $500

Anyone got a packer they don't use?

Car Rental

Costs $500

For transportation and used in scenes.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $1,000

We need the some equipment to do this thing justice. Specifically a Zoom F4 and a steadicam.

About This Team

The core of our team Izzi Rojas & Aidan Dick are the founding members of Isa Dick Productions.




Aidan Dick

A Cal State Long Beach, alumni with a BA in Film & Electronic Arts, Aidan is a young, creative and ambitious creator, looking to increase the representation on LGBTQ people and stories in the industry.  Having started making videos since the third grade Aidan has always had the itch for making movies. Since then they have worked on commercials, short film and music videos. Participating in a plethora of projects from, Planned Parenthood and Converse campaings, to Billboard released music videos.

Aidan is super excited for their debut feature film and hopes everyone will enjoy consuming the story just as much as they enjoyed creating it.


Izzi Rojas

Izzi is a non-binary actor, filmmaker and lover of all things. They are dedicated to telling thought-provoking and necessary stories. Izzi doesn’t like small talk, they’d rather discuss the fragile beauty of this life. Izzi Rojas is an accomplished actor and director, their long list of credits include, Diet Coke campaing, director for music video production company Etiquette Haus, writer of short film Lost at Sea, feature film Serious Matters in the Middle of the Night, and much much more.

Izzi is stoked to be apart of a great film with an even greater team!


Victoria Romano

The amazing Victoria Romano, whose been recently funded to complete her doctoral work at UC Riverside, will grace our ears with her moving celtic inspired score for this powerful film.


We are excited to be finalizing casting locally in Ireland this week and expect nothing less that a brialliant team of talent. Headshots and bios coming soon!







Current Team