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Austin, Texas | Film Short

Comedy, Fantasy

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Comedy, grief, female friendship, and a sassy Texan ghost. Like a margarita, this Austin-set comedy combines tangy truth with lasting sweetness. Production team is 2012 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year Diane M. Dresback (over 3 dozen short films) & Connect Film Festival founder Lindsey Loon.

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Mission Statement

To Life is a female-driven story, whose ensemble cast is racially & religiously diverse. The female powerhouse trio of director Diane Dresback, actor/producer Lindsey Loon & DP Katherine Castro fuel production. Creators & actors reflect an American melting pot- African American, Latina, Jewish, etc

The Story

A magical short dramedy about female friendship and joy following loss.


Four women now in their thirties have been friends since college. They have remained in each other's lives enjoying the good times and enduring the rough patches — relationships, careers, illness and now death. Our story begins towards the end of a funeral reception. Three women mourn the death of their beloved fourth friend. Unsure how to cope going forward, they receive advice from an unexpected and outspoken guest. The story sounds heavy, but soon the women are pouring champagne and reminiscing. 



To Life presents a positive uplifting and comedic story of female friendship that defies mortality. The film focuses on the importance of friendship and enjoying life while we have it. 


To Life celebrates female filmmakers. We have a female director, writer, producer and director of photography. Our 4 main leads are female and the film passes the Bechdel test. Our team is ethnically and age diverse.  


We're running a crowd-funding campaign in order to welcome people to join us in supporting this film about the power of friendship. Supporters will help cover the costs of many film production expenses. You can read more about everything on our project page.


The film is guaranteed festival play at the multi-city film festival Connect Film Festival, with screenings in Melbourne Australia, Los Angeles, and Austin Texas. The production team is also developing an international Festival Plan and distribution strategy. 


This is a film that will entertain, that will be seen and shared, and where every member of cast and crew is connected through community and grateful for your collaborative energy. 


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Alexa Camera & Accessories

Costs $1,400

To play at Connect Film Festival, we want the visual quality of gorgeous 4K. The warmth of the image resonates with the warmth of "To Life"

Feed us please!

Costs $500

Good food = good morale. We would be grateful for your helping us create a hospitable and productive environment for our dedicated workers.

Makeup artist

Costs $300

Help us look good for you! Our comedic cast of female friends with a diversity of skin tones wants to look our best and make you smile.

Making the set look Great!

Costs $300

We seek to reflect the bonds of this diverse group of women through sorority sisterhood and giving the set a female touch!


Costs $500

We need a little help from our friends to get our post-production started!


Costs $1,100

We can't wait to work with our 7 member cast and we want to pay for those long days on set as we find the perfect shot and right take!

Crewing Up

Costs $1,800

Even though we are functioning at bare bones, we still do need to cover some costs for these fine folks.

Lighting Things Up

Costs $600

We can't see in the dark, so we need to provide our cinematographer with some lighting!


Costs $500

Because it is a set, things can happen.

About This Team

Meet some of the over 20 people whose time, energy and talents fuel this project! 


Writer/Director Diane M. Dresback: 

Winning 2012 Arizona Filmmaker of the Year is just one recognition of many in director Diane Dresback's prolific career spanning over a decade. She has written, directed and produced over three dozen short films, including 38 minute Blue Copper with award-winning actress Colleen Hartnett. She wrote and co-produced the feature film Atrophy that premiered at the 2012 Phoenix Film Festival. She has published three novels and a non-fiction book entitled Your Action, Your Success: Motivating Yourself to Get Things Done. After many years in Phoenix, Arizona, Diane’s current home is Austin, Texas.

Diane's IMDb page

Writer/Director Clips

Mindclover Productions (filmmaker website)

Diane M. Dresback (author website)



Producer/Actor Lindsey Loon: 

Lindsey Loon trained in film acting in Australia at Cate Blanchett's alma mater NIDA. She received her B.A from Yale University where she was in 5th Humor sketch comedy, two singing groups, and Yale Children's Theater. Originally American, she lived overseas for more than a decade in Australia & Japan, speaks Japanese, and delights in the cultural nuance and joy of expression through international entertainment. In the USA Lindsey calls Massachusetts and Texas home, and can often be found in Los Angeles, the main USA hub for the international production hub she runs, Connect Film Festival. Her film credits include best dark comedy winner Currently Adopted and the short The Coat which played in Academy Award qualifying festivals in 2016. Lindsey is represented by Gilchrist Management in Australia and The Atherton Group (TAG talent) in Austin Texas. 

Lindsey's website


Actor Ammie Leonards: 

Prolific Austin and Atlanta-based actor Ammie Leonards trained in Meisner for several years, after an international career in the United States Air Force. As a medic in Afghanistan and other locations, she found herself constantly interacting with people in pain and decided that her healing skill was a Patch Adams approach to medicine, with healing through entertainment. She joined the Base Theater Guild, Co-hosted a weekly Hip-Hop radio show and performed in several PSAs for the base hospital where she worked. She has lived in Japan, Utah and Texas amongst other places, and was born in Los Angeles. For more than half a decade she has called Texas home. Her tv credits include Nashville, American Crime, Vampire Diaries, Dallas and a 2017 pilot. Ammie is represented by Linda McAlister Talent in Dallas, The Atherton Group (TAG Talent) in Austin, and Avery Sisters Entertainment in Atlanta.  

 Ammie's acting reel


Associate Producer Cherdon Bedford:

For more than a decade H.Cherdon has been the heartbeat of the Texas filmmaker’s community Austin Film Meet, where the first spark of To Life was lit. Austin Film Meet has been called “the group that gets things done” & “an AA for indie filmmaking junkies.” When not inspiring and nurturing other projects (and her own newborn!) creative mama H.Cherdon is an actor and filmmaker in her own right. As an actress and on-camera personality, H.Cherdon has appeared in more than 40 stage productions, two performing arts touring troupes, several short films, PSAs and web videos. Behind the camera, H.Cherdon writes, produces & directs numerous multimedia projects with her partner  Brandon Boggs in their production company Humblebee Media. Most recently they released a series covering Trucklandia, Austin's food truck festival. H.Cherdon is based in Austin.

Cherdon's website


Director of Photography Katherine Castro:

With prolific big budget set experience, Katherine has worked camera department on studio projects including (2016) Ghostbusters, Ted 2, Infinitely Polar Bear, The Way Way Back and RIPD. She has been director of photography on more than half a dozen projects. She retains a collaborative spirit and alongside studio work she still works on short films. From Boston and the Dominican Republic, she has been based in Boston for over a decade. She also works in Los Angeles and New York.

Katherine's IMDb page

Katherine's website


Associate Producer Missy Gonzalez

Missy has more than 20 years of experience in real estate, marketing, business development, public relations, human resources, training and consulting. She brings vitality, professionalism, warmth, and a mindset of service and advocacy to her work with clients and projects. Missy has spent many years in the real estate, staffing/executive placement industry where she held roles as a real estate broker/owner, business development manager, corporate training manager and executive. After moving to Austin, Texas, she has found a passion for the film industry. Missy has worked in various facets to include marketing, public relations, casting, media management, photography, production assistant, location manager and much more. In addition to her love for the outdoors, reading good books and a passion for photography, Missy enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.


Actor Beth Shea:

Originally from Stamford, CT, Beth Shea graduated from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC before moving to L.A. to pursue acting. Beth is a graduate of The Groundlings School and the Dee Wallace Stone Acting Studio in Los Angeles. In L.A., she performed improv and sketch comedy at such venues as The Groundlings, Improv Olympic West and ACME Comedy Theater. Beth works in film, television and commercials and has also written, produced and starred in a series of comedy short films and web-series. She is currently based in Austin, TX. 


Actor Victoria Savage:

Victoria Savage is from New York and graduated from Yale University. While in New York she studied at HB Studio and Total Theater Lab. She was also an active member of the All You Can Eat Theater Company and the Blunt Theater company. After lots (and lots!) of stage and some independent films on the east coast, she moved to sunny Los Angeles to jump into Hollywood. Currently, she studies with Graham Shiels and Craig Archibald. In addition to various television, film, and commercial roles, Victoria enjoys producing her own work -- two short films and a play last year. This year she is currently starring in and in pre-production for an independent feature that will be shot in Denver.

Victoria's IMDb page 

Victoria's website



Production Assistant Catrin Blythe:

Catrin Blythe is an aspiring filmmaker, screenwriter, and student in the McCallum High School Fine Arts Academy Film Program in Austin, Texas. Her films have screened at the Colorado Independent Women of Film festival in Denver and at the Austin Film Festival Young Filmmaker Competition. In addition to filmmaking, she enjoys role-play gaming, creating art, and power lifting. She is excited to join the To Life crew as a production assistant.



Salpie, Bonnie Alford, Danyelle Cavaness-Weatherford, Kisha C.G., Kenny Hargrove, Janet Spencer, Timothy Daniel Allen, Savannah Power, Earnest Robinson, Morgan Marie Bond, Jim Shields, Adrienne Santaliz....and we are continuing to build our team! 


Connect Film Festival guaranteed screening: 

        Out of over 4,700 festivals, Connect Film Festival was honored with a "Top 100 Best Reviewed Festival" by Film Freeway in both 2016 and 2017. Located in multiple cities in the USA and Australia—Melbourne Australia, Austin Texas, Los Angeles-- Connect is different to most of the festival circuit in that it also functions as a production hub. Rather than advancing the agenda of a single film in a single location, Connect promotes filmmaking teams and each work as a sample for active filmmakers to connect with each other and industry. TV series, feature film producer-director teams, management, co-written projects and new production teams have formed as a result of Connect. The community involves an Academy Award nominated director, cast and crew from Mad Max Fury Road and other studio projects, multiple project greenlight finalists, and filmmakers from every facet of production.

       To Life producer Lindsey Loon is the founder and director of Connect. To Life will be the first ever production pre-selected to reflect the production hub element of Connect Film Festival in an out of comp showcase. It is guaranteed festival play at Connect in Austin and eligible for screening in all international locations.


Current Team