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Two single fathers Rick and Marc, head out to the wilderness for a hunting trip, but things take an unexpected turn when it’s revealed Rick suspects Marc of inappropriately touching his daughter.

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Mission Statement

Every 68 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys experience sexual abuse. Sex abuse does not always hide under the guise of outward bruising. This story is about the signs victims often give off and the underlying behaviors often portrayed by a child abuser.

The Story

Touch is a chilling Pyschological Thriller, about the underlying signs of a child abuser, and often the projection they put on others. We follow Rick, and his best friend Marc through this unsettlingly visceral tale, as we witness the subtle details a child abuser often displays and the trail of bread crumbs they tend to leave behind for their friends and loved ones.

While also taking an in depth look into the subtle calls for help victims exude that often go unnoticed.

Our goal is to juxtapose the beautiful imagery and unnerving silence of the Montana winters with the underlying themes of sexual assault and the signs that are given off from both the abuser and victim.

In todays climate, where the media is dialed in more than ever on the worldwide crisis of sexual assualt, we believe it's the perfect time to address the often overlooked interactions that take place in the dynamic of sexual abuse between an abuser and their victim.

We believe the best solution to slowing down the crisis of sexual assault, especially in the family home, is through education.

Being such a delicate subject for so many, there's often not been enough education passed along through our family generations and school systems on this issue.

In our society the topic has nearly been made into taboo. Because of this, most people become so uncomfortable with the subject matter, that often when it takes place around them they not only don't know what signs and interactions to look for, but when they do, are too frighten to take action or say anything.

As a collaborative team of minority artists, who this issue has impacted our communities the most. We focus on stories nurtured in realism. We create to shed light on those who feel shackled by their environment: we call these people the voiceless. But the truth is these voices often scream the loudest, but are all too often overlooked. 

That's what we're here for, to connect the willing ear to the calls that reach the furthest but often go unheard.

As director of this story, I know how to make that connection, because I was once that voice.

With a collection of supporters we are looking to raise a portion of our $20,000 budget to cover expenses for our film in Butte, Montana. These expenses will go toward production, equipment, locations, staff, travel and post/marketing. 

Our production staff and cast is comprised of a highly skilled team of individuals who have participated in films that have racked up nearly a combined 30 nominations and wins throughout the film festival circuit.

Our producers have close relations to the prestigious Oscar qualifying film festival: Hollyshorts, the Catalina Film Festival and various international Festivals.

We intend to heavily target our film toward these film festivals as well as Sundance to magnify the importance of this all-too pertinent message.

With our experience and relationships within the Film Festival circuit we have already established a marketable blueprint to extend the outreach of our story through popular media outlets and a potential distribution deal.

Our plan is also to share this project through the educational circuit, so we can inform more people to the signs of child sexual abuse. 

If you believe in the cause we are standing for and you’d like to support us in bringing this story to life,

We so kindly ask that you make a contribution to our film, and help be a part of our journey to create this healing story.

Safety & Health precautions: Covid requirements

Our Cast and Crew who stay at base-camp, will be required to take a PCR test and submit results to our production team three days before arrival. 

Cast and Crew who are not staying on set will need to take an antigen test before arriving each day to set. 

Our crew and anyone off camera will be required to wear masks while filming on location.


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Having an exceptional cast & crew is fundamental to the filmmaking process


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Because a movie becomes a movie in the editing room.

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Travel, Lodging, Food

Costs $2,500

We are filming with a full cast and crew for 4 days in Montana. Please Help us to get there.

About This Team

Director/Actor/Producer: Nicholas Alexander - Actor/Writer/Producer/Director with over a decades worth of experience in the film and television industry. Alexander has been apart of several award winning projects, that have racked up nominations and wins at Burbank International Film Festival, California Women's Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival Awards, Catalina Film Festival, Hollywood Film Festival and more.

Producer: Sofia Kunz - Argentine filmmaker and actor based out of Los Angeles. Last year her short film, co-directed and co-produced with Annabella Fazio, previewed at the Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage. For Sofia, Filmmaking is the chance to connect with an audience on stories that need to be told. Passionate about elevating female and queer filmmaking, she hopes to prioritize the importance of female collaboration in an industry that can so often divide.

Producer: Philippe Casseus - First generation Haitian-American from Brooklyn, with over a decade of experience writing and producing within the film Industry, including the likes of Freelancers, starring 50 Cent, Forest Whitaker and Robert De Niro.

Actor: Ramsay Philips - Known for his role as Dale in the Netflix series You as well as his role as Glenn in The Countdown.

Actor: Annabella Fazio - Starred in the coming-of-family story Kaleidoscope and the Crux Jinx Pictures Thriller Lost in the Sun.




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