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Our whole lives we learn to run away from our trauma, hide from it, shut it away, and never talk about it again. With new therapy, psychologists are finding that this is actually counterproductive. These psychologists are now finding that we NEED to confront our pain in orderto be released from it.

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Mission Statement

My project seeks to nurture an environment where we can openly discuss trauma and its effects on mental health and how critical it is to process these traumas for healing.

The Story


"The Light" is a short format documentary that explores how the body stores traumatic experience and how two somatic therapies, EMDR and transformational bodywork, work within the body and mind of trauma patients to create pathways that release us from our trauma. However, to be released from our traumas, people need to be able to bring up these severe events in a safe environment and then feel the pain these memories have caused. By doing this, it will release this pain from the body and store the memories as a standard memory.


About Me

I myself dealt with trauma for many years until I met a person that I was able to love but unable to fully commit to.  This person helped me see that I needed assistance in areas that had never occurred to me before then and it inspired me in every other aspect of my life.




"The Light" explores these ideas by telling two people's stories. Juan and Hayden have experienced different traumas and use somatic therapies to be freed from their traumas. Our documentary doesn't just tell these people's stories, it goes even further and talks about the science behind how trauma freezes people in that time and place and how the therapies allow them to unfreeze that experience. In the film, EMDR is described by Wendy Conquest MA, LPC, CSAT and transformational bodywork by Fred Mitouer P.h.D. 

Hayden uses EMDR to process his Trauma.

Juan uses transformational body work to work through his multiple traumas.

Wendy Conquest MA, LPC, CSAT  is our main therapist who tells how trauma works in the body and mind. Furthermore, Wendy walks us through the science behind EMDR.

Fred Mitouer P.h.D. takes us on a journey through transformational body work and how this somatic therapy works in the body and mind.


"Trauma and its resulting stress harms us through physiological changes to body and brain, and that those harms can persist throughout life."



Why Donate

You should donate because we break down the science behind trauma and prove that, as a society, the way we deal with trauma and those suffering from it should be looked at in a different light.  We want to help educate others in the science of how the body and mind process trauma. Also that recognizing, feeling, and then releasing our pain can be done with understanding and empathy from others.  No one should feel trapped when so much help is available. 


Where Your Money Goes

The film has been edited and only small changes need to be made but we need to pay for film festival submissions to spread our message, different music licenses to use the music in the film festivals and online licenses for graphics. Film festivals and licenses are our biggest cost to put the film into the world which is what we care about the most!! We made this film to help others and let people see a different perspective in the world. 

Why now because nobody who experiences trauma should be trapped in this hardship when there are therapies that help people move through the experience and help them come out the other end feeling like a new person.


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Composer and Music Licenses

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Film Festival Submission

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To be able to get it out there for people to see!

About This Team

Our Team is made up of two passionate filmmakers! I believe when you have the passion, it will push you to make something great!

The Director & Producer

Bradley Mason


Bradley Mason is in his last month of school at the Colorado Film School and has always been driven to documentary work and creating work that can help people in their day to day lives. After using a somatic therapy himself he knew he wanted to make a documentary about these therapies.


Julien Deroeux

Director of Photography


Bradley & Julien have known one another for 9 years now and went to Colorado Film School together. Julien and Bradley have always worked on each other's films together and would not have it any other way.  You will always find Julien doing something outdoors when he is not working on a film. From camping and hiking to rock climbing and snowboarding, he lives for the beauty Colorado has to offer. 




Current Team