"Travel Time With Tami" and "As Thy Moth Doth Roth"

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Documentary, Experimental

Ryan McDuffie

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Mission Statement

Putting the protagonist J. Edgar Hoover--a historical emblem of institutionalized racism and sexism--through a terrifying situation helps us explore the how and why of people who fall into such prejudices.

The Story

The first of my two projects I’m crowdfunding, Travel Time With Tami, has been 10 years in the making.

One of my favorite films I’ve made is an observational documentary about my Aunt Tami teaching swimming lessons, Swimming Time With Tami.  The project was an assignment for my documentary production class in film school (hence the 10 years ago). Going into it, I was worried that my effervescent, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants Aunt’s antics (or “auntics”) were something only amusing to me and my family who have always found joy in her unique and unshakable take on things, and her seemingly never-ending enthusiasm while regaling her trials and tribulations.  Much to my delight, my class and teacher were indeed entertained, all having their favorite moments.


Swimming Time With Tami  (2007)

Since then I’ve wanted to make some sort of successor to that project, knowing my Aunt’s indelible nature was something worth preserving with and translating for the visual medium.  I had already made a “day in the life” piece with her, so once it came to light in recent years we had shared aspirations to visit Japan, I knew the “fish out of water” angle was what I had been waiting for. 


Tami in Tokyo

My narrative project I’m working on, As Thy Moth Doth Roth, I’m excited about because it exercises a completely different creative muscle: collaboration. While filmmaking is always a collaborative effort, this was an example of the gestation being a more intentional act of collaboration. 

It started with the actors and I (both of whom I’ve worked closely with before) all saying what we’d like to get out of the project. Deborah said she was interested in playing someone “non-human,” while Dan wanted to play someone who would have high-intensity emotional moments. I wanted to have permission to take it from there and get to play within our creative sandbox of these and other practical constraints; allowing for a more experimental, genre-spanning endeavor. 

This organic approach we took is not only a different, special kind of rewarding, but I think it also allows the work to reach even farther-out reaches of the ether-from-which-ideas live. 


Dan and Deborah in our previous short film, Last Year (2012)


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About This Team

Oh I see you’d like to know about my team, eh?  Well, for the documentary it was just me doing both sound and video and everything else for the filming.  I plan on getting feedback and consulting help from a few very trusted and talented friends of mine once a first edit starts to come along to help me figure out how to best make it all into a special something-something.  These friends include Alex Calleros, Michael Tucker, and Daniel Clark, three collaborators I’ve worked very close with who are all also filmmakers doing great things.

My closest collaborators on “As Thy Moth Doth Roth” were the director of photography Terrance Stewart, and the two actors, Deborah and Dan.  I describe my collaboration I had with Deborah and Dan in the “Story” section of this campaign.  All I really have to add aside from that is that they are both highly reliable actors who I am grateful or always being willing to face new frontiers with me.  As far as Terrance, my D.P., I can say the same thing about.  In addition thanks to him, I know that my movies will actually look like movies people will be able to watch and accept as actual movies, for which I am also extremely grateful.

Current Team