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Living with the most common disorder you've never heard of.

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The Story

Director Jillian Corsie grew up with a friend who kept their trichotillomania hidden for a year. As a result, Jillian is using her love of filmmaking as a tool to raise awareness about a community she cares deeply for.

Trichster unfolds through those who live with trichotillomania, showing the very real day to day affects the disorder can have on people and what it is like to live with varying degrees of it. While the film  highlights an often embarassing and isolating disorder, it ultimately acts as a tool of inspiration and hope, showing the prevelance of trichotillomania and why it is important to understand.


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Costs $720

Because our post-production team is volunteering much of their time, we are buying them dinner!

Legal Services

Costs $400

We need a lawyer to make sure all our releases are up to par and to make sure we cover our bases!


Costs $250

Our colorist will have to correct EVERY SINGLE SCENE! That's a lot of work. Let's throw him a bone!

Festival Fees

Costs $1,400

The more festivals we get into, the more awareness is raised!

Festival Fees

Costs $500

D5 tapes are expensive! Most festivals require these in order to screen a film.

Festival Fees

Costs $200

We'll need to ship materials to the festivals in order to be selected!

Festival Shwag

Costs $250

To get people interested in our screenings, we'll need promotional materials!

Sound Editor

Costs $100

Our talented sound editor deserves to be recognized for his hard work.

Marketing Expenses

Costs $1,600

T-shirts let people represent our brand!

Hard Drive

Costs $400

We'll need a master drive for color correction and online.


Costs $450

Shipping our DVD's out to people is going to get expensive-fast!

Marketing Expenses

Costs $75

We'll need to print posters to send out to people and to get publicity for our film

DVD Authoring

Costs $2,000

We need to get our DVD set up and duplicated...thousands of times!

About This Team

Trichster is comprised of a team of industry professionals who are lending their time and talents to a film they all believe in. A group of editors, cinematographers, and producers, the Trichster team is working hard to produce a film with high production value.

Current Team