Trust Me: A Witness Account of The Goatman

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Horror, Thriller

Nate Ruegger

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A woman follows her boyfriend into the woods for a surprise only to find something far more sinister. Based on a witness account of The Goatman, TRUST ME is an atmospheric horror film featuring a new breed of "monster" who fuels our paranoia and forces us to ask: who, or what, can we trust?

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The Story

We're driven to make TRUST ME because of our fascination with the legend of The Goatman as no two stories are alike. Some talk of an odd physical entity lurking in the woods. Others tell of a thing that mimics people you know, posing as your friends or family to confuse and terrorize. This film will honor all the witness accounts by bringing their visceral fear to the silver screen - and to you.
As JAWS made us afraid to go in the water, TRUST ME will make you think twice of going into the woods - not because The Goatman will eat you - but because it will become you.
With our cast and crew lined up, we're excited to introduce The Goatman as the next great horror villain with a frightening new vision: following an ordinary couple through the lens of documentary realism, we watch as they cross some unseen boundary between the real and the surreal - and get lost in a nightmarish corner of the woods where nothing can be trusted... the home of The Goatman. 
But behind this vision comes a great cause - equal representation in Hollywood - as this film would not be possible without our African-American producer, female writer, female cinematographer, and female lead.
So if you like atmospheric horror, if you support films made by women and people of color, and if you want to see The Goatman as the next horror villain, then please join us in this filmmaking adventure.


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Costs $500

This professional will lead you on our exciting journey into the deep, dark woods of Trust Me


Costs $500

This professional will quicken your pulse just by the look on her face as she encounters the horror that is Trust Me

1st Assistant Director

Costs $450

This professional literally calls the shots, bringing order to chaos on set, and making Trust Me a reality


Costs $1,400

This professional will take the script and transport you into a surreal, nightmarish corner of the woods... the terrifying realm of Trust Me

Grips and Gaffers

Costs $2,000

These professionals will round out our crew to get all the equipment in just the right place and achieve that creepy look you oh so deserve

Camera Rental

Costs $1,000

It takes a special camera to show the terror on our actors faces in the middle of nowhere at midnight with minimal lighting...

Camera Equipment

Costs $1,000

Moving from a documentary handheld to dead-still compositions with varying focus needs just the right equipment to chill you to the core

Sound Mixer

Costs $525

Among all the noise in the woods, this professional will record a crisp and clean dialogue track from our actors

Production Insurance

Costs $400

Before we can rent a single lens or location, we're required to get production insurance to keep everyone safe


Costs $500

An army lives on their stomachs - even more so for a film crew that's working past midnight in the middle of the woods

Campsite Rental & Permits

Costs $300

To bring you the most hauntingly beautiful corner of the woods, we'll need to rent campsites and pay filming permits


Costs $250

Our actors have to wear something to gird themselves against the rugged outdoors...

Post Sound Design

Costs $500

Like layers of a macabre painting, adding and mixing all the tracks of music, sound effects, and dialogue to a fever pitch of visceral fear


Costs $500

Making that strange red blanket pop among the pure green field means all the difference in building an atmosphere of unsettling horror


Costs $75

Lanterns, Creepy Blankets, Ichor - a few of the items featured in the shadowy woods of "Trust Me"


Costs $100

Beauty, Exhaustion, Deathly Pallor - a few of the looks we'd like to see on our actors faces

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Leslie O’Neill has always been fascinated by the horror genre, never missing an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark and devouring Goosebumps cover to cover as a child. She graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Mass Communications and Film Studies and was a member of the Berkeley Film Organization GIANT, which she took over as President her senior year. She moved to Los Angeles after graduation and became a film publicist. From 2010 to 2015, she worked on strategic award campaigns for major studio films, including Inception, The Social Network, Zero Dark Thirty, Les Miserables, and Disney’s Frozen. This is her first screenplay and she could not be more excited to work with Darius and Nate to tell this terrifying tale.
NATE RUEGGER - Director -
Sharing a birthday with Edgar Allen Poe, Nate Ruegger was born to horror. His first memory was hiding behind his fingers while watching Ghostbusters. His bedtime stories were Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. His family movie nights were Hitchcock double features. At an early age, Nate had the good fortune to work for Steven Spielberg -- and after that, there was no turning back. He studied directing at Dartmouth and USC Film School, toured the film festival circuit with his award-winning thriller short "Another Life," and now he is excited to bring "Trust Me" to life.
DARIUS FRYE - Producer
Darius Frye’s passion for horror dates back to watching George Romero’s classic film “Night of the Living Dead” and reading Alvin Schwartz’s “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” series. He studied theatre performance at the University of Memphis and after winning numerous acting awards and finishing his degree, Darius moved to Los Angles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. He has worked with artists from all walks of life and stages of their careers, in front and behind the camera. Darius is honored to bring the horror short film “Trust Me” to the silver screen with Leslie and Nate!
KELSEY TALTON - Cinematographer -
Kelsey Talton has a bachelors in Cinematography from Columbia College Chicago. With a 14 year background in fine art photography, she has spent the last seven as a Cinematographer building a unique visual style through music videos, commercials, and narrative films. Kelsey has a meticulous attention to detail and expertise in transporting an audience into a character’s world through story driven lighting and camera movement. Her film and television credits include:  Clitopia (Music Video, 2016), Something in the Night (2015),  Last Rider  (2015), Post Life: Dissolve (Short, 2015), Eddington Again: Masturgrape (Short, 2015), Sheera: Intense (Short, 2015), Ladies Like Us  (Episodic TV, Angels in the Outfield 2015)
Alexandra Bayless is originally from North Carolina where she grew up studying and performing in theatre.  Her father is an Emmy award winning makeup artist who raised her to love and appreciate the horror genre starting at age 5 with the 1991 hit "The Boneyard".  Her mother runs a children's theatre in N.C. and her brother works in Production. TV credits include "Halt and Catch Fire" (AMC), "Criminal Minds" (CBS) and "Days of Our Lives" (NBC).  When she's not acting she's producing her own projects, traveling, backpacking and learning to surf. She is thrilled to join the amazing team on "Trust Me", finally fulfilling her dream of becoming a "Scream Queen".
Luke Cook is an Australian actor known for his TV work. Starting his career in Sydney in the theatre, and moving to Los Angeles in his early twenties, Cook quickly booked a number of TV roles in shows such as Baby Daddy, MTVs Faking It, Modern Family and The Librarians as the evil Dorian Gray. Cook's next move is into feature films, he's currently preparing to play a villain in Marvels Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

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