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TRYING follows 25-year-old painter Meg as she navigates the ups and downs of her life as a woman with ADHD. Filled with humor, heart, and a handful of expletives, TRYING leads with empathy as it stomps out stereotypes surrounding mental health in media.

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Mission Statement

We are committed to creating character-driven stories that not only entertain, but offer viewers the opportunity to learn something. Our purpose is to uplift women and members of marginalized communities, in front of and behind the camera.

The Story

Ever been nervous for a job interview? Or ran late because you had to get gas? How about dripping chocolate on your brand new shirt with no napkins in sight? If you're a breathing human being, then you know the experience of trying to get through any given day successfully. However: no two people, or brains, experience one thing in the same way.

Which brings us to our first question:
What do you think of when you hear the term "ADHD"?

Chances are it's not a charming painter, a millennial combatting the status quo, or even a woman. Why is that? Two reasons: stereotypes and gender roles! As children, boys may be seen as energetic and active while showing symptoms of ADHD, while girls may be deemed as forgetful or overly-sensitive. This leads to boys being more than twice as likely to receive an ADHD diagnosis than girls, leaving countless women to either be diagnosed much later in life, or never receive a diagnosis at all. What?! Get in fam, it's time to shift societal norms!

What is Trying?

Trying is a 12 minute dramedy short film following Meg on her way to a job interview. She's creative, resilient, and fiercely passionate about the things that are important to her. We witness the obstacles Meg faces in a day, as well as her out-of-the-box thinking under different circumstances.

Trying Inspiration



Who is Trying?

This story could only be brought to life by the bossest, raddest, most capable team of women filmmakers on-set (and off-set in our ally editor)! This year, women took the reigns as directors Chloe Zhao, Emerald Fennell, and Regina King made history with their rightfully groundbreaking films. We plan to join the ranks of these incredible women telling unique, character-driven stories on camera, and showcase innovative, talented women behind it. From directors and actors, to producers and PA's, the knockout Trying team is fired up and ready to bring this story to life from the inside out! Meet the gang on "The Team" tab.


Why are we Trying?

As an actor, I want to work on projects that are not only entertaining to watch, but have the opportunity to educate its viewers as well. While some actors form production companies as a result of becoming A-Listers, I decided to flip the script. After years of waiting tables and doing odd jobs between auditions, this year I launched my own company and became the CEO of SamSkape Productions Inc. Through SamSkape I'm committed to not only creating a platform to make work I feel passionately about, but to  building a community and showcasing the talents of my fellow artists as well (and getting them paid for it)! I can't think of a better debut film to do that than Trying. Seriously. And did I mention the incredible Trying team? Who run the world: GIRLS *who refuse to accept gender roles in society and level the playing field for all artists therefore elevating the entertainment industry and uplifting others in the processss*


Why are we Trying now

After this past year, conversations surrounding mental health have become more prominent than ever. In 2020 I started going to therapy, and was officially diagnosed with anxiety and depression. So, as a psychology fan and Google-everything-er, I started doing some research. Not only did I learn about how my brain works, but I was able to learn about varying neurotypes and how others' brains work, too. This led me to learning about girls, women, and their underdiagnoses of ADHD. Enter: Trying.


     While writing the script for Trying, I learned a significant amount about mental health conditions, neurotypes, and ADHD. But I knew that in telling this story, I would need insight from people who experience what Meg is going through day in and day out. Through the power of social media, I've been able to meet incredibly talented performers, writers, and artists, all women with ADHD, who were willing to share their experiences and act as script consultants on the film. With their (fantastic) insight, I was able to transform the script and truly bring Meg to life. And - not only were they able to offer their perspectives, but their artistry as well. Two women are currently making commissioned artwork for the film, which will be showcased on screen as Meg's paintings. Multi-talented much?



     As if my heart wasn't already bursting, we'll be shooting Trying on-location at The Guadalupe Center in Canoga Park, my hometown. Ten years ago I directed a volunteer kids' acting camp there, and knew it would be the perfect place to shoot some pivotal scenes. The Guadalupe Center provides charity services to disadvantaged residents in the San Fernando Valley, supplying food to families, elderly support, and countless programs for children, immigrants, and refugees.


Trying Safely

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year has been difficult for many to find work. Freelance artists, actors, and filmmakers were no exception. With shooting set for this summer, we'll finally be able to come together on set and do what we love most: creating. While it might have taken us a little longer than expected to get here, we're so happy that we are. Cast and crew members will be required to be fully vaccinated before coming to set, and will be provided with the appropriate cleaning and safety accomodations as needed. A portion of the budget has been allocated for additional PPE and supplies, and safety protocols on set will be enforced.


THANK YOU for being a part this journey.
With your contributions, we can truly bring this story to life!

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Through the making of this film we aim to support women, artists, teachers, and people with ADHD. Our goal is to remove stigmas and stereotypes surrounding mental health and uplift others in the process. If you have resources that support this message, please email [email protected].


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About This Team

The Trying Team

All-woman production team on the set of "Trying".

Meet the Team Members



SAMANTHA LABRECQUE | Meg / Writer / Executive Producer
Samantha is ecstatic to be creating a dream project with a dream team.
 More things at



Nicole has worked on film sets, red carpets, studio lots, and award shows, including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, the EMMYs, and more. In her career, she has produced various short films, advertisements, and music videos for all types of genres. Most recently, she produced the short film, “Polly Pocket,” which has been deemed an official selection by 18 festivals worldwide.



CATHERINE | Director of Photography

Throughout Catherine’s career, she has shot various short films, documentaries, music videos, web series and advertisements, as well as worked on award shows, live entertainment spectacles, competition shows and red carpets (such as the Academy Awards, Friends the Reunion, Disney’s The Little Mermaid Live!). She is also an award-winning director for her documentary “Foster Creativity,” which focused on celebrating kids’ innate creativity. She is beyond excited to have the opportunity to bring to life the creative chaos that Meg’s character possesses and to be apart of the team! 



MARILYN FLORES | Assistant Director
Assistant Director Marilyn Flores is a filmmaker and producer from the Bay Area, she brings years of experience working on indie film sets wearing many hats. She’s beyond thrilled to be collaborating with such a wonderful team!



Austin has been very passionate about editing for as long as he can remember, currently having worked in social media, trailers, TV, and many other short form projects. He has a deep fondness for working on comedic, heartfelt stories that bring different perspectives to light not commonly seen on the screen, which is why he couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the “Trying” team.



Chasity Ramsey is a published children's book author, digital illustrator, painter, dancer, and a certified yoga/meditation instructor. She uses different mediums as a mode of self-expression, and to share the joy & magic of this beautiful, chaotic experience we call life!



Jennifer Charlee is a neurodivergent, independent artist who blends her psychotherapy education with a love for the natural world. She seeks to spread knowledge about the interconnectedness of artistic expression and mental health through art making, product design, and content creation.


EMMA POWELL | Production Assistant
Emma has always had a passion for the cinematic arts and storytelling, and is currently a film student at CSUN. She could not be more thrilled to be working with such a great team on this film! 


KRISTYN EVELYN | Script Consultant

Current Team