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Twenty-five is an age full of uncertainty - in one's career path, in one's future, and in friendships that may be evolving beyond their youthful measure. Twentyfiveish is a six episode web series that will explore this uncertainty with a comedic and dramatic lens.

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The Story

Director’s Intro

Twentyfiveish is a project that is very close to my heart.  As a writer/director, I always start a project with a concept that I want to explore.  It has to be personal, and usually ends up being something that is weighing on my mind.  For me, writing and directing is therapy. Creating a project about it is my form of therapy.  


As I face my looming 25th birthday and, quite possibly, my “quarter-life crisis,” I am finding a lot of unexpected uncertainty.  I felt very comfortable in the life I was leading, but I’m finding I’m at the point where the decisions I make everyday will have a large impact on the rest of my life. As I start to watch the first wave of my friends get married, have kids, and work their way up in their professional lives, I realize that what used to feel like infinite time, no longer does. What do I want, really? That’s a difficult question.  When you grow up being told anything is possible, the realization that decisions you make are going to cut off certain paths, at least for the time being, feels overwhelming.


While you grow up and change, so do your friends and sometimes you end up growing apart.  Often you see a road you could have taken and are glad you didn’t, or wish you had.  I have always been someone with a couple extremely strong, seemingly unbreakable friends but I’ve realized that sometimes, people just go on different journeys and that is just a part of growing up.  In many ways, losing a best friend is worse than a tough break up.


I have used these characters to explore different aspects of this changing time. I have dropped my guard and really dug deep into personal feelings and insecurities that I am currently experiencing in hopes that these characters will be honest and true. Going through your twenties is both the most exciting time in your life when the possibilities are endless and the scariest time when the decisions you make begin to limit those possibilities.  As a generation who was taught everything is possible, it's very disconcerting to find out that just maybe, it isn’t.



Twentyfiveish follows five characters who grew up together but parted ways after high school. Rosie, Griffin, Tucker and Stella are now all at very different points in their lives and facing their own challenges.  Now approaching twenty-five, the group meets up for a long weekend at a beach house.  They are forced to navigate their complicated history and examine old feelings and wounds.  The arrival of an unexpected guest, Ben, upends the group’s normal dynamic and forces them to face their regrets, fears and the realization that, in the 7 years since High School, maybe they haven’t changed quite as much as they thought.


The Team

We have put together a fantastic team. Brendan Robinson, known as Lucas on Pretty Little Liars, is spearheading our cast with other names to come!  Our co-writer/director Katie Micay who alongside co-writer Kyle Bown made a short film this year called The Firefly Girls that will be playing at the upcoming San Diego Film Festival, San Jose International Short Film Festival, Catalina Film Festival and Mill Valley Film Festival.  Kyle has co-written two episodes of Pretty Little Liars and continues to work on the Freeform hit as well as the upcoming Famous in Love.  He is also a Creative Executive at Long Lake Media. Producer/Co-writer Jacquelyn Ryan recently produced the digital series Hers and History, starring Pretty Little Liars’ Lindsey Shaw, and currently production supervises both Pretty Little Liars and Famous In Love. An editor from NCIS, an international DP, and a digital producer who worked on Ellen as well as staff from The Fosters and Lethal Weapon tap off our fabulous team.



Twentyfiveish has an estimated eight day shooting schedule and is seeking to raise over $20,000 for production.  With a script around fifty pages, our shooting schedule is equitable to the swift pace of filming an episode of television, requiring intense preparation on our behalf.

Along with a notable cast, we have assembled an experienced crew that is diverse, with women in most key positions.  Funds that we raise will support all of our departments, from casting, to catering, to camera package rental.  We are shooting on location, and location expenses, including permits, are a significant portion of our budget.  Most of our crew and cast are willing to work for lower rates, necessary due to our independent budget. Many of our crew members will be wearing a number different hats, for example, our hairstylist is also covering makeup and a 2nd AC also functioning as a DIT.  In short, we have assembled an incredible crew that will work hard to create a wonderfully produced, topical series. 


We invite to you join us along this journey, as we attempt to figure out whatever #adulting is these days. 


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Cash Pledge

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Beach House Location (southern California)

Costs $1,500

A Beach House is the main location for our project. Securing this would be a huge asset to our production!

Camera Package

Costs $1,500

We are shooting with two RED cameras over a period of eight days, including the camera body, and a variety of cine lenses!

Grip and Electric Package

Costs $1,000

Lighting and grip elements, including all c-stands, flags, silks, diffusion, HMI lights, and misc lighting for sparkling cinematography.

Catering and Crafts Service

Costs $1,500

Our cast and crew is working for lower rates than usual, so we will honor their hard work and dedication by keeping them well fed!

Location Permits and Fees

Costs $2,000

We will need to obtain proper permits for filming in LA County through FilmLA!

Costume Purchases and Rentals

Costs $1,000

Additional purchases and rentals to create costumes that enlighten each character.


Costs $4,000

Payment for our cast, many of which will be taking a lower rate than usual for this project!


Costs $6,500

Cost for our nonunion crew for an eight day shoot.

Post Deliverables

Costs $1,000

Creation of deliverables to bring our project to the screen(s)!

About This Team

Brendan Robinson


Brendan Robinson is an American actor known for playing Lucas Gottesman on the Freeform series Pretty Little Liars.  In addition, he has also worked on Cold Case (Evan), Miss Behave (Jordan), Review with Forrest MacNeil (Pilot), How I Met Your Mother (Ned), Weeds (Gordon), and Bones (Shane). Twentyfiveish is Brendan's first foray into producing.


Katie Micay


Katie Micay graduated from Loyola Marymount University’s film production program. Her first short film, For Love, created at New York Film Academy’s summer program at age 14, is nearing 4,000 hits on YouTube. Her short film Limited Engagement was an Official Selection for the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and got an Award of Merit at Women’s Independent Film Festival. She also received a nomination for Film Outside The Frame, LMU’s annual student awards and film festival, for her writing. Her second film My So Called Family was an Official Selection for Bel Air Film Festival. Her third short film, Flirt, was an Official Selection for the Reality Bytes Film Festival. The Firefly Girls has played at several film festivals including Sonoma International Film Festival.  Keep an eye out for it at Catalina Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, and San Jose International Short Film Festival!

Katie loves to draw from personal experience when creating a story. My So Called Family was a loose, comedic telling of when her great aunt passed away the week of her grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. Don’t worry, this aunt was a stand up comedian and would have enjoyed the film! She and her friend’s experiences in college inspired Flirt. The Firefly Girls started out as a cute, whimsical story but quickly developed into something very personal. It has helped her process the sudden passing of her aunt last year.


Kyle Bown


Kyle Bown is an Emmy watching writer/producer who has worked in television for longer than he'd like to admit.  He began his career moving from show to show, putting in time at hits such as The Mentalist, Heroes and Scrubs. He found a home when he landed on Pretty Little Liars, where he has been fortunate enough to co-write two episodes. He also co-wrote the short film The Firefly Girls, which is currently making the festival rounds. In addition to working on Pretty Little Liars and Famous In Love, Kyle is also a Creative Executive at Long Lake Media.


Jacquelyn Ryan


Jacquelyn Ryan has been working in film and TV for close to a decade, crewed on such films as Up in the Air, Whip It, and TV shows such as Bones and Melrose Place.  She’s currently production supervisor on the Freeform TV shows Pretty Little Liars and Famous In Love.  Along with Walk With Me, Jacquelyn produced the web series Slave 4U and Hers and History, and is passionate about producing new media.  She is also the founder of a nonprofit called Wide Angle Film Center, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports a more sustainable and diverse media industry.


Coralee Trigger


Coralee Trigger is a Creative Arts Emmy-winner who got her start on The Ellen DeGeneres Show's digital team. She loves the constantly changing digital landscape and has worked at the intersection of the internet and television on projects for ellentube, CW Seed, The Travel Channel, YouTube Space LA, and Team Coco Presents: Conan O’Brien. With a strong emphasis on digital storytelling, she currently consults and produces with brands and influencers who are interested in creating original content, optimizing their social media strategy, and ultimately leveraging their digital platforms to increase sales and partnerships. (Check out her social media consultation perk!)


Krista Worby


 Krista Worby studied film and theater at Columbia University in NYC before making her way to Los Angeles in 2012. She works with Anonymous Content as a producer and has worked on music videos for Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. She has produced live readings for Film Independent, and created her own web series for Funny or Die. In her free time, Krista travels the world with friends. 


Danielle Ivancich


Originally from New Jersey, Danielle received her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Penn State University in 2011 and started working in the industry in 2012. Danielle has worked as a producer’s assistant, writers PA, set PA, post PA, audience PA, office PA and production secretary on shows such as Outrageous 911 (TLC), America’s Got Talent (NBC), Suits (USA Network), and The Fosters (Freeform).  She’s also a producer and social media coordinator for Lights Camera Cure, a non-profit raising money and awareness for children fighting pediatric cancer. 



Stephanie Spetrino

Associate Producer

Stephanie calls many places home, hailing from Cleveland, OH and growing up in Seattle, WA before graduating from Miami University (OH) and buying her one-way ticket to Los Angeles. She interned for the Cleveland Browns prior to starting her entertainment career on Pretty Little Liars. Stephanie then went on to work for Warner Brothers Studio Operations, supporting a variety of productions and events ranging from commercials and live shows such as the MTV Movie Awards to TV shows including Supergirl, Shameless, Conan, Ellen, Gilmore Girls, and upcoming feature releases Live By Night and La La Land. She is currently working on Lethal Weapon for Warner Brothers Television. When she isn't busy at the studio, you can find her at a happy hour on one of her favorite patios listening to country music. Stephanie is excited to see the impact TwentyFiveish will have on viewers. Let’s make some magic happen!


Daniel Villalobos

Associate Producer

Daniel Villalobos has worked on such television shows as Pretty Little Liars, Famous In Love, and The Mentalist.  Daniel is currently partnered with Ryan Guzman as Co-CEOs of Primo Entertainment, under which they've produced a number of short films and music videos. Daniel has known since he was three years old what he wanted to do with his life. He saw Star Wars and said, “Daddy I want to be that?” Dad replied, “What? An astronaut?” The young boy exclaimed, “No I want to make those!!!” 35 years later he is working at one of the most prestigious movie lots in the world and part of the greatest cast and crew that has ever put words to pictures. The Dream Continues.  


Alexandra Offerdahl

Associate Producer

Alexandra always knew she was an artist but grew up in a family centered on business. After graduating from the University of Madison-Wisconsin, she packed up her car and drove across the country to pursue an entertainment career. She quickly learned L.A. is too big of a city to play with uncertainty so she began interning at Warner Bros. Records in the A&R department. Short after, she met a TV writer who changed her life, and perspective, by introducing her to TV writing. They co-created a lifestyle blog, AmentorAmuse following two writers in Hollywood, one who has “made it” and one who aspires to break in. Alexandra has worked in the writers’ room of CW’s The 100 and currently resides at Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars. Go Packers!


Hunter Gemmill

Post Associate Producer/Editor


Hunter Gemmill graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2013 with a B.A. in Film and Television Production. Since graduating he has worked on a variety of independently produced projects including the feature film Losing in Love, and the short film The Firefly Girls, which is currently an official selection in several upcoming international film festivals. Hunter currently works as an assistant editor on the CBS primetime drama NCIS:Los Angeles. 



Whitney Valcin

Casting Director

Casting Director and Filmmaker, Whitney Valcin is a multi-dimensional casting director with various credits in Producing, Casting Coordination and even Management. Her work includes international indies, studio features and network television. When not creating content, Valcin’s time is spent in various Los Angeles casting offices, working on feature films and television shows. Whitney is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA developing her next project. 


Alyssa Brocato

Director of Photography

Cinematographer Alyssa Brocato's work spans narrative, documentary, commercial and music video formats across the US, as well as abroad. Her passion for storytelling is repeatedly ignited and fueled by each opportunity to explore the world of a character through images. Based in Los Angeles, she is currently in pre-production on a number of short films and music videos, and excited for the future collaborations of this year! 

Current Team