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Samiat Salami

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Cat and Ade want to keep living in the city they’ve grown to love–Oakland. A place that has long ago priced them out. Watch as they justify their reasons for staying while trying to pay their rent, buy food, and keep their sense of purpose.

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Mission Statement

Uneasy the show is written, created and produced by women of color. Our characters, Cat and Ade are first gen. Ade is Nigerian-American, Cat is Mexican-American. Our goal is to humanize their experiences as young, funny, brown women trying to do their best with what they have.

The Story

About The Show:

You will ride along with Ade and Cat as they use an EBT for the 1st time, go to tech job interviews for companies they don’t understand, babysit for “peaceful” parents, deal with being POCs in academia, face housing insecurity and try to stay on top of their bills.



There isn't a lot of media that shows the in-between for WOC. We are either tragic or epitomes of success. While a lot of us are like everyone else, trying to do the best with what we have. And while HBO's Insecure is excellent and all, we need more stories! Cat and Ade are authentic, bumbling WOC trying to figure out their lives. Humanizing their experience as young, brown, funny women is the story we've all been waiting to see.




Uneasy is about the itchiness of adulting, the sadness of letting go of dreams and taking on new ones, and the discomfort that comes with living with little funds in an expensive place.


These are women that were raised on the idea that social mobility in the US is achievable by attaining higher degrees. However, they are learning that the degree alone without access to a safety net isn't enough. In the current political climate,  the ownership of our identities is imperative. There is an opportunity to explore what it means to be a Latinx who does not speak the language, but who feels the culture in her bones, and the experience of a Nigerian woman who is wanting to engage more with the Black community, but finding the chances to connect surprisingly tricky.

About The Characters:


Cat and Ade are bay area transplants, but they’re not techies. They’ve got student loans. Ade is a poet with big dreams, but she doesn’t know her pathway. Cat is first generation, but she doesn’t speak Spanish. They’ve got an invite to a party, but they should be writing. They’ve got each other, but the city says that may not be enough. They’re artists. They’re women. They’re Uneasy.


 Ade: Being a Nigerian immigrant means struggling with the pressures and expectations of her mother’s American dream for her to achieve monetary & traditional career success, juxtaposed with her dreams of being a respected poet.  Her story is important and cathartic as Nigerian immigrants become one of the largest immigrant communities in the US. As more and more young Nigerians come of age, there is a generational divide between their parents who think that their children (the first-gens) should have an easy, breezier life, in comparison to the difficulties they fled in the home country. This creates a culture of high expectations and little room for failure. If a normal 20-something year old is expected to have an apartment, job, and car, a Nigerian 20-something is expected to have all those things, plus a masters degree, a house, a young family, double-digit savings and enough savviness to become CEO, Manager or Director by their 30s. No pressure.


Cat: Cat is a Latinx born in the States who doesn’t speak Spanish, and feels most at home with her family. Outside of her family is a world that isn’t forgiving about her lack of access to the language that’s tied to her physical identity. What does a Mexican-Guatemalan look or sound like? This is a great question to ask through the nuance of Cat’s identity, especially as the US becomes even more intolerant of people from South and Central America. Cat is trying to figure out her cultural identity and who she is among her peers.  She’s very close to her family because they’ve always protected her. Other humans are frightening to her because they poke prod and ask her questions she never knew she needed the answers to.



We have worked incredibly hard to get here. So far, we have filmed 4, out of 7 episodes, but we have now run into some financial constraints. Our crew is incredibly hardworking and wholehearted committed to this project, and they deserve to be paid for their time.


Your donations will also help us cover the cost of editing, color correction, and sound mixing. We want to make a show that will make you laugh when memories of a scene crosses your thoughts. A show that makes you think and leaves a lasting impression. We need your help to make this happen. Help us put our best foot forward. We love our girl-women, Cat & Ade, and we know that you will love them too. Help us share their story with the world. 




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Help us make the show pretty with a great soundtrack and color correction.

About This Team

The Creators:


 Uneasy was born from our own life experiences as artists and women of color, with tasking day jobs trying to live and create in ever more expensive, Oakland, California. 


UNEASY’s Director and Writer: Samiat is Nigerian and if you talk to her for more than 5 minutes, you will know it. She received her MFA from the California College of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, where she browses ethical clothing shops she can’t afford. She co-writes UNEASY with Vanessa Flores.

UNEASY’S CO-WRITER: Vanessa Flores is a playwright, screenwriter, and occasional performer. She does not live in Oakland with her non-existent dog. It got too expensive. She promises she is making her way back. :/ She also received her MFA in Writing from the California College of the Arts. She co-writes UNEASY with Samiat Salami


Our Hardworking Crew


We are writers, artists, filmmakers, women of color and generally good humans trying to do what we love in a world that keeps telling us:“um...yeah...that’s probably not a good idea.” When we’re not covering our ears and going “LALALA”, we are wholeheartedly and steadfastly committed to creating stories about the joys, frustrations, ambitions, and needs of people who look like–women, artists, POCs, immigrants, and queer folk. That being said, we aren’t here to create voyeuristic accounts of struggle. We are here to humanize it.


We film UNEASY in many of our favorite corners in Oakland.


Current Team