Unfinished Business

Huntsville, Alabama | Film Feature

Horror, Mystery

Jay Burleson

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After the death of her grandmother, 22-year-old Bailey Wallace is haunted by a ghost that lurks in her house. As she pieces together the tragic history of her home, she has no choice but to face the ghost head-on, and come to terms with the truth about a past she barely remembers.

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The Story

Film-making is my life. It's the only thing I've ever really had a passion for, and I have felt the desire to create cinematic projects since I was eight years old. My childhood was spent watching any horror film I could get my hands on, and by the time I was ten years old, I had seen numerous horror classics and was already a complete genre fanatic. My grandfather owned and operated a movie theater in the small town of Sulligent, AL. for many years before I was born so I often wonder if my love for film was passed down from him. My earliest memories are not only of watching classics like Halloween, Carrie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Shining, but also of having a deep desire to create my own versions of those films.

This project is something I feel I have been working toward my entire life. I have always wanted to make a genre film and Unfinished Business is my first venture into accomplishing that goal. It is inspired by all of the previous films I mentioned but is actually nothing like them. It is my own take at creating something magical, something that hopefully will one day be recognized as a classic among the genre. There truly is something magical about a great genre film and the experience they create, and having experienced this as a fan, I want to give back by doing my best to create a memorable work of my own.

When I was 12, I went to see The Blair Witch Project on opening weekend. I can recall the trip very vividly. My mom and I were both very excited about the film and had been eating up all the marketing surrounding it. I can still remember the energy in the theater from that night. As we took our seats, we encountered a woman who was preparing for her second viewing of the film, and she told us that it was the scariest film that she had seen since the original Texas Chainsaw massacre. Even as a kid, I knew how big of a statement that was. It has long been a dream of mine to one day create a horror film that would inspire the same time of reaction from audiences, and with your help, I believe I can make that film with Unfinished Business!

I have been training my whole life for this project. Now is the time for Unfinished Business.


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Costs $2,000

Seeing is believing, and a talented director of photography is a must. Our DP comes with a camera!


Costs $1,000

We have our leading lady but we need to secure her for the project.

First Assistant Director

Costs $1,000

A key first AD is pivotal to our success.

Backup Hard Drive

Costs $270

Back-up space for our RED footage because you know we're going to need it.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $1,000

Seeing is believing but hearing the RIGHT way tells you its a movie.

Boom Operator

Costs $500

A tough job for the toughest person I know.

First Camera Assistant

Costs $750

Another important member of our skeleton crew.

Graphic Designer

Costs $600

The quicker we get out good looking promo art the better!

Location Rental Fee

Costs $250

For the basement and garage I want we are going to have to "take care" of the home-owners.


Costs $1,500

Looking to cast a few parts outside our network. This is one of them.

Dolly Grip

Costs $500

I know the best dolly grip in this state. He'd do anything for me, but I need him more than usual.

Festival Fees

Costs $200

When it's in the can we need to get it out to the best festivals. This allows us to do so.

Make Up Artist

Costs $1,100

When it gets bloody....it gets bloody.

Steadicam Operator

Costs $420

We have the gear and need the operator. Limited but important use.


Costs $310

I won't eat much but I'd like to feed the crew as many ramen noodles as they can handle..


Costs $600

We know some people that have done some things and would like them to do things with us (some again)

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Co-Writer/Director/Editor: Jay Burleson

Jay Burleson is an independent filmmaker currently living in North Alabama. He has been described as the most prolific filmmaker in the state of Alabama by Sidewalk Film Festival programmer Rachel Morgan, and his faux trailer for a lost installment of the Halloween movie franchise has screened in front of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and won the "Best Fake Trailer" award at the 2014 LOST Episode Fest in Toronto. His first feature film, the VHS inspired horror/comedy Feast of the Vampires, won the Audience Choice Award for Best Film at an Athens, AL. film festival in 2009.  Anathema Arienette, one of three feature films Burleson is currently adding finishing touches to, is set to premiere at the 17th annual Sidewalk Film Festival in August of 2015. 


Director of Photography/Producer: Ryan Sims 

Ryan Sims is a veteran filmmaker with years of experience in all aspects of the craft. Whenever Ryan would call anyone remotely involved with film and video productions, they would seem to hear over the phone that his name was Ryan Films. The F and S sound just alike across the limited audio bandwidth of phones. So hence, Ryan started calling his production company RyanFilms. Ryan is an electrical engineer and lives in north Alabama. He travels around the world doing freelance work on all sorts of audio, video and control systems for theme parks and museums. When not programming, Ryan is writing, producing, filming and editing feature length or short films.


Writer: Jamie Grefe 

Jamie Grefe is a writer dilating the realms of the bizarre, the darkly comedic, the surreal, the horrific, and the cinematic. His first book, The Mondo Vixen Massacre, was published in 2013 by Eraserhead Press. It has been described by author Stephen Graham Jones as, “…the beating heart of the action movie always playing in the back of all our reptile brains.” Grefe is also responsible for the novelization of Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington's Adult Swim web-series DECKER: CLASSIFIED, published in 2015 by Heidecker Publishing. His work appears in such venues as Birkensnake, The Bacon Review, New Dead Families, elimae, Prick of the Spindle, Sein und Werden as well as Bizarro Central. His latest book, Domo ArigaDIE!!! is available through Rooster Republic Press. Grefe is a graduate student in the New England College Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program and currently lives in northern New Mexico. His website is: http://jamiegrefe.com or follow him on Twitter @ShreddedMaps.


Sound Recordist/Composer: Jasper Lee 

Jasper Lee is a mixed-media artist and musician who has composed score music for numerous films
including You're NextThe Nobodies24 ExposuresA Horrible Way To Die and Pop Skull.
His compositions explore the intersection of the sublimely spiritual, the supernatural and the horrific.
He has recently performed at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and received a 2015 Artist Fellowship in Music from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  He is committed to supporting progressive arts in the South and is glad to be involved in the production of Unfinished Business.  His work can be found at: www.jasper-lee.com

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