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Horror, Thriller

Ashley Hargrove

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I took my short horror stories and turned them into a film series. I would like to continue this PG project for Amazon Prime and as a feature. Friends have donated time, but it gets costly to film. Many of these people have volunteered their time and their talent. Their talent has gone on further.

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Mission Statement

It doesn't matter what age we are or our abilities, horror will strike out when it can. Together, a team of primarily volunteers, those with rising talent and more, will bring these fears to life. Coming from all over as volunteers in the beginning, get ready for what lies ahead.

The Story

It takes a bit of a stomach to handle most horror films. But with Unnerving, your stomach won't have issues, but your mind may have to rethink childhood fears, legends, and true stories. With a bit of Alfred Hitchcock flair and occasional dark comedy, it's time to take a chance into several people's lives as they struggle to deal with


-monsters in the closet -


-learning to be careful asking for directions-


-to even dealing with a fear come true of clowns...


Let the actors and the crew take you in to the chilling stories...


Ashley Hargrove (Coughlin) - Creator


Harry P. Castros - Executive Producer


Eric  Williams - Director


Logen Christopher - Director


Lily Brooks O'Briant - Haley


Alex Pineiro - Paul


Carol Brown - Eve


Beverly Baker Hanley - Sherry 


Lena Sledge - Nina


Teddy Gathmann - Dean


Jk Gregg - Christina

....and many more actors and crew to tell the stories! Come join us on the journey as the actors and crew take fear to a new level. You'd be surprised what small budgets can do.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Camera rental

Costs $350

A crew has donated time & equipment; they have helped us for free before.


Costs $100

With people donating their time for up to 12 hours, would like to feed them at least.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Microphone with battery pack

Costs $162

This total includes 4 microphone and battery packs for the main actors to use. About $38 on Amazon.

Makeup and Costumes

Costs $50

Covers clothes and makeup for the main actors & pays makeup crew.

Props and Other

Costs $30

Includes blackout curtains, props, etc.

Cast Fee, Gas, Other

Costs $300

Covers gas, cast, pa, and homeowner loaning us location.

About This Team

What can I say about my team? They come from all over! Some have come from Atlanta, others Nashville, Huntsville, and more. Many have donated their time and resources to help us raise funding, including what local companies in the past have helped us with. Each episode is generally shot in a day, with everyone putting in about twelve hours. Many members of my team work around busy schedules but have helped put in heart and sweat to achieve a dream that many have yet been able to do, but only fantasize about.

Current Team