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untouchable is a comedy short film inspired by true stories about the pains of growing up. Originally a one-woman show, now turned into a film! It tells the story of a girl growing up while navigating and overcoming limitations, bullying, and learning what it means to be a "good" person.

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Mission Statement

The untouchable team is made up of a majority of female creatives. We who hope making this film will help all the late bloomers, small bloomers - heck, any type of bloomer! - feel seen by telling the ugly, honest, and relatable stories of growing up...all while having a good giggle!

The Story

Originally a one-woman show inspired by the real-life experiences of writer/actress Aimee Paxton, untouchable tells the story of a girl growing up while navigating and overcoming limitations, bullying, and learning what it means to be a "good" person. 

Aimee's one-woman show.

Aimee grew up with complications, both physically and socially, due to her comically small size. At the young age of 3, Aimee was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which came with all sorts of pains. Later, she endured another round of testing for a mysterious hip diagnosis around age 12 resulting in the use of a crutch, adding to the already awkward situations a budding teen has to navigate. 

Aimee and her twin brother.

The film strings together Aimee's years in elementary, middle, and high school seamlessly, taking us all along for the ride. She experiences crushes and being crushed, youth group confusion and guilt, peer (and teacher!) bullies, and even being the mascot for an important basketball game (there is a chicken suit involved). Throughout the film, Aimee will be breaking the fourth wall as she narrates her way through the experiences of her adolescent years. 

Think Fleabag meets Lizzie McGuire!

untouchable is sincere, humorous, absurd, and a little meta. Aimee will be constantly breaking the fourth wall as she narrates her way through the experiences of her adolescent years.

Visually untouchable will be as loud and playful as the era the story is set in, lovingly referred to as Y2K. 

This film’s artistic team knows firsthand that being a kid during the early to mid-2000s meant being surrounded by bright and obnoxious colors, smiley faces and flower power, kitsch textures, and bling as far as the eye could see.

Us living our best 2000s childhoods.

Not only will the film’s Mise-en-scène ring true to the memories the script is based on, but it will also serve as a juxtaposition to the heartbreaking experiences our main character is experiencing throughout her school years. Because our character’s small size is the root of her limitations and bullying, we also plan on exploring filmmaking methods that play with the perspective and size of the characters.

Aimee's drawings from the development of the one-woman show.


The memories have been experienced…those experiences have been written into a script…and now it’s time to turn the script into a short film. We have an excellent production team ready to go, we just need one last thing...your support!

To be honest, the untouchable team is pretty good at bootstrapping productions - we have all made films with zero budgets by asking for LOTS of favors from family and friends. BUT as we have matured as creatives (and have run out of IOU vouchers) we are ready to do things right. We are ready to finally be able to pay folks for their incredible talents, time, and labor. We are excited to be able to put money into our Spokane community by filming at local schools, theaters, and studio locations. And we are ready to give this important story the love and care (and cash) it deserves. By making this film, we hope to make all late bloomers, small bloomers - heck, any type of bloomer! - feel seen by telling the ugly yet honest stories of growing up - so we want to do this right!


The untouchable creative trifecta working on a previous set together.

 (Rachel, Kendra, and...can you spot Aimee?)

Anyways...that's where you come in! We need your help in raising the funds to help us do this story justice. Production is planned for summer 2023 and raised funds will be used to hire local crew/filmmakers/creatives for the production, rent equipment, arrange original music, secure locations and, of course, feed folks! 

If you pledge your support in the first 24 hours, you will get a special early bird incentive! You will be a part of the inaugural class of the untouchable yearbook! Your photo and chosen quote will be included in a yearbook spread featured in the film (example below)!!

Pledging in the first 24 hours is the best way to ensure our campaign's success. But definitely within the first 48 hours. This will help us create the buzz and momentum we need to make it to the finish line. 

Seed & Spark requires that we raise at least 80% of our goal for the project to be funded. We must reach this goal in 30 days or we don't receive any of the funds at all. 

So pretty please, if you're willing, join the club and pledge your support!


Here are some way you can help:

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  • Seed&Spark Campaign: Simply ‘follow’ our campaign on Seed&Spark! When we hit 250 followers we will unlock filmmaker rewards to support and elevate the project! 500 followers will get us a one-on-one distribution strategy consultation with Seed&Spark!

  • Getting the word out is almost more important than any monetary support! To make things easy, below are some custom graphics and a quick blurb of text to use on your socials:

@untouchable.short.film is a comedy short film about the pains of growing up (inspired by true stories), set in the early 2000s. Originally a one-woman show, now turned into a film! You can help make this film come to life by pledging your support on @seedandspark!

While our goal of $10,000 will help us greenlight production (yay!), reaching the following stretch goals would help us unlock additional ways to make this film the best version it can be:

  • If we reach $12,000, would be able to afford insurance to keep our production protected! It would also help with us with funds to submit to film festivals so that we can share the film with the world!

  • If we reach $15,000, we would be able to put the funds towards finishing the film including color, original composition and sound design, and some add some animation.

  • If we reach $20,000, we would be able to hire an original band to perform some original bops for the film.

Besides being our #1, you will enjoy some fetch incentives for joining our team. Check out the incentives listings for all the deets, but our personal favorites are: we will predict your future with your very own M.A.S.H. game, cute temporary tattoos, a fun virtual meetup of your choice, and a custom baseball cap featuring some of favorite quotes from the film. Bonus: All supporters who pledge $100 or more will get a private link to the finished film before it makes it's way to the festival circuit!




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $600

Y2K has a very distinct sound. Help us hire a composer to create original bops for the film!


Costs $600

Help us secure authentic filming locations, including local spots from our own Spokane childhoods!

Craft Services

Costs $800

Food for fuel for our hard working crew!

Equipment Rentals

Costs $1,000

For renting gear from local equipment houses.

Production Design

Costs $1,000

To build the Y2K world of our childhoods, we will need some authentic props, costumes & set design!

Post - Production

Costs $1,000

Help us pay the folks who put the film all together - from color correction to sound design.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Local Production Crew

Costs $5,000

We need to pay our hardworking crew for their labor and time. No crew means no movie!

About This Team


Aimee Paxton - Actor/Writer/Producer

Aimee (she/her/hers) has recently graduated from University of Montana earning a Masters in Fine Arts with a focus in Acting and a BA in Theatre from Eastern WA University.  She has an extensive background in acting training and performance starting at an early age performing in theatre.  untouchable originated as a graduate final creative project under guidance of Bernadette Sweeney.  After COVID canceled live performances, graduates were tasked with writing and performing one-person shows.  Since the filmed premiere at University of Montana, Aimee has since workshopped the show with screenwriters Marcia and Geoffrey Blake through the Working Actor’s Studio and has transformed the theatre piece into a screenplay.  As an actress and writer, Aimee is passionate about bringing a voice to those who might not feel heard.  She has worked on several features, shorts, and commercials in the pacific northwest since completing grad school.


Kendra Ann Sherrill - Director/Producer

Kendra (she/her/hers) has a passion for making films about adolescence and all the joys and pains that come with it. Her last short film, A Dreamer’s Melody screened at over 20 children’s film festivals around the world. She currently works as the Director of the Children’s Film Festival Seattle and the Editor for the children’s television series Look, Listen, and Learn. She was recently appointed as the Manager of Development for the Children’s Media Association, a nonprofit organization of media industry professionals who are committed to creating and distributing thoughtful, entertaining media to children and young adults. Kendra graduated from the Film Program at Eastern Washington University where she was awarded the Best Director and Best Feature-Length Screenplay awards. 


Rachel Baker - Producer

Rachel Baker (she/her/hers) is Spokane-based producer and writer. By day she is a producer in commercial video production, and by other days she is the producer on the micro-budget feature film Rodentia, which involves a little bit of everything from organizing shoots, to make-up and haircuts, craft services, special effects, and whatever else needs doing. She has dabbled in directing with a debut short film From Home, which appeared at Terrain and Made in Spokane film festival. Her writing has appeared in The Spokesman-Review. 


Garrett Elmer - Director of Photography

Garrett (he/him/his) held his grandmother's video camera at 10 and it changed his life. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in film from Eastern Washington University. His thesis film, The Boondogglers, received best narrative short at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. He met many of his future collaborators at school, who are currently in post-production on Garrett's first feature, Rodentia.


Adam Gaulke - Producer, Camera & Lighting

Adam (he/him/his) is a filmmaker born and raised in Washington State, currently living in Seattle. He has a passion for directing, editing, writing, acting, comedy, and cinematography - so, everything related to film! He currently works as an Editor/Cinematographer for the Seattle production company Playfish Media. 


Cris Vázquez de Mercado - Production Designer

Cris (they/them/theirs) is a Cinema Programmer and artist living in Seattle, WA. Ever since they were a child, they loved going to the movies and renting VHS tapes. This introduced their love for film props and set design. Cris would often transform the interior of their dollhouse and create props for their stuffed animals. They began dabbling with production design in college when they worked on their short film Out of Print, which won an audience choice award at NFFTY. Post college, Cris began working at Northwest Film Forum, which offered them many opportunities to create props and sets for festivals and parties. They were then offered a role as a set dresser for Vee Hua's short film Reckless Spirits. Cris is honored and excited to be able to continue their passion with the talented untouchable crew!

Current Team