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WE ARE IN A VISIBILITY CRISIS! Queer women make up 2% of tv characters and in 2016, 18 female queer characters have already been killed. The representation and longevity of our storylines are at risk. With the support of an all female cast and crew we bring to you queer ladies that are eternal.

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The Story

Growing up as a closeted teenager, too scared to reach out, the only safe route to better understand my feelings came in the form of film and television.   However, whenever a queer storyline was presented, it quickly dissipated after a few episodes relegating lesbian relationships to the realm of “just a phase” and further alienating the feelings of LGBT youth.



While the LGBT community has made great strides toward equality in the world we live in, queer female visibility in Hollywood has trailed behind. Perhaps the number of LGBT characters has grown, but this alone should not satisfy.  Our community should not be content with having to sift through hours of narrative on any given television show to find ten minutes of queer content.  The queer female protagonist is still a rarity and the queer female protagonist, written by a member of the very community they represent, is virtually non-existent.  Our community deserves storylines told from a queer perspective, from our perspective. This is our mission.



Vida follows the style of cult favorites like Buffy the Vampire and Heathers. It is a campy homage to nineties riotgrrl trends filled with teenage angst, buckets of blood and repressed adolescent sexuality. 


The only thing 17-year-old Vida desires is to play her violin and avoid all social interactions, especially those with her wannabe instagram famous roommate.  However, her masochistic isolation is overthrown when a Courtney Love obsessed lesbian vampire accidentally turns Vida into one of her own. Now, as Vida fights to suppress her sexuality and starvation, she must deal with both her new sire, who keeps pushing Vida to accept who she is, and her sweet smelling roommate, who just wants to Netflix and chill… under Vida’s covers.



Vida aims to bring young lesbian protagonists to the queer youth of today. It will be crafted by an all female cast and crew that consists of multiple queer women eager to fill the void for youth struggling with their identities. Help us #ressurectourgays.




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Camera, Lenses and Accessories

Costs $1,600

Since we have a lot of dark, night scenes, we want to shoot on a Red and need a good variety of cinema lenses to get the best shots!

Lights, Stands, Etc...

Costs $500

Because if not you won't be able to see anything.


Costs $500

You're gonna wanna hear me.

Craft Services Food

Costs $300

Unfortunately, the cast and crew of Vida aren't actual vampires...

Blood, fangs, and eyeliner

Costs $400

Some vampires sparkle. Ours look dead.


Costs $500

In case anyone slips on the buckets of blood we're using...or if we run out of blood.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Nicole Santiago obtained a B.A. in her hometown at San Francisco State University and has since then focused on writing and directing short films and music videos. This fall, she will begin the Film Directing MFA program at Cal Arts. 


Nance Messineo met Nicole while attending San Francisco State University where she worked on dozens of productions including short films that went on to countless film festivals. She received her BA in Cinema with a focus in cinematography.


Lisette Lastra is a Chilean-born actress, producer, director and production designer. She has won multiple international awards for her acting and is following her career with passion.


Veronica Warner is an actor and general funnyperson in Los Angeles. No stranger to the world of entertainment, Veronica switched to the front of the camera in early 2016 and has barely regretted it since. 


Mercedes Segesvary ia Hungarian-American playwright, screenwriter and Fine Art illustrator. In 2008, she created Hugi The Great Productions to support the artistic pursuits of funky little sisters around the world.


Marissa Barrientos graduated from SFSU with a BA in Cinema, emphasis in Screenwriting and Producing. She now lives in Los Angeles where she works as the casting and development coordinator of a television production company by day, and writer and advocate of homeless youth awareness by night and actively uses her degree as a dustpan. 

Current Team