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The life of a struggling young woman takes a surprise turn when a troubled teen finds her private video journal. This project is being developed as part of an initiative to contribute to a more widespread dialogue on mental health.

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The Story


A few years ago, I started blogging again for the last time. I say this because I had made several attempts before, starting and stopping and then starting and stopping again. Without going too far into specifics, all previous attempts to write publicly in a sustain way failed because I wasn't ready to be authentic. There was a lot I still had to work through as a person before I could really be myself, whether when writing online or even in life. Up until recently, whenever I bumped up against that truth, I cut my losses and shut down.

But things have been different this time.

My journey back into online personal writing coincided with the almost spur-of-the-moment decision to make Multiverse, my recently completed short film about an agoraphobic young woman who braves a night out in New York City and is confronted by an increasingly isolating series of strange events. The production of that film, in addition to some changes I've made in my life in recent years, finally brought me to a place where I realized I could really begin connecting with other people, as myself.

Still, sometimes -- and I don't think I'm unique in this as a writer or even as a young American who grow up in a hyper-connected era -- I am nonetheless left feeling like it's easier to express myself and connect, at least initially, online rather than in person. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, depending on where we all place our own particular thresholds.

I was able to begin really connecting with people, after living too many years bouncing between periods of isolation and abandon, by slowly expressing myself to myself in my personal writing. Similarly, I feel like Multiverse provided a huge boost to my development as a more complete and authentic person. In collaborating with my cast and crew to produce something so deeply personal, I found myself drawn closer to the world.

This new project, The Videoblogs -- in many ways its the story of my journey back into the world after a stretch of years that weren't completely unhappy but were punctuated by long stretches of confusion, anxiety and depression. While I've always been an optimist at bottom, it's also the first story I've attempted to tell that doesn't originate completely from a cynical or fatalistic standpoint.

I feel like there's a lot to this story that could hopefully get people talking about some important subjects, particularly the importance of engaging in a more widespread dialogue about mental health as well as the potential positive applications of using new communications technologies for personal expression. I'd love for you to join me and the entire Videoblogs team on our journey.


Writer + Filmmaker


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Make Up Artist

Costs $1,000

Our leading ladies don't even need makeup but it's a good idea to have someone on hand anyway.

Production Manager

Costs $800

Help us help one of our main crew members reserve our shoot days on his freelance work schedule.


Costs $800

Everyone needs to get one, at some point or another. This person will help us light and shoot.

Production Office Rental

Costs $195

"Can I call you right back? I'm in a meeting that our Seed and Spark supporters helped make happen."

Casting Director

Costs $200

We do our own Casting, but have to pay to rent space for auditions and callbacks.

Production Insurance

Costs $3,000

We need to ensure that we are insured.


Costs $1,000

Zach and Alex need to get to BROOKLYN - all the way from QUEENS - for most shoot days. Woah.


Costs $4,100

Alex in particular gets HANGRY. See pitch video.

Craft Services Food

Costs $750

Help us supply our Cast and Crew with a steady stream of energy to go with their hopes and prayers.

Prop Package

Costs $500

This line item could use a little "Propping Up". So could our jokes. Geez.

Accessories - Stabilizers

Costs $75

We need a low-cost stabilizer we can beat up for our main camera.

Wireless Lav Kit Rentals

Costs $900

"WHAT?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!?" Without these mics, that could become an actual problem.

Lowel DP Light and Acessories

Costs $300

We have a few lights. We need one more for some extra illumination on dark lonely nights.

Compact HD - HD DSLR

Costs $200

We're hoping to grab cheap B and C cam rentals for a few days that have larger setups.


Costs $2,000

Minimum day rates for our wonderful union actors. They work hard! Help us compensate them!

Hard Drive

Costs $1,200

Gonna have a lotta (awesome) footage. Needa store it for editing and gotta BACK IT UP like a truck.

Sound Designer

Costs $1,750

Michael can handle the rest of post if necessary, but we need a real pro to mix the film.

Mesh Wire Screen Material

Costs $200

We're shooting a lot during the day, and this is a cheap DIY way to cut down light in windows.

SAG Deposit

Costs $330

This will help us pay Pension and Health benefits under our contract with SAG-AFTRA.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $700

"WHAT?!" We need a little extra help with production sound on some days with larger setups.

About This Team

Michael DiBiasio
Writer and Director

Michael is a Writer/Director based in New York City. He grew up in Cranston, RI. In addition to his work on the The Videoblogs, Michael has written and directed three short films, helped produce a fourth, and is developing several feature-length screenplays and one dramatic TV pilot. His work has appeared on his desk and in his head and, occasionally, on a big screen in front of nice people. He blogs regularly and existentially, about writing, independent film, social justice, and other fun topics, at his web site: Michael is also active on The Twitter (@MichaelDiBiasio).

Michael lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two kids who aren’t kids at all (really just a dog and a cat). He recently wrote a short book.


Rebecca De Ornelas
Creative Producer and Lead Actor

Rebecca is super excited to be producing her third film and first feature! She's been on the acting train for quite a while now, working most recently with Alice Spivak's OnTheRoadRep and on some crazy videos with The Motel Staff. She is looking forward to working on this amazing project (especially Phase Two!) with these amazing people at this amazing point in her life. Check out more amazing stuff on her website at


Clara Peterson
Supervising Producer

Clara is an independent Producer and Writer in New York City. She currently works full time producing virtual events for the live streaming start-up, Watchitoo, and spends her free time working on independent films and web content. You can find her essays, stories and ever-enlightened commentary here and here.


Zach Nading
Associate Producer

Zach Nading has a degree in Playwriting from Slippery Rock University. He currently creates sketch comedy via The Motel Staff YouTube page. The 26 year old Actor/Writer hopes to make it as a Best Boy Grip someday.


Alex Hollock
Associate Producer

Alex is half of the comedic YouTube duo, The Motel Staff. Aside from comedy, Alex is an Actor from Pittsburgh, PA. You can find him killing or being killed on Discovery ID.


Emily Laue
Consulting Producer, Production Manager

Emily Laue has worked on both coasts as a Producer, Production Manager, Director and Actor. After obtaining a BFA in Theatre in Vancouver, BC, she went on to focus primarily in production work on feature and short films and music videos. Emaily has since worked in Seattle, Vancouver and Los Angeles and now lives and works in New York.


Liam Billingham
Consulting Producer

Liam Billingham is a filmmaker and theatre director based in Brooklyn, NY. He directed the award-winning one-woman show 'Human Fruit Bowl,' and his most recent short film 'Future Perfect' has played all over the USA. He's thrilled to be helping his pals Michael and Rebecca on The Videoblogs. You can see some of his work and get updates at





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