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Over the years I've gotten many questions from others wondering what it's like to be adopted,as well as being a black woman to be raised by parents of a different ethnicity. Supporting Viktory is a support for shedding greater light on the experiences of transracial adoptees and their families.

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Mission Statement

Interracial adoptees and their families are a growing demographic in an already under represented subset of American people.It's important to see these experiences represented on screen, as part of a wider discussion about Black Identity as well as the real challenges facing foster parents.

The Story

 Is she the girl from the south side or the girl who made it out?


This question was at the center of my mind while writing the pilot episode for this series. It was a famaliar question, one that had dogged the steps of my childhood growing up in the subbarbs of Chicago with parents of a different race. Getting to a point where I could fully understand the distinction between the two women - one I was told I should be greatful to leave behind me, and the other a demanding stranger who always seemed to be changing based on other peoples expectations. Figuring out who you are is hard enough for any kid, but it is uniquely difficult for children who are being raised cross culturaly. 




It's estimated that every year, 40,000 children enter the social service system in the US. Viktory is one girl, coping with the sudden shattering of her family through the belief in a dream, that one day she will dance again with her mother.



We hope to use this short to create interest in a larger telivision series that tackles the realities of interracial adoption. We've all heard stories about the foster care system, and we might even know someone who was adopted. Viktory personalizes the struggles as well as the triumphs of an under represented side of American family life, and encourages those who live it to carry on a much needed conversation.


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About This Team

Kimberly Wehr is a logrew up in the subarbs of Chicago. She came to live with her foster parents when she was 4 years old and is proud to be a part of a large, diverse, and typically dysfunctional american family.




I write stories for people, no matter what color or creed - but since there is a lack out there, coming from folks like me, I'm focusing on being the change I want to see. As a child of adoption I've always hungered for stories. Reading was my escape into worlds that made better sense and writing them was a natural progression into taking back control of my own life. I would like to see more stories like mine out there, dealing with the under-realized hardships of adoption. Love IS enough. But love is WORK.


Partnering as Producer is Dre Robinson.


Dre is a writer, director, producer, and editor who was born and raised in Chicago. He started his career in theatre, working with some of the top theatre companies in the world including The Goodman Theatre, The Second City, and Congo Square Theatre Company. With over 20 years of experience, Dre has produced a number of film and theatrical productions. He has worked with Nike, NBA, World Basketball Association, Wells Fargo, and Fisk University.  He studied theatre at USC and film at Columbia College Chicago. Dre’s passion for film started when he was a child. “Ever since my mom took me out of school to go see Raiders of the Lost Ark, I knew that I wanted to be apart of this magical world”. 


In the Directors chair we have Stephanie Jeter. 


Stephanie Jeter is an award-winning filmmaker from Chicago. Her latest project, "Searching for Isabelle", is currently touring North America and will be available on Amazon Prime in early 2019. Stephanie's body of work is comprised of projects which have strong and complex women of color at its center. She was instantly enamored with "Viktory" because of its well-written characters and unique perspective on transracial adoption. She's excited to be on the "Viktory" team, and can't wait to bring this story to audience across the globe.

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