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After a night of unwanted attention out dancing, Vivían wakes up the next day to find herself struggling to achieve her goals over the years, from college to her career, as her reality unravels and a looming stalker pays her a visit. Vivian must face a hidden truth if she's to fight for survival.

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Mission Statement

We have a cast and crew of 55% female- heading most departments- to create equal work opportunity and balance out the protagonist's voice for audience inclusion. Incorporating a blend of subgenres, we aim to bring spectacular imagery, leaving viewers with a nightmare vivid enough to call to action.

The Story

Vivían, first a young college student, goes out for a night of dancing only to narrowingly escape back home with the help of a stranger at the right place at the right time. However, as soon as the next morning, her routine and set path for personal success are interrupted by a suppressed and burgeoning truth that only seems to be growing more violent over the years and the faceless stalker that, if it wasn't for his unnerving big-brother presence, would look like any other man.

Finally no longer able to run away from this growing darkness, Vivían comes face to face with her demons and quite literally fights for her life while finding and realizing either a higher truth, or a new place to hide.
At its heart, Vivían is a story about how fragile our minds are and how trust plays a huge component in not only the way we manage our relationships with the world and the people around us but how we manage our own mental well-being as a direct result.

Genre is a unique vessel to carry the weight of important or heavy issues. The filmmakers are committed to preserving the message faithfully while layering our narrative with horrific imagery, juxtaposed with an unassuming visual style. Drawing inspiration from classics such as striking color in Dario Argento's psychedellic-horror Suspiria, body horror visual effects from the likes of De Palma's Carrie, The Fly by Cronenberg and a frighteningly surrealist confusion from films such as Jacob's Ladder and I'm Thinking of Ending Things. While also dropping subtle commentary on women in the genre, we aim to bring a visceral viewing experience and a conversation while delivering a good scare just in time for the Spooky season!








We believe this story is timeless- In that we see this narrative has happened to people of all color and gender. In the horror that it is, we want to call attention to such a narrative and present a familiar topic in a different perspective. After experiencing the trauma and isolation- little or big- of the last year, we believe the thematic concept of self-isolation and uncertain fear will serve as beacon for which to connect and hook audiences, before sinking them in the depths of  this story. We don't know when we will get out this but we have seen the power of film and entertainment benefit many during this pandemic and strive to deliver a powerful movie while we're still here.

Our production team consists of local and regional talent, consisting of a 55% women- in most of our film's major departments- and 42% hispanic and persons of color. Comitted to representing and including all voices and visions, our cast and crew are excited to bring awareness to this story while utilizing everyone's talents to bring a truly exhilarating picture. Read more about our crew of talented creatives here!

As with every picture, we are adamant about involving our local community and small businesses in any capacity! Whether it's scouting for resources or meal security, just as with our relationships with collaborative efforts, providing opportunity for our communities to propser with each other is paramount.

We understand that we are working in uncertain times. With the safety precautions set in by our state's film commission, we are able to work within precautions, following guidelines to ensure everyone is being safe and doing all we can to prevent the spread. All cast and crew will be directed to get a covid test with resources we have gathered to keep our cast and crew safe and up to date on their options. Temperature checks and sanitation ambassadors will be present. We are all doing our part, not only to ensure everyone's safety on our set and beyond but also- as we have seen in recent months- to provide job opportunities for freelance workers in the local Texas Film Industry while providing quality and thought provoking content. Seeing how important film and media are to us over the last year, we plan to create something great and storm the gates at the end of all this with you.

Once we have completed our final product, we aim to begin to package the film you helped produce to send off to film festivals such as SXSW, Austin Film Festival, Atlanta International- even some abroad! After Vivían's festival run that we aim to start late 2021 and into 2022, we plan to have Vivían available for streaming online!

But that's not where the adventure stops...

By contributing to the production value of this short film, you are also contributing to the future of Vivían as a feature film. WHILE we are submitting and entering festivals, we will be packaging Vivían The Short film into our production book & financing plan to serve as our sizzle reel for seeking financing for the feature film version of Vivían.

See how you can get involved and aboard the train as an executive producer for both the short film AND the feature film.


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Texas Crew

Costs $2,650

Job creation! Using local creatives that make this magic, we want to help them in an uncertain time!

Texas Cast

Costs $500

Local to the Austin area, our cast will deliver a haunting performance in their final act.

Grip and Electric Package

Costs $620

Lights, C-stands, Dollys! Local Grip and Electric Equipment rental fees.

Camera Package

Costs $630

Camera, Rokinon Lenses, monitors and more rental fees!

Special FX makeup

Costs $400

Tipping the hat to classic horror, we want to use practical special effects to strike a nerve.


Costs $400

Help feed our cast and crew during those long nights they have ahead of them!

COVID-19 precuations

Costs $300

Help keep our cast and crew safe with with PPE and testing.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Amadeus Gonzalez- Writer/Director/Producer

A self-proclaimed Movie-Nerd and storyteller from an early age, Amadeus has been involved with independent film since 2013. Upon moving to Austin, Texas, Amadeus established New Revolution Studios and began building a network of local Texas cast and crew to produce the short films, Music from Another Room, A Fair Game and the Seed&Spark Greenlit film Watchers! Incorporating time and place as more than a setting but a character in his works while exhibiting the diverse beauty of Texas cities and landscapes, Amadeus constantly strives to produce work that engross and involve audiences further than screen.

Kasey Schafler- Producer

Raised in a small town in Texas, Kasey Schafler has been in the film industry since 2013 when an opportunity in her last semester at Texas State University took her to Willie's Luck Ranch to be a volunteer for a music event that is now known as Luck Reunion. After one of the producers of the event asked if she would be interested in working on the indie film Lumberjack Man in the coming months, she graciously accepted and has been working ever since. Still working at Luck Reunion yearly as a production assistant, Kasey has spent most of her film career as a PA in local Texas productions including three productions with New Revolution Studios. 


Maria Forsythe- Director of Photography

Maria Forsythe is a cinematographer and storyteller born and raised in the beautiful Austin, Texas. She studied filmmaking at The University of Texas, where she developed her eye for telling unique stories of the individual- those seemingly average experiences that can touch the hearts of many. Her career has taken her to a variety of jobs, including teaching film for three years and editing for Apple Support Youtube channel, with her particular passion in cinematography and the art of visual storytelling. Now she is a freelance filmmaker here in Austin and is beyond excited to partner with the amazing Vivian team to tell an important story.


Rachel Corbin- Visual Effect Makeup

An Austin, TX native, Rachel works as a makeup artist after graduating from the makeup program at Avane Five Institute in 2018. She not only be taking on the head of the makeup department but will be the Key VFX makeup artist in her first collaboration with New Revolution Studios.




Chiara McCarty- Vivian

Originally from Ortona, Italy, Chiara has been performing on stage and on screen for the last 15 years. After graduating high school, she moved to Los Angeles and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, followed by the Theatre Academy at Los Angeles City College, a three year theatre conservatory. It was during this time that her love and passion for the craft of acting truly developed. She believes there is great power in storytelling, and she hopes to tell stories that inspire, that open people's minds to different perspectives, that give hope, that shine a light in dark places, and that give a voice to the voiceless.


Matt Blackwell- Faceless

Originally from Houston, Texas, Matt moved to Austin in 2008 to pursue music and was surprised to soon fall in love with the film community. Having always wanted to make film and acting a part of his life, he studied Drama at Austin Community College and began taking on acting roles in 2012. Matt regularly works as crew on film productions in town, as well as plays guitar and sings as the frontman and primary songwriter of his band, Gamma Dog.

Current Team