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The film industry has expanded beyond Hollywood, democratizing the business. WATCHERS is a film set in this iconic city but shot in a land far away - Austin, TX. Here we can also create films that emulate a traditional standard that before now were only shot in one place - California.

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The Story

The Watchers production team wants to create a short film that touches on how society idolizes celebrities on a status of diety and/or passive distractions.

"What's the harm?"

These "gods" usually consist of actors, actresses, musicians & singers, the rich and known; and with this fame comes an understanding. 


As seen in films like HOLLYWOODLAND and THE BLACK DAHLIA, there's a darkness under the lit up Hollywood sign, and we are breaking the fourth wall by focusing on the PEOPLE in this business - while still suspending audiences in their seats.


In order to remain at the top, there is sacrifice.



Society has desensitized itself to reality by distracting themselves with trivial matters related to celebrities. When all we care about are fake notions, how are we able to recognize what really matters? When decadent industies, unwilling to adapt to change and depend on their human assets, how can love conqueor profit?

What's given is one side of the story. The glamour and nice things come at a cost, and when we fail to recognize this - then we are only half way absorbing what's really going on.


With Watchers we want to remind people that such distractions and leashes haven't always existed, and to think they just formed on their own is foolish. It's time to see both sides of the lense.


We want you to be a part of a film movement.

With the opening up of digital streaming networks and digital filmmaking, the stage is opening up for more creative voices- giving independent film a new standard and respectibility. and amongst industry players and audiences in theaters and in their own living rooms.

Be part of that history.


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Grip Gear, Lighting & Camera Rental

Costs $1,200

Local filmmakers are willing to rent equipment if brought onto crew. We need someone within our budget.

Transportation Expenses

Costs $50

We want to set some of our budget aside to assist with gas... or for bribing local musicians to let us use their vans for carpooling!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

10 to 15 Locations

Costs $4,100

We aspire to mimic Hollywood and its glamour. We are in Austin, TX, but there are locations in the area that will make viewers "see" LA.

Make Up and Wardrobe

Costs $500

The lead roles are celebrity actors who are expected to look and dress a certain way. They and those around them have to be believable.

Props & Production Design

Costs $500

After we lock our locations, we need to be able to dress our sets to finalize the transformation of Austin into Hollywood.


Costs $500

We have talent working at indie rates, and the more we raise; the more we can spread the love to those bringing art to life.

Indie Crew

Costs $2,050

Our talented pre-production, production and post team of 25 filmmakers are working for an indie rate and we are lucky to have them.

About This Team


Amadeus M. Gonzalez was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. Upon briefly studying Theater/Television/Film at The University of Colorado Denver, Amadeus moved in 2013 to establish NAC Pictures in the early wave of art and filmmaking rising in Austin, TX-- what he refers to as the soon-to-be "New Hollywood”. With the inception of NAC, Amadeus wrote, directed, produced & successfully funded an Indiegogo campaign for The Pioneer (2015), a self-budgeted, short prequel to a prospective feature film. Influenced by self-starter and uncompromising filmmakers of the 90's film scene, Amadeus is determined to produce quality work and help put Texas on the map for filmmaking in the new American century.


Watchers will be Amadeus’ third directorial effort & second with NAC Pictures.




Ellie grew up in Willow Park, TX just outside of Fort Worth. She studied Film and Media Studies at the University of Tampa and moved to Austin in August 2013. She immediately started interning for the Austin Film Society and now works in their offices on the studio lot. She has immersed herself in the filmmaking community in ATX, and has worked on both commercial and indie productions. 


Watchers is Ellie’s debut short film since entering the indie filmmaking scene with NAC Pictures, a production company she co-founded.




Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Mark graduated high school early in order to serve in the Army to help with college tuition. After 3 years in service, Mark attended film school at MediaTech Institute in Dallas, TX. There, he worked various positions on sets for Telemundo and Fox Sports, as well as local commercials. Most recently, Mark wrote and directed the short film titled, The White Room.




Jackie grew up in a small town in west Texas, entering the military while still in high school. After several years in the U.S. Army Reserves, including a deployment to Baghdad, Iraq in 2004, she attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a radio, television, and film degree. Since graduation, she has also studied architecture, drafting, and scenic painting. Jackie has worked in the film, video game, and media industries and continues to focus the majority of her freelance work in production design, photography, and drafting projects. When she's not working, she's busy enjoying family life as a wife and mother to her beautiful three-year-old daughter and handsome 18-month-old son. 




(bio to come)

What you need to know is that this woman is talented and was extremely supportive and helpful to our production.




(bio to come)

He was a true artist with hair and gave Anne Tate her glamorous look. 



Phillip is an LA based composer for Film, TV, and Video Games. Starting out as a classical and metal guitarist, he quickly became immersed in production and composition while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston. His constant desire to discover new music and sounds has lead to a wide range of composition styles, allowing him to more effectively aid in the telling of each story he works on. While in LA, Phillip has worked under composers Kevin Kiner, and Bear McCreary, and his work has been aired on The CW, Amazon, Netflix, SyFy, TLC and AMC. Most recently you can hear his music on the documentary series Making A Murderer.


This will be Phillip's second collaboration with Amadeus M. Gonzalez. 


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