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Tom Grahsler

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Welcome to Deathfest is a labor of love profiling Maryland Deathfest. We need to clear music rights to ensure that bands get their fair share. In the DIY spirit of the fest and film, we are raising funds to bring this movie to market. 100 % of proceeds go to bands and fees. Please help us get there.

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The Story


They make the pilgrimage from across the region, country and world. They come to see bands like Bolt Thrower, Electric Wizard and Neurosis. They wait all year for the four days that make up Maryland Deathfest, and then they rage.


But metal is more than blast beats and riff worship. It’s about community, passion and exploration. Sure there’s corpse paint, beer and piss.  Fights break out and some people get arrested, but this isn’t “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.” This is two high school friends who love music and all that it inspires.


What started out as a small death metal festival has turned into the country’s premier extreme music ritual. While other fests depend on corporate sponsors and beer banners to pay for everything, Ryan Taylor and Evan Harting have dedicated their lives to doing it on their own. They book the bands, they book the hotels, they book the vendors and they book the venues. Their staff is made of friends that work for free or in exhance for tickets. It's as DIY as you can get. This is what goes on behind the scenes when no one is looking.


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E&O Insurance

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E&O Insurance is for Errors and Omissions. That means that the film is legally insulated from any litigation stemming from rights disputes.

Music Supervisor

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We need someone with experience and connections to negotiate music rights to make sure the artists are getting their fair share.

Music Licensing

Costs $7,000

Music licensing has been the number one issue keeping WTD from being released. With licensing secure, we can legally get our film out.

Distribution Deliverables

Costs $2,000

If we hit our fundraising goal, Seed & Spark offers digital distribution. This money will cover the associated fees, as well as DVD printing

About This Team

Tom Grahsler is an NYC-based producer/editor from Philadelphia. He has done everything from post production, location audio, and field producing. His work has appeared on Discovery, National Geographic, Viceland and Animal Planet. He is currently a producer for Travel + Leisure at Time Inc. 


Alicia Lozano is a producer and multimedia journalist from Los Angeles. She covers everything from Gwar to cannabis policy. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, POLITICO, PBS NewsHour, WTOP and La Opinion Spanish-language newspaper. She likes metal and mythology, and is currently based out of Philadelphia, PA.



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