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Welcome to the Forties is a comedy-drama centered around four women of color and how they navigate love and friendships in a new decade in life. Shanieka, Nicole, Lisa and Tiffany discover new perspectives about themselves and each other as they experience living life in the middle.

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Mission Statement

The series is written, co-directed and produced by a Black woman in her forties and includes predominately female artists of color on both sides of the camera. Welcome to the Forties is a positive representation of how women of color support and love during the most pivotal times in their lives.

The Story

Shanieka, Lisa, Tiffany and Nicole share a friendship that spans over 20 years. They have experienced first loves, heartbreaks and everything else in between on their incredible journey of life. As they enter their forties, life brings a new set of adventures filled with triumphs and challenges designed for grown folks only. Welcome to the Forties is a comedy-drama centered around four women of color and how they navigate a new decade in life.  It is filled with laughter, love, and an unbreakable bond of sisterhood uniquely shared by women.



Schwanda Winston portrays Shanieka Wilson, a successful career woman married to a wonderful husband, however her family remains incomplete in her eyes.  The desire for a child has eluded her entire adult life and leads Shanieka to make risky and sometimes emotional decisions regardless of  consequences. 







Pamela Ricardo portrays the accomplished Nicole Blue, a talented actress, recently divorced and single mom who is beginning to realize her true self as she approaches the big 4-0.  As she attempts to rebuild her career as an actress, she discovers love in the most unlikely places. 











Diana Lovell portrays Lisa Jones, a devoted wife, who traded her successful career to become a mom later in life. When she finally gets an opportunity to revive her business, life brings a new set of challenges that she is not ready to face. 










Shay Mack portrays Tiffany Holland, the best financial executive at her firm.  As the only Black woman within the ranks, breaking the glass ceiling of sexism and racism is harder than she ever imagined. However when an unlikely ally is hired, lines become blurred and her heart is caught in the middle. 




Welcome to the Forties is comedy-drama web series centered around four women of color and their unbreakable bond that spans over twenty years of friendship. These women are near and dear to my heart and represent my circle of friends that have been my sisters in every aspect of my journey. I truly am because of them. For over 20 years, I have had a group of loyal girlfriends that have stood with me through every pivotal part of my life. In our twenties, we partied like rock stars; In our thirties, we celebrated weddings and births; and in our forties we are uncovering the wisdom that all of those years brought, while wondering where in the hell did the time go!

Life has been an incredible journey in the middle though. A life of clarity and freedom does exist; however, it must be navigated with love as the guiding force. This show is a love letter to all my sisters that have been tricked into believing that life is over because of a number.  No sweetheart, life is just really beginning! And that is what “Welcome to the Forties” is all about. Living life to the fullest with love and your besties by your side. You will meet four incredible and unique women of color that have navigated success on their own terms despite how societal norms and values attempt to define them.


Embracing the big 4-0 was a turning point in my life.  It represented peace, wisdom, and truly making a conscious decision to live more purposefully than ever before.  It also represented love, friendship, and sisterhood, honoring the women in my life that have continuously been a guiding force of inspiration.  When I landed at this special moment in time, my faith, family, and friends were the ones that ensured my safe arrival. All these beautiful "ah-ha" moments led me to write "Welcome to the Forties".  I wanted to create a positive representation of Black women and what my journey of sisterhood has been like for over twenty years of my adult life.  


For many years, African American women have been poorly represented in society. We have been depicted in media as either over sexualized single mothers or angry black women with uncontrollable rage for no reason at all.  Our truth of struggle, sacrifice and triumphs are not fully realized because others have written our narrative. We are nurturers, lovers and forever sisters linked together by a special bond. We laugh loud and love hard.  We are our ancestor’s greatest accomplishment and our true selves should be displayed now. With so much injustice going on in the world right now, it is important that the real stories of who we are as women of color are told. The narrative must be corrected and there is no better time than now.


There are currently 10 full written episodes of Welcome to the Forties.  With your partnership, we will be able to professionally film the first season which consists of 5 episodes.  The critical funds will assist with salaries for the cast, crew and equipment needed to complete this ground breaking series.  I believe it is extremely important to pay artists for their gifts especially now more than ever.  Because of the pandemic, most artists have not worked since the beginning of the year which has placed a financial burden on them all.  Your involvement will positively impact all of us.  

Due to the Pandemic, we do recognize that it is critical to practice social distancing and wear protective PPE garments to fight against the spread of the virus.  Because of this, the goal is to begin filming at the beginning of 2021.  Our initial plans were September 2020 however it is extremely important to ensure the safety of all cast and crew members.  Once filming begins, we will ensure everyone's safety by requiring Covid Tests as well as provide protective garments on set at all times. 








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These women are successful and they have the homes to prove it!

About This Team



Creator, Writer, Producer, Actress

Schwanda Winston is an actor, writer, producer and owner of Winston and Winston Productions.  She has a BS in Business Economics from Florida A&M University and has been acting and writing for several years.  As an actress, she has performed in both television and theatrical releases.  Additionally, she penned stage plays and toured throughout the southeast in the past.  Welcome to the Forties is her first web series where she serves as the writer, producer and actress. 










Shay Mack is an accomplished actress and Director with over fifteen years of professional entertainment industry experience.  She is a graduate of Spelman College where she received a BA in Theater, and her career highlights includes directing several theatre productions as well as independent films. Shay is also one of the lead actresses in Welcome to the Forties. 









Public Relations/Marketing Team

Phaylicia Murphy has over twenty years of corporate marketing and project management experience in large organizations and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.  Additionally, she is a gospel artist who wrote and debuted her first CD entitled Beautiful as well as toured several years in local theatrical productions. 








Felicia Carter has over twenty-five years of corporate experience and serves as the founder and CEO of Pinkie 3 Foundation, educating women about triple negative Breast Cancer.  She is an advocate for women of color and serves the community by providing free education and resources.  

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