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What’s in the Woods is an homage to classic thriller films. Ten years ago the script was born out of a nightmare. Three friends alone in a home when a mysterious person comes to them from the woods. Then more. Surrounded and scared, they have to work together to make it through the night.

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Mission Statement

This script was written by a 43 year-old lesbian and is being directed by a Mexican-American female in her twenties. The director is married to our producer— a white dude who identifies as a feminist. Our sets are an inclusive environment for all races, ages, genders and sexual orientation/identity.

The Story

Poster by Jessie Dowd



After a stressful move from New York City into their new country home, Lauren and Jerry unwind with their closest friend Megan in the dimly lit cottage. The calm only lasts so long. Megan discovers an ashen little boy in the yard, shivering and alone… or so they think.


The three friends act quickly to protect this boy from a frightening man and his gang of drifters who seem intent on getting this child.


The cops won’t come, and the men don’t scare easily. It becomes utterly clear that in the country you are on your own.

The only thing that separates them from horror is a dirty pane of glass or a creaking wooden door. But how long can you keep the wolves out when their prey lies within?

The friends’ resilient city mentalities cannot stave off what lingers in the darkness, will not stop the evil at their door. How could they possibly be prepared for what’s in the woods?


Storyboards by Joel Francke




This story is about our fear and how we approach it, how we let our fear control us and guide us. How far will you let your fear push you? What do we have to live with when we let our fear rule us?


Our director, Michel Dominguez-Beddome was inspired by the Goya painting: Saturn Devouring his Son and the light within the darkness of the painting. The duality of choices and our inner conflict with those choices. No choice is ever as simple as it appears.


Saturn Devouring His Son, Francisco Goya (1819-1832)




The process of getting here has been ongoing. We started this journey last year working together to rewrite the script and update it to more current times, while casting and looking for a DP interested in working with us.


During this process, a marketing project was born to pair with the fundraiser. We have spent the beginning of this year shooting a web series, to coincide with the fundraiser that is in the final edits now. HORROR IN HAMELIN will bring you into the lives of our characters and leave you wanting to know what exactly did happen that night. 



Simultaneously, we have been working endlessly on social media and a website to launch as well, bringing more awareness to our project and enticing people to follow our journey. 

This is just the beginning of a bigger story, stay involved to follow the true mystery that explains it all.




Now that we have created the foundation for the production of this, by putting in the time for preproduction, we need money to see this work come to life. We have almost everything lined up, we just need the final steps to pay the costs we have budgeted for.


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About This Team


The creative team members for this film all come from different places, but have connected through a day job to start a collective in the hopes of pursuing our dreams of creativity. Together we have found a balance between our day to day lives with an unrelenting passion to produce our own original material.


Maggie Colligan - Writer

Maggie Colligan is the writer and producer of the film What’s in the Woods. She comes from the sprawling metropolis of Wayne Michigan, just outside of Detroit Rock city. She attended San Francisco State University where she studied screenwriting and film theory, while faithfully giving her all to the karaoke circuit in the Bay Area. Her heroes in life are her family, who are all public servants in some way, shape, or form. Her love for horror movies comes directly from the influence of her sisters.


Michel Dominguez Beddome - Director

Florida-native, Michel Dominguez Beddome, began acting at the age of 5 while attending Julie Rohr Academy for the Performing Arts. Raised by two Mexican parents, Michel is a first generation Mexican-American fluent in Spanish. She continued following her creative passion through high school all the way to the Big Apple where she attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts. While at NYU, Michel explored various forms of acting through David Mamet’s Atlantic Acting Studio, the Experimental Theater Wing, etc.  Michel graduated from NYU with a BFA in theater in 2013. She has since gotten the opportunity to explore all facets of production through her work with tv and commercial production companies—like TV Boy LLC—to learn what goes on behind the camera.


Michael Dominguez-Beddome - Producer

Michael Dominguez-Beddome was born and raised in Chicago, and has been living in NYC since 2007. He went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts for film and television with a minor in philosophy. He co-founded AireBedd Productions in 2011. AireBedd is an NYC based production company that specializes in digital media (short films, branded videos, music videos, etc). One of their most recent short films, by AireBedd co-founder David E. Munz Maire, "Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir," has been tearing up the film circuit with over 250+ official selections, 70 awards, and another 60+ nominations.  Michael is also a writer. His first book, La Cucaracha & Other Tales of Apocalyptic Revelry, is a dark comedy about the end of the world. But he’s an optimist. He’s a Cubs fan after all…


Constantly Growing



Since the start of this journey we have been lucky enough to work with over 20 different professionals who have joined our team as cast and crew. We are so lucky that these extremely talented professionals have donated their time, resources, and of course their true excitement to help us continue giving life to this project. 

More on Inclusion


Representation has been at the forefront of our minds, starting with the web series we made to promote the film. We made sure our casting was inclusive of all races and genders, and used an immigrant as our DP. As we build our crew for the film shoot, we are actively seeking a balance of men and women for our crew. We are a group that is very proactive about making an all inclusive set that represents many different races, sexual identities, ages, and genders.

Current Team