Where You Burn It

Orange, California | Film Short

Drama, Romance

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Luke dreams of pursuing photography in California. However, moving would mean leaving behind the girl he loves, Emma. Through the growth and slow destruction of their relationship, Luke must decide whether to pursue his dream or save their broken love.

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The Story

Where You Burn It is a senior thesis student film being made by a crew at Chapman University. The film is a story of heartbreak, but more importantly it is a story about love. The film is inspired by the true events from writer/director Nicholas Bradford's life. It provides a real and raw look at the highest and lowest points of a relationship. The excerpt below provides an insight into the inspiration behind the film:


Love is a strange thing.


We all strive for it. We all want it. It drives so much of what we do. And we seek that deep love; the one you can’t describe. So we try. We must each accept who we are and we say, hopefully somebody will love me. And then you find someone who does. It comes as strongly as you let it. And as that connection grows, so too does the risk of living without it. The “I love you” becomes “I need you”. As anything in life, you can’t go up without coming down.


Where You Burn It is a culmination of memories from my life during a relationship with my first true love that continues to haunt me. I wasn’t a good boyfriend. I did things I don’t like telling people. I was unfaithful, but strangely I was still madly in love with the girl who was too good for me. Our love was the kind of love that is blind. But, this story isn’t about that. The story is more of an exploration of how insincerity can eat away at the consistency of true love, and the sad reality of only truly appreciating someone after they’re gone.


I struggled with our break up. I still do. I want to use that struggle as an opportunity to tell our love story, and how it was thrown away so lightly. My hope for this film is to help people appreciate the good they have, and to not take it for granted; no matter what the outcome. I can’t undo the mistakes I made, but I can still grow by realizing them.


This film is my version of that growth.


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We hope to rent an Alexa camera to visually capture and document the relationship as it unfolds.

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To find the perfect apartment that recreates where the couple started out.

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To feed our wonderful and hardworking crew.

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To ensure the safety of our entire cast and crew during the scenes with fire.

About This Team


Nicholas was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Over the past decade he has immersed himself in the world of film and photography, both professionally and artistically through several different genres and styles. For five years, he worked as a director, cinematographer and editor for Alaska Channel where he produced dozens of commercials, promotional films and documentaries. He is currently attending Dodge College of Film at Chapman University to pursue his BFA in Film Production with the desire to write and direct independent feature films.
Nicholas Bradford's Cinematography Demo Reel:
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Anna has always been drawn to the glamour of the entertainment industry. After taking a film class her senior year of high school, she realized that film was her true calling and decided to major in production. As a Creative Producing major at Chapman University, Anna has produced, production coordinated, location managed, and assisted on many student films. She is ecstatic to be working on a dramatic love story that captures the heartbreak and struggles of love and relationships, much like the films she admires and enjoys watching. She is excited to work with a crew that is both passionate about the project and wants to help tell a real, raw love story.
After moving nearly every year of her life, Siedah has gained a deep curiosity of the stories that connect people together. Getting her start in theater, Siedah has been an advocate for arts and financial literacy programs within schools. Currently at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts pursuing a BFA in Creative Producing with the intent to pursue graduate school in Europe and start a career in film finance.
Currently studying Film Production with an emphasis in Cinematography, Seannie works as both a Director of Photography as well as a freelance Camera Assistant. She grew up in Carlsbad, California and has traveled around Europe while doing a semester abroad in London, and she draws sensibilities in her photography and cinematography from the influence of the environment and the people whose stories are being brought to life. In addition to her BFA degree, Seannie is pursuing a minor in Women's Studies, and aims to act as an advocate for women in art and the film industry.
Seannie Bryan's Cinematography Demo Reel:
Leah La Masney is current senior at Chapman University working towards degrees in Production Design and Economics. She has worked in the art department on numerous short productions and is excited about the opportunity to design Where You Burn It. In her free time she rides horses for the Chapman Equestrian team and goes to the beach. She hopes to continue her work in the film industry as a designer in the future. 
Maggie Whitt is earning her B.F.A . on creative producing with a minor in ethics. She loves animations and hopes to pursue a career producing animated features. Maggie loves backpacking, climbing things she shouldn't and singing along to Hamilton.
I'm from Garden Grove, CA, known for its delicious pho, massive 99 cent store, and the 22 freeway! I've had an obsession with the power of visual storytelling for as long as I can remember; I was that kid who was always glued to the tv screen, sitting cross-legged on my puke-green carpet, staring up at my black box of a television. I'm so grateful to be studying film production at Chapman Univeristy, and I hope to assist in making cinematic masterpieces that glue our future children to their TV screens...or virtual goggles...or whatever our future children will be watching TV on!
Shaun Yee is a recent graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, with an emphasis in sound design. He has a passion for world-building and is a firm believer in empathetic filmmaking. During his time at Chapman, Shaun picked up particular interest in the nuances of dialogue and convolution in signals processing. Post-college, he wishes to further his studies in theory, and looks forward to collaborating on future productions with his colleagues.

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